missing agnes kain歌词

Agnes Kain Missing歌词

09/12 03:20
Gideon Agnes Kain Breaking it is killing it Oh I won't get you back for this For whispering and snacking in Strangers sleeping in our bed Feeling us with loneliness Missing is missing is Missing is missing is It's my fault for believing in You and me

Agnes Kain All time high 歌词

07/27 16:37
Bright/blind?? red sky and all time high you and I can stop this fire we are using boxes?? but the water is getting low ashes falling may a dirty in the clothes oh oh oh ,oh oh no this strong matter life with history billion years ago when none the w

Agnes Kain Set You Apart歌词

09/18 20:07
SET YOU APART AGNES KAIN don't go looking for her you see you see what did become us ago let's set you apart in her world stacking you smile you touching her hands more than it was you were just a boy and a smile just a smile after all fill all her b

Agnes Kain Favourite 歌词

10/19 07:24
Agnes Kain - Favourite It's been a year or two now, Since I first met you It's been one crazy year, But I still adore you I would put you in my pocket and I would carry you around for a life Yeah, I would put you in my pocket and I would See you wann

Agnes Kain Our new, happy life 歌词

08/11 04:27
I see the fire is burn from my window tonight women down just to watch them burn or take back It's been going on the Eve's night afraid of what they hate and what they might believe in it's been going on for years I see the fire is burn from my windo

Agnes Kain My brother told me 歌词

05/16 16:34
My brother told me Agnes Kain Allen Luo My Brother Told Me From Allen Luo...SILENCE SCREAMING they said u knew it all well u did know me just a little boy with his heart on here sleep and i remenber well walking alone in the rain with the red umbrell

Agnes Kain Time 歌词

12/11 09:45
Time taking by I can hear it x 2 and time rolls on by I can see it the ends getting nearer and time passes by I can feel it x 2 and time floats on by I can see it x 2 专辑:Keep Walking Or I'll Kill You 歌手:Agnes Kain 歌曲:Time

Agnes Kain Pretty pickings 歌词

01/24 04:17
It's been a pretty perfect day today today hey hey it's been a pretty perfect day you came today today hey hey 专辑:Keep Walking Or I'll Kill You 歌手:Agnes Kain 歌曲:Pretty pickings

Agnes Kain To me 歌词

02/02 02:03
How many roads do need to me and how long do you need to be free cause you belong wiht me can't you see? yeah~~you belong with me can't you see (repeat) how many times my stop watch you leave me and how many nights when I search for some peace cause

Agnes Kain Thieves歌词

12/15 05:00
[ar:Agnes Kain] [ti:Thieves] [al:Across the Ocean Grey] [by:Zach] Agnes Kain - Thieves [00:00.00]You're just an old man don't be so unkind [00:06.17]To the woman I believe is your wife [00:13.63]Take back those piercing eyes [00:19.69]I'll get old j

Agnes Kain Josephine 歌词

03/10 13:43
Josephine, why do you have to leave to a place beneath the dirt, a place beneath the dirt? remember you so very small the thunderstorm would make you cry? too young to understand the lightening was just telling those clouds to please be quiet. ah~~ a

Agnes Kain A Great Idea歌词

07/22 03:10
Watch out watch out Shall we've been figured out Somehow somehow I'm tired of my laces out I'm getting out Somehow somehow I'll hiding in places has been out It's feeling fast We juest talk of mistresses With broken glass Get out get out They are tak

Agnes Emotional歌词

03/22 09:33
I don't need a heartache And crushes can be so fake Sooner than you know it They turn your world around You might think I'm crazy When I don't want red roses, yea I'd rather have you promise To never let me down I don't wanna fall in love I try and t

Michael Bolton Missing You Now歌词

02/01 00:06
I talk to you but its not the same as touchin' you And every time you whisper my name, I wanna run to you We'll be together, it won't be long, it won't be long But it feels like forever, and its hard to be strong Baby 'cause I'm missing you now and i

David Ball Missing Her Blues歌词

05/16 21:14
(David Ball/Luke Reed) I got the missing her all day Heading for a heartache blues I tell myself it's over But I know it's just no use 'Cause I wake up every morning With the same old broken hearted Feeling that I just can't lose It's those missing h

Various Artists Heaven must be missing an angel歌词

08/20 00:32
Heaven must be missin' an angel Missin' one angel, child, 'cause you're here with me right now Your love is heavenly, baby heavenly to me, baby Your kiss filled with tenderness I want all I can get of your sexiness Showers, your love comes in showers

松田聖子 あなたに逢いたくて〜Missing You〜歌词

04/20 05:00
作词:松田聖子 作曲:松田聖子 小倉良 二人の部屋の扉を閉めて 思い出たちに"さよなら"告げた あれから半年の時間が流れて やっと笑えるのよ 毎日 忙しくしているわ 新しい人生を私なりに歩いてる- あなたに逢いたくて 逢いたくて 眠れぬ夜は- あなたのぬくもりを そのぬくもりを思いだし- そっと瞳 閉じてみる あなたの後 歩きたかった 二人で未来 築きたかった どんなに愛しても かなうことない 愛もあることなど 気付きもしないほど あなただけ- 見つめてた 愛してた 私のすべてをかけて

Eclectic Approach All That It's Missing (Mind Control)歌词

07/18 02:31
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Break the Floor 歌手:Eclectic Approach 歌曲:All That It's Missing (Mind Control)

Geeks Officially Missing You, Too歌词

02/06 19:29
애써 너에게 건냈던 말 good bye 이젠 혼자 남게된 이 밤 without you 난 아직도, I'm officially missing you 널 기다리던 밤처럼 길고 어둡던 우리 사이 공백 이게 끝이 아니길 바래 I wanna go back 너가 원하던 거 다 고친 지금에야 넌 어디로 갔는지 난 홀로 남아 lonely 오늘 따라 부는 바람도 참 시린 것 같은데 넌 왜이리 멀쩡해 보이는 건지 눈치도 없는 너지만 예전처럼만 웃어주면 돼 Oo

Geeks Officially Missing You (inst.)歌词

03/01 12:44
긱스(geeks) - officially missing you 널 기다리던 밤처럼 길고 어둡던 우리 사이 공백 이게 끝이 아니길 바래 i wanna go back 너 원하던 거 다 고친 지금에야 넌 어디로 갓는지 난 홀로 남아 loney 오늘 따라 부는 바람도 참 시린 것 같은데 넌 왜이리 멀쩡해보이는 건지 눈치도 없는 너지만 예전 처럼만 웃어주면돼 나에겐 너 하나뿐인 걸 너때매 아파 하는걸 널 잊으려고 노력해봐도 잘 안돼 널 미워하는 건 추억