英文歌Solveigs Song,2nd Verse中文对照

Cecilia Solveig's Song, 2nd Verse歌词

01/20 02:56
God give you strength wherever you go in the world, in the world. God is pleased if you stand (pray) at his footstool, at his footstool. Here I shall wait, until you return, until you return, and if you wait in Heaven, we will meet there my friend, w

何欣穗 英文歌 (54321)歌词

10/16 00:57
(5, 4, 3, 2, 1) I plant a flower, plant a tree Plant your hopes and plant your dreams And let them grow until- (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) I'll take you somewhere that is near Seas of blue and fields of green May the heartaches soon be healed I'm just a woman bu

歌ってみた Guilty Verse歌词

11/02 23:17
Guilty Verse 見つめれば時が止まる 誘えばあなたが微笑む 報いと覚悟を背負い 最期の歌を謳(うた)いなさい 散り急ぐ心に赦(ゆる)しを与えよう 嘆きも憐れみも穢(けが)れてゆく運命ならば このまま- 悲しき調べに包まれてあなた.さあお眠りよ これから始まる惨劇を 瞳に焼き付けなさい 恐れることは何も無いさ 全てを捨ててしまえば 積み上げたものがいつか過去に変わる 悲しき調べに包まれてあなた.さあお眠りよ 命を求めて手を伸ばす 愚かなその姿さえ 愛し尽くした偽りでこの夜を満たしてゆけば

日本ACG The best is yet to come (MGS1)歌词

05/14 12:48
The Best Is Yet To Come 作詞:RIKA MURANAKA 作曲:RIKA MURANAKA 編曲:DAVID DOWNES 歌:Aoife Ni Fhearraigh An cuimhin leat an gra cra croi an ghra Nil anois ach ceol na h-oiche taim siorai i ngra Leannain le smal Leannain le smal Lig leis agus beidh leat Lig le

刮刮乐 轻飘飘的旧时光就这样溜走歌词

05/23 14:49
10.轻飘飘的旧时光-----台词来源电影<岁月神偷> ------------------------------ os: 喂,还在生哥的气呀?还在生气呀?对不起. 你不开心,我送个夜光杯给你. 不用啦. 那我送个红白蓝旗给你呀. 不用了,小弟. 那我送个孙悟空给你.观音庙拿的. 不用了,你留着吧. 那我送些明星相给你,集完一到一百张,可以换篮球的. 集完一到一百,我出院时,都换完了. 不会啊,上面写着永远有效的. 说说而已啊. 不是啊,它上面真的写着永远有效.你看,永远有效. 小弟,这世界

C AllStar 差词歌词

04/01 09:00
最想写一首讲自己嘅歌 唱作歌手呢一个名 型喎 其实我认真 不过写亲都瞓 其实好羡慕果啲英文歌 就算点写都不怕音填错 求其baby baby baby 咁就一首歌 粤语有九声容易拗音 唱七八九要好小心 呢句 容易错音 填邓凳定灯等 Where did u go What have u done hookline最好填英文 反正人人易唱易记 一样完美 粤语分书面口语好麻烦 用哂啲口语又好似好唔惯 文法唔简单 写得好又无人赞 试过写一首歌坐左成晚 热血啲写关心社会 赢赞 人人嫌情歌写烂 明明系听惯 粤

Órla Fallon The Water Is Wide歌词

05/04 05:42
這首跟同一专辑里的Carrickfergus不是差不多么??? The Water Is Wide是一首舉世聞名的蘇格蘭民謠,是一首詠唱調,與「奇妙的恩典」.「丹尼男孩」.「夏日最後玫瑰」齊名,內容描述一位男孩對愛情的追求,但不可得,柔腸寸斷,歌詞與旋律搭配得無懈可擊,西方的女歌手特別鍾愛這首歌,其中演唱最為出色的歌手之一,即有「天籟美少女」之稱的英國女歌手夏綠蒂(Charlotte Church),知名爵士音樂樂手大衛‧布魯貝克(Dave Brubeck)亦曾將其改編成爵士風格的音樂,可見其受

김준수 Reach歌词

01/16 06:16
Reach XIA | Flower 작사作词 준수/俊秀 작곡作曲 Alex Von Soos 편곡编曲 Alex Von Soos 韩文歌词来自naver 中文对照来自东宫瞳瞳 널 보냈던 날 그래 그날[送走你的那天 是的 是那一天] 뭔가에 홀린듯한 알 수 없는 생각에[像是被什么诱惑的无法知晓的想法里] 그만 널 놓아버렸어[到此为止 已经放开了你] 이젠 끝이라고["已经结束了"] 그 말 한마디 내가 미쳤지[那一句话 我就疯了] 담을 수조차 돌이킬 수 없는 홧김에

