come close now christa wells歌词

Christa Wells Come Close Now歌词

03/03 01:19
I'm afraid of the space where you suffer Where you sit in the smoke and the burn I can't handle the choke or the danger Of my own foolish, inadequate words I'll be right outside if you need me Right outside What can I bring to your fire? Shall I sing

Christa Wells All That You Need (feat. Nicole Witt)歌词

08/01 10:51
You work to be loved You love to be known You know how to hurt You hurt on your own But your soul is a desert You've dried up the pools That've kept you alive They were never intended For long-term survival Your soul is a desert And your eyes are an

Christa Wells Panning For Gold歌词

09/12 10:36
Panning For Gold - Christa Wells I go to the riverbed, shoes on the shore I'm shaking a little bit, hardly know what for Oh, and the water's cloudy as the sky I'm looking for answers in the riverbed of life I'm panning for gold, I'm panning for gold

Christa Wells Have Your Eyes Open歌词

05/23 20:36
Little hands on a June evening/ As the stars are coming out/ He wants to capture fireflies,/ But he doesn't know how/ Tears run faster than those little feet/ Til Daddy says// Trust me, we can catch some light if we/ Have our eyes open when it comes/

Tyrone Wells This Moment Now歌词

12/14 19:35
This Moment Now 今生今世就此刻 [歌词] You light me up,you set the sun You bring the crowd, down to one I dream of you in the morning until the day is done And then again when evening comes 你点燃我, 你是似火骄阳 你闪耀人群中, 独自美丽我的世界 你编织我的睡梦伴我见朝阳 转瞬间又见夜晚 All my life I've wa

Tamas Wells Valder Fields歌词

01/23 11:47
I was found on the ground by the fountain At Valder Fields and was almost dry Lying in the sun after I had tried Lying in the sun by the side We had agreed that the council would end At three hours over time Shoelaces were tied at the traffic lights

Mary Wells My Guy 歌词

08/28 14:40
Nothing you could say Can tear me away from my guy Nothing you could do 'Cause I'm stuck like glue to my guy I'm stickin to my guy like a stamp to a letter Like the birds of a feather We stick together I will tell you from the start I can't be torn a

Mary Wells The One Who Really Loves You歌词

12/19 18:31
Some other girls are filling your head with jive So, now you're acting like you don't know I'm alive Love, you better wake up Yeah, before we break up And you lose me, little me The one who really loves you Suzie, only wants you until the day (Only w

Tamas Wells Chandeliers歌词

02/11 08:59
I saw you loading bells and candles into your van. If there was only some left over wine to bring to Father Brian. Do you still have those old collection tins of mine? and those borrowed casks of wine? I saw you loading bells and candles in your van.

Mary Wells Two Lovers 歌词

11/02 10:55
Well, I've got two lovers and I ain't ashamed Two lovers and I love them both the same Let me tell you 'bout my first lover He's sweet and kind and he's mine all mine He treats me good like a lover should And makes me love him I really, really love h

Tyrone Wells When All Is Said and Done歌词

07/26 08:09
When all is said and done And i'm looking back upon the race i've run When my heart gives in.. I know you will be beside me, precious friend It's just the same from the beginning to the end, When all is said and done.. If I lose my way, and I wonder

Tyrone Wells Running Around In My Dreams歌词

10/09 18:03
(Yeah) It was one of those moments When everything changes She was climbing out of a Chevrolet On the passenger's side I must have been staring 'Cuz when I caught her eye It seemed like I had been looking at her For all of my life. So I said Why don'

Tamas Wells From Prying Plans into the Fire歌词

04/29 15:07
Undeserving favours mine we gather while they stray We would browse their terrace house while they went away You would play their records and I would eat their rye Sooner wait the shelves were straight then we had arrived They Said to take their bird

Tamas Wells The Northern Lights歌词

01/18 17:09
For lights for remains for the white and for the names Rest assured by your old intentions To afford all the sites and the weight for the filghts rest assured by your old intentions Going ran Going ran before the slide show ends with the rain you ret

Tyrone Wells More歌词

07/07 05:07
sometimes I get so tired, just trying to find a place to lay my head, I look up to the sky, I feel the warmest light comfort me, I'v seen the great heights, reminding me..I'm alive, *I don't wanna die, I don't wanna waste another day or night, I know

Tyrone Wells This Love歌词

01/07 02:26
You're beautiful just as you are You don't have to hide your scars if you come to me, I'll help you learn to see You're beautiful just as you are All I need Is you to come to me Come to me and see how desperately I wanna pull you close, close to me u

Tyrone Wells Time of Our Lives歌词

06/27 07:39
This is where the chapter ends And new one out begins Time has come for letting go The hardest part is when you know All of these years when we were here are ending But I'll always remember We have had the time of our lives And now the page is turned

Tyrone Wells Make It Through歌词

10/21 23:05
Make It Through – Tyrone Wells When the sun comes up tomorrow, it'll be a brand new day we can leave behind the sorrow, and the dark of yesterday I can see the clouds are breaking, there's a rainbow in the sky There's a second chance worth taking, wh

Tyrone Wells This Is Beautiful歌词

06/19 21:53
[tyrone wells ――-this is beautiful 如此美丽] Hey, get your things, it's time to go 嘿,带上你的东西,要出发了 You make me glad I'm not alone 有你陪我,我不再孤单 In silence we hear the tires upon the road 缄口沉默,我们听到辘辘的车轮声 I turned to you and asked you why 我扭头,问你 You're so awake

Tamas Wells Vendredi歌词

05/03 09:40
I will be waiting at quarter to five Under the rue de rousseau I will be waiting keep autumn in mind You can be free from below Coz it wasn't right that i still manage to call Even by your vendredi It wasn't right that i no manners to call Even by yo