exciter cry if.the banshee

Brocas Helm Cry of the Banshee歌词

03/22 07:54
Lovers of the dark, step into the light We know you're brave, you've come to see us dream Many times before, now we open up a door To a world so flaming bright, a world you've never seen Can you hear the Banshee scream? Can you hear the Banshee screa

Exciter Metal Crusaders歌词

01/04 08:44
Rise up! The end is near, it's fast and loud Shout it! Never say die! And come out alive Cry out! The sonic thunder of crushing iron Scream out! Legions of strength stand up and shout! The force of the molten mask Fears the charge of... Metal Crusade

Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry歌词

10/16 20:34
The smell of your skin lingers on me now You're probably on your flight back to your hometown I need some shelter of my own protection baby Be with myself in center Clarity, peace, serenity I hope you know I hope you know That this has nothing to do

有里知花 I Cry歌词

11/10 02:40
Every night I find it's so hard to sleep 'Cause I keep thinking of you And these feelings run deep Oh baby Itry to hide All these feelings for you I keep them battled inside I don't know what else to do So I cry and nobody hears me I cry,it's my only

Deutschland Sucht den Superstar Cry on My Shoulder歌词

11/12 08:16
If the hero never comes to you If you need someone you're feeling blue If you wait for love and you're alone If you call your friends nobody's home You can run away but you can't hide Through a storm and through a lonely night Then I'll show you ther

Madonna Don't Cry for Me Argentina歌词

01/10 13:57
It won't be easy, you'll think it strange 它會很費解因您會覺得它很奇怪 When I try to explain how I feel 當我設法解釋我是怎樣的感覺 That I still need your love after all that I've done 當我做了我所能做的之后我仍然需要您的愛 You won't believe me 您很難相信 All you will see is a girl you once knew 您所看見的

Pixie Lott Cry Me Out歌词

03/19 08:13
I got your emails You just don't get females Now do you? What's in my heart Is not in your head anyway Mate, you're too late And you weren't worth the wait Now were you? It's out of my hands since You blew your last chance When you played me You'll h

Khổng Tú Quỳnh I Cry歌词

10/04 01:10
Mưa sao cơn mưa buồn Quạnh hiu trong đêm vắng Lang thang mê man tìm một ai And i cry .. i cry ... i cry ..i cry hu Không gian cô đơn này Chợt nghe tiếng chân đến, Em ngỡ như như là anh And i cry ... i cry .. i cry.. i cry hu Tí tách khẽ lá ngoài hiên

Keith Urban Tonight I Wanna Cry歌词

03/16 16:00
Alone in this house again tonight 今晚房间又只剩我一个人 I got the TV on, 我打开电视 the sound turned down and a bottle of wine 调低音量,(拿出)一瓶酒 There's pictures of you and I on the walls around me 四周墙壁都是你我以前的照片 The way that it was and could have been surrounds me 过去的种种

Mini And 顾儿 Don't Cry歌词

10/23 16:37
曲名:don't cry 歌手:mini and 顾儿 lrc编辑:大笨笨 don't cry my love 别再哭了 你看天都亮了 oh- 我相信某个远方 能让我们爱飞翔 别再哭了 窗外雨都停了 我相信就在前方 一定撒满了阳光 我相信就算长夜漫漫 偶尔觉得孤单 我们的爱依然坚强 虽然我们相爱太难 不能够长相伴 思念为爱找到方向 don't cry 思念为爱找到了方向 思念为了爱 专辑:一起飞 歌手:Mini And 顾儿 歌曲:Don't Cry

Nick Carter Do I Have to Cry for You歌词

06/07 14:43
Do i have to cry for you ---nick carter 我必须为您哭泣 don't wanna close the door 不想关上门, don't wanna give up on it 不想放弃 don't wanna fight no more 要继续争取, we'll find a way around it where's the love we had 我们只要有爱就一定会有办法, we can make it last 我们最后会成功 chorus: te

Greg Long Help Somebody Cry歌词

03/21 06:09
verse i: Someone you care about has a broken heart you want to be a friend but you don't know where to start there are other words to say that could ever be enough how can you show then your love Chorus: Help somebody cry be there for their tears God

Shayne Ward I Cry歌词

08/06 03:44
You said goodbye I fell apart I fell from all we had To I never knew I needed you so bad You need to let things go I know, you told me so I've been through hell To break the spell Why did I ever let you slip away Can't stand another day without you W

Julie London Cry Me a River歌词

04/08 09:14
Julie London - Cry me a river 淚流成河 Now you say you're lonely 你說你很寂寞 You cried the lone night through 哭了一整夜 Well, you can cry me a river 好吧 你可以为我淚流成河 Cry me a river 淚流成河 I cried a river over you 因我曾為你淚流成河 Now you say you're sorry for being so untrue 現

White Lion When the Children Cry歌词

12/05 13:54
Via:@O2DNA.COM Little child dry your crying eyes 孩子 将你的眼泪擦去 How can I explain the fear you feel inside 我如何才能解释你心中的恐惧 Cause you were born into this evil world 因为你出生在这罪恶之地 Where man is killing man and no one knows just why 在这里人们互相残杀 没有人知道原因 What have w

Epica Cry for the Moon (The Embrace That Smothers, Pt. 4)歌词

01/06 07:03
Follow your common sense You cannot hide yourself Behind a fairytale forever and ever Only by revealing the whole truth can we disclose The soul of this sick bulwark forever and ever Forever and ever 忠诚于你的判断 不要再躲闪 永远隐匿在那童话式的梦幻之中 唯有借着揭露整个真相, 才可以永远将这羸弱

Kelly Clarkson Cry歌词

03/01 21:16
Kelly Clarkson - Cry If anyone asks I'll tell them we both just moved on When people all stare I'll pretend that I don't hear them talk Whenever I see you I'll swallow my pride and bite my tongue Pretend I'm okay with it all Act like there's nothing

Mariah Carey I Don't Wanna Cry歌词

05/26 15:52
Once again we sit in silence 我们又一次安静地坐着 After all is said and done 在一切都结束了之后 Only emptiness inside us 我们的心都空荡荡的 Baby, look what we've become 亲爱的,看我们现在已成了何种模样 We can make a million promises 我们可以作出百万个承诺 But we still won't change 但是我们还是不会好转 It isn't rig

徐怀钰 I Can't Cry歌词

04/04 06:34
难道非得倾一座城 爱才勉强能叫动人 难道不想为爱落泪 真的不可能 已经爱你爱的那么深 常常爱的心口会发疼 你却冷冷说 我把爱想的太天真 I can't cry I can't cry 我的泪不肯流下来 我真的 想要你的爱 抬起头来 不许悲哀 像青春对我的表白 放手去爱 生命才精彩 只要你看懂我的灵魂 你也会爱我爱的那么深 我不认输 我还是一样天真 I can't cry I can't cry 我的泪快要流下来 我真的 想要你的爱 抬起头来 不许悲哀 像青春对我的表白 放手去爱 生命才精彩 我愿

顺子 Don't Cry Out Loud歌词

05/31 11:54
Don't Cry Out Loud Baby cried the day the circus came to town Cause she didn't wan't parades just passing by her So she painted on a smile and took up with some clown While she danced without a net upon the wire I know a lot about her, cause you'll s