Mary J. Blige We Ride (I See the Future)歌词

03/15 22:45
Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want Said I Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want [1st Verse:] Everybody asking "Why Mary ain't mad no more?" It seems Like a question That I've alrea

松たか子 桜の雨、いつか歌词

10/06 02:58
ti:桜の雨.いつか(何时会有樱花雨)(日文.罗马拼音与中文对照)] 樱の雨.いつか 何时会有樱花雨 相亲结婚片尾曲 日.英.中对照 By:Baul 春の光につ包まれたままで Harunohikarinitsuzumaretamamade 春光拥抱我 一人息をひそめ泣いていた Hitoriikiwohisomenaiteita 独自一人隐隐啜泣 さようならも言えずに Sayounaramoiezuni 没有一句告别的话 离れたあの人の面影が何故か Hanaretaanohitonoomokage

Justice Civilization歌词

11/08 20:24
(1st VERSE) Stand in line as we march to the drums of the east, Paralyzed and possessed by crusaders deceased, Lost in the silence, the call from the turbulent times. Bound by the science that lives on- that lives on the wise. (CHORUS x2) The beating

Various Artists I Was a Ye-Ye Girl歌词

12/30 10:03
Berlin Irving Miscellaneous She Was A Dear Little Girl (5 Oct 1909) 1st verse:Betsy Brown, a manicurist fair Dropped in town, to get the city air Met the son of some millionaire Who had lots of time to spare Same old case of, "I remember you" Sa

Missy Elliott I&#039;m Really Hot歌词

09/11 18:22
Missy Elliott I'm Really Hot [PRE-HOOK] oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh I'm,I'm,I'm,I'm,I'm really,really Hot,Hot,Hot,Hot,Hot [1st VERSE] Let me holla' at the d.j. Come on d.j. put that record on the replay Don't you see how them bitches move they bootay Eve

Lacey Schwimmer Love Soundz歌词

06/04 14:36
[ 1st Verse ] Not afraid, of you touching me Put your hands only where I can see Before play, baby hide and seek Want to find your love inside of me I'll keep it up, I'll take it down Boy I promise I'm the baddest girl around Yeah I'm the one, one of

112 Cupid歌词

05/02 06:16
Artist: 112 Album: 112 Song: Cupid 1st Verse: Girl if I told you I love you That doesn't mean that I don't care And when I tell you I need you Don't you think that I'll never be there Bridge: Baby, I'm so tired Of the way you turn my words into Decep

Ashanti The Story of 2歌词

02/25 22:40
1st Verse Baby I'm thinking about just what I wanna do (just what I wanna do) I don't care if I'm wrong I think I'm in love with you (think I'm in love with you.) All my friends say that I'm moving too soon, I don't care what they say I want to give

Ashton Shepherd Sounds So Good歌词

02/18 11:44
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:13.26]Hey baby, let's jump in yo' truck [00:19.12]We'll ride and watch for lightnin' bugs [00:25.16]We'll ride with the windows let down [00:31.22]There's nowhere else I'd rather be right now [00:37.45]'Cause there ain't nothin'

Aaliyah Age Ain&#039;t Nothing But a Number歌词

03/07 18:51
Chorus Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Throwing Down Ain't Nothing But A Thang This Something I Have For You It'll Never Change Repeat Twice 1st Verse Here I Am And There You Are Your Eyes Are Calling Me To Your Heart All You Gotta Do Is Knock I'll Le

Carrie Underwood Inside Your Heaven歌词

04/02 15:02
carrie underwood - inside your heaven 1st verse i've been down, now i'm blessed i felt a revelation comin' around i guess its right, its so amazing everytime i see you i'm alive you're all i've got, you lift me up the sun and the moonlight all my dre

群星 回家的路歌词

08/13 21:39
回家的路 曾經我貪戀著流浪 把異國的美景當成了家 以為有個地方 可以把我的心留下 曾經我渴望著遠行 在陌生人群中尋找共鳴 以為冒險勝過 平實簡單的生活 漸漸我厭倦了漂泊 故鄉的溫暖人情呼喚我 沿途綺麗的風景 無法再將我的心佔據 終於我厭倦了流浪 懷念起家鄉的泥土芬芳 在這屬於我的地方 我要終日歌唱 這裡有繁花盛開的風光 儘管艱難仍充滿希望 专辑:英文歌 A Better World 歌手:群星 歌曲:回家的路