oh sunshine beautiful lyrics

oh sunshine beautiful (Japanese ver.)歌词

02/09 10:43
私は空を見てた. 赤くなった.あの空を. 遠い向うの空に. 君のこと.重ねてる. 都会の光とこの空に. 変わらぬ.私と.君を探してる. Come with me, let me show you something. 集めたこの縁.ここに輝いて. 二人.十年前も.十年後だって. 何も変わらないの. 私はあなたを見てた. 七つの海をつなぐ. このメロディ.この言葉. 色の褪せた車で. 君にだけ.届けよう. 都会の光とこの空に. 変わらぬ.私と.君を探してる. Come with me, let m

oh sunshine beautiful (English ver.)歌词

04/24 00:09
Beautiful - oh sunshine trying to find a way out of here. holding tight onto, your shoulder still. trying to forget what led me here, owning simply to, we start again. hanging from the wire strong hang up in the sky, stars and planets loom above lett

Diana Krall Sunshine Express歌词

08/18 02:03
Sunshine Express Lyrics and music by Vince Benedetti Here it comes It's the Sunshine Express That's going to take us there it's promised one day So you'd better pack And you ought to sign right up Cause there's only so much time And you really can't

Doug Sahm Beautiful Texas Sunshine歌词

12/13 09:01
Beautiful Texas Sunshine Bluebonnets on the hillside Mallow in the air DSmile on the face of people you meet Cause they ain't going nowhere Oh your smile has never been brighter And your body never looked so fine And you wile away the beautiful day I

Beverley Knight Beautiful Night (Album Version)歌词

07/06 04:06
Beautiful Night Woah-woah Woah woah Well I think I found the sense in all of this All that's left for us is just that final kiss Though we never knew it then, Our beginning soon would end Ignorance was bliss Hold on To the beautiful night There's no

Marques Houston Beautiful Woman歌词

10/21 03:52
Marques Houston - Beautiful Woman (Lyrics from 映云@MaxRNB ) For the moment I met you girl I know you're for me But there were too many distractions And I just couldn't see Many people try to stop me and you baby They said no way nohow Thought it was i

Emma Bunton Something So Beautiful歌词

05/13 12:25
All the simple things you say Never gone away Taken all my breath away That's why I come back to stay All the little things you do Just like I always knew keeps me running back to you Cause I belong with you There is something that's quite beautiful

Sara Haze Beautiful Day歌词

11/30 00:54
Saturday is the smile on Mona Lisa's face A little spare change given to the stranger on the corner A pile of leaves deep enough for my soul to jump into And all my doubts fall away And lead me here to say Its a beautiful day Summer songs outside my

The Orange Lights Life Is Still Beautiful歌词

11/03 08:21
Life is still beautiful Like water through your fingers, all the best things in your life are you waiting for a little break in the cloud praying for sunlight saying oh how long will it take till it doesn't hurt the sunshine is in Decemeber. but I ha

Universal Robot Band Sunshine歌词

07/31 08:50
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The Candle Thieves The Sunshine Song歌词

06/09 09:04
I would buy you a rainbow I would put it in a stream If i sailed it down the river Would you send it back to me? I would pick you some flowers I would put them where everyone could see I would let the sun shine on them If you only smiled for me Coz y

Tim Myers Feel Good Sunshine歌词

03/31 22:35
When the good birds come I'll do say I hear a melody,so sweet A beautiful sunny I hear laughters as children play It's a perfect day to say "I'm glad that I'm alive" Feel good sunshine I open my eyes Feel good sunshine I look to the sky When it

Ola Beautiful Rain歌词

06/18 19:55
Beautiful Rain Lyrics I wanna hear you spit out my name 2010 and I'm gone I wanna see you walk out in shame Just kill the pain and I'm yours I wanna feel every word you say I'm addicted, I am If you go blind I will do the same I might be stronger tha