heart like the sun 歌词

Ben Harper She's Only Happy in the Sun歌词

05/23 23:00
She's Only Happy In The Sun -----Ben Harper 歌词制造:细眼蛇^_^ I know you may not want to see me On your way down from the clouds Would you hear me if I told you That my heart is with you now She's only happy in the sun She's only happy in the sun Did you f

Julie Peel Near the Sun歌词

07/26 15:38
Near the Sun 如此接近太阳 [歌词] I never thought I could get near the sun this close And not be burned My fear of running high upon the hills and fall Has disappeared I can put on my fake and almost real pair of wings And I can play with the wind and lay on

Devics Living Behind The Sun歌词

08/10 03:56
Living Behind the Sun Devics My Beautiful Sinking Ship 歌词编辑:Fergus I can't wake up from the dream of a girl Who stopped loving me Carelessly she took to the sky And left me behind Into the night She flew from my side Her voice faded from my head I ca

Daphne Loves Derby Cue the Sun!歌词

02/23 14:45
Cue the Sun! 爱似骄阳 [歌词] If I find my way through the darkest ofdays, Will I laugh about the things that kept me awake? But if my greatest fears paints itself so crystal clear, Will I run away or will I hide? 如果我在黑暗迷茫中找寻解脱之路, 我会自嘲那些曾唤我执着的一切么? 但如果我最大恐惧就

Korpiklaani Under the Sun歌词

07/07 00:44
Under the Sun 燃情炽热骄阳 [歌词] When all around is burning, You are the flame, you are the sun You'll burn your way to a secret place To a place where you can breath 当周身燃烧时, 你就是不灭烈焰, 你就是炽热骄阳 你会燃烧你的秘密路 带我抵达神秘地 在那你可以纵情喘息 When all around is drowning You are t

Various Artists Black Hole Sun歌词

02/19 03:30
[ti:Black Hole Sun] [ar:Various Artists] [al:I Am Rock] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.78]Black Hole Sun - Various Artists [00:16.09]In my eyes [00:18.32]Indisposed [00:20.59]In disguise [00:22.45]As no one knows [00:25.07]Hides the face [00:27.10]Lies the

岩崎琢 Moments in The Sun歌词

04/09 12:29
Moments in The Sun 读或死(TV)ED 歌 : Kazami 作词: kazami 作曲: 藤本和則 编曲: TANCO 大切にしていたモノは いつもこぼれ落ちてゆく/無論多麼珍惜的事物 亦終有破落的一日 でも君との思い出だけは この胸の奥に強くある/但唯獨與你的回憶 會一直長留在我心中 涼しくなってきた海 はしゃいでた二人の影/清涼的海邊 有著我倆歡樂的身影 君の少し焼けすぎた肌と 沈んでいく夕日に溶けた/你那稍微晒黑了的肌膚 彷似溶入了夕陽之中 この手をずっと離さないまま

Melanie C Feel the Sun歌词

03/12 13:05
feel the sun melanie c. these thoughts can be evil and they often deceive. gotta believe that i can overcome. my fears are the worst and they always return. i never learn. feel like i don't belong. lost in the wreckage of a million bad dreams. hard t

TedJon Sun歌词

08/06 09:57
Sun 作词:TedJon / MuSik I / Ranzer 作曲:Musik I 编曲:LazerMusic 演唱:TedJon / Musik I / Ranzer 歌曲混音:MuSik I [TedJon] 我不断努力 为了证明自己 我知道现实无法阻止我越来越幸运 想要的不用再拼命追逐他也会靠近 所以mr.busy每天起床也会keep it running yo想当泰森还是jordan 反正都是神 那就做自己的神 千万别说不可能 像只饥饿野兽确定目标 不怕痛 尝试痛后的经历会把现实给击

The Cranberries Dying in the Sun歌词

02/16 10:02
Do you remember The things we used to say I feel so nervous When I think of yesterday How could I let things Get to me so bad? How did I let things get to me Like dying in the sun Like dying in the sun Like dying in the sun Like dying Like dying in t

Westlife Seasons In The Sun 歌词

03/09 03:48
Goodbye to you my trusted friend We've known each other since we were nine or ten Together we've climbed hills and trees Learned of love and ABC's Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees Goodbye my friend it's hard to die When all the birds are sing

The Wanted Chasing the Sun歌词

11/16 11:42
Chasing the Sun artists: The Wanted lyrics edited by: LeelovesIris I'm better So much better now I see the light, touch the light, We're together now I'm better So much better now Look to the skies, gives me life We're together now We've only just be

Ingram Hill Ready For The Sun歌词

12/26 23:45
She will come and she will go A lesson that I've come to know I will find my friend I will find my friend People change but stay the same I'm learning how to play the game Until the bitter end Drowning with my friend I'm not running toward the answer

Nightwish Sleeping Sun歌词

04/04 19:53
Sleeping Sun The sun is sleeping quietly 沉睡之日 Once upon a century 沉落的世纪 Wistful oceans calm and red 红浪卷起愁思 Ardent caresses laid to rest 燃烧之吻送我安息 For my dreams I hold my life 倾其生命为入真梦 For wishes I behold my night 愿能道清夜的迷朦 The truth at the end of time

U2 Staring at the Sun歌词

01/23 23:21
Summer stretching on the grass Summer dresses pass In the shade of a willow tree Creeps a crawling over me Over me and over you Stuck together with God's glue It's going to get stickier too It's been a long hot summer Let's get under cover Don't try

Soya n' Sun 웃으며 안녕歌词

05/21 00:46
이별 앞에서 우린 가슴 아픈 말 대신 서로에게 손을 흔들면서 안녕이라 해요 마치 내일 또 다시 볼 수 있는 것처럼 웃으면서 그렇게 안녕이라고 해요 Verse 1. 지금 이 순간부턴 혼자 걸어가야 하겠죠 그대 바래다 주던 집으로 돌아가는 길 서로 마주 잡은 손 이제는 살며시 놓으며 돌아서야 하는데 왠지 움직일 수 없네요 Rap 1. 행복해야 해 넌 그래야 해 반드시 좋은 사람 만나야 해 가끔 술에 취할 때 비라도 오는 날에 추억이 널 못살게 굴

Richie Havens Here Comes the Sun歌词

04/16 14:51
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, And I say it's all right Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say it's all right Little darli

Soundtrack Overture to the Sun歌词

02/20 16:21
[00:55.06]It's wonderful [00:56.50]What a smile can hide [00:58.32]If the teeth shine right [01:00.20]And it's nice and wide [01:02.23]So magical [01:03.72]All you can keep inside [01:05.70]If you bury it deep [01:08.02]No-one can find a thing [01:10

Grandaddy Burned By The Sun歌词

08/12 04:41
High above the bordertown I can see the golden ground If I wasn't looking down I might have lost you in the miles Ocean blue and foaming white surround the body of my flight as I flew out of sight You were turning in the stiles and I know what it mea

She & Him In the Sun歌词

05/05 20:42
She & Him - In The Sun It's hard to be ignored When I look at you, you look so bored My baby, my darling I've been taking a beating Woah-oh-oh (Well alright) It's okay (It's okay) We all get the slip sometimes everyday I'll just keep it to myself in