remains-Another side of moondust歌词

All That Remains Won't Go Quietly歌词

12/10 15:11
I'm not a man on a mission But a rising anger forces me to stand And count my voice defiant I'm not opposed to the process But the facts before us demonstrate That we must stand united Let substance bind us all And fact enforce our words If need then

Iridio Moondust歌词

08/18 07:04
Artist:Iridio Song:Moondust When the mantle of sky turns to black And you unlock the casket of dreams I'll be there, like moondust Keeping your secrets When the storm comes disturbing your sleep And your body shivers with cold I'll be there, like moo

Jaymes Young Moondust歌词

04/02 06:13
"I'm building this house on the moon" "Like a lost astronaut" "Looking at you, like a star" "From the place the world forgot" "And there's nothing that I can do" "Except bury my love for you" &qu

All That Remains Keepers Of Fellow Man歌词

08/14 14:11
Let it be know that this has gone on for far too long And we can take no more That the truth is often right before our eyes We are aware and know the hearts of fellow man So let us act as such and help our brothers to stand And now we offer this smal

Barry & the Remains Don't Look Back歌词

08/10 15:18
You both made your bed and now You're gonna have to sleep there Old Man Blues is goin' to try Try to find you everywhere (Don't look back) Oh, you better not look now (Don't look back) He's coming for you (Don't look back) Keep on running Running til

All That Remains It Dwells in Me歌词

02/22 12:09
Now hold this tight don't let go No burden I can't forget the past is real No longer fight this feeling No burden I can't erase what you've become this time [Chorus:] I cast doubt no longer I am able I am strong And now it dwells in me True to this c

All That Remains Down Through the Ages歌词

02/19 15:34
Give me strength to retain what my fathers brought forth Hold no scars on their memory No regret for the truth they had founded Never more this tragedy Forsaken few, they're left with nothing No longer hold them down Hands once tied now empower my en

All That Remains Whispers (I Hear Your)歌词

01/29 15:47
It may seem at last day passing mean nothing But the sun that set cause only pain Violence in words like slashes wound deeply Love is not when you feel only pain Her touch poison flows through my veins No more I denounce all your childish games [Chor

All That Remains For We Are Many歌词

08/26 14:27
Oh yeah! The fire it rages It burns clear in the night Illuminates the path before us Now true our arrows strike Defy, we heed the call Defy, strengthen us all Defy, for we are many Rising against you Defy, we heed the call Defy, strengthen us all De

Barry & the Remains Why Do I Cry歌词

12/18 05:52
I would lose all my blues If you promise that your love was true now And I don't know why I keep lovin' you the way I do now 'Cause you leave me alone To cry on my own I swear you got a heart that's made of stone Made of stone And I don't know why I

All That Remains I Die in Degrees歌词

03/15 04:17
I'd follow endlessly to live the life I've seen Now every passing moment you die but one degree Shall I relinquish my integrity Thereby ensuring that I'll remain unclean Until my days filled with not untrust and fear I'll not make one vow to which I

Eluveitie Everything Remains As It Never Was歌词

07/13 08:40
Who will measure the dimensions of antumnos? Who can tell the gauge of its veil? Who can manifest the size of its maw? And infer the value of its stones? Yet the glowing wick will not be quenched The sown fire will never die What is What ever was Wha

All That Remains Forever in Your Hands歌词

07/02 13:11
All That Remains - Forever in Your Hands LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ I Know That I Can Stand My Head High Forget Not Where I Fall Still I Find Why and Reason Yet That Conflict Still Filling Me Mistrust Venom Inside Of Me I Am Not The Man T

All That Remains Focus Shall Not Fail歌词

01/29 12:30
I find not distractions live life of single mind And failure is not inherent For I will have what's mine I'll struggle and sacrifice Should I find value there I'll not be scorned by failure I'll not relent Now my conscience shall dictate my way No mo

Vital Remains Let the Killing Begin歌词

04/24 10:09
His name is Jesus. He cames from Nazareth, in Galilee. He is here now, charged with the crimes of sedition, sorcery and blasphemy. Jesus of Nazareth, I abjure You. By the living God, by the Almighty that you tell us if you be the Christ? The son of G

Broken Bells The Remains of Rock and Roll歌词

10/31 08:52
It's too long to wait around for everyone to decide I'm off to the promise land if anyone needs a ride It's a small car but we'll fit inside if we leave our bags behind We'll entertain ourselves just watching the world go by Is something wrong You do

GET IN THE RING remains~Another side of moondust~ // vo. みぃ歌词

08/29 02:05
Vocal:みぃ Arranger:GCHM 原曲:懐かしき東方の血 - Old World / エクステンドアッシュ - 蓬莱人 / プレインエイジア / 月まで届け.不死の煙 remains-Another side of moondust- 切り取られた面影は 牙を剥いた君の姿へ 斷斷續續的影像 化成為你原來的樣子 帰り道はおぼろけな 迷い子のようで 不清楚回去的道路 像迷路了一樣 とり憑かれた足音は 助けを呼ぶ孤独の声で 被迷住了的腳步聲 以孤單的聲音呼救著 差し伸ばした左手は 虚空を掻

Jonny Lang My Love Remains歌词

04/27 11:48
Put on that smile, it's time to face another day Tell everybody everything's o.k. How much longer can you play this game? Tell me how much more can you take? I see the broken heart you try so hard to hide I see the tears you hold back in your eyes I

Gavin Rossdale Love Remains the Same歌词

02/10 12:08
Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains The Same A thousand times I've seen you standing Gravity like a lunar landing You make me want to run till I find you I shut the world away from here I drift to you, you're all I hear As everything we know fades to black

Bitter:Sweet Our Remains歌词

05/02 14:53
Please my dear Walk away from the pain Don't say a word To take away the beauty of Our remains All day I will always wait for you (I will wait for you) In every way I dream about a moment with you (I will pray for you) Nothing to say Just trying to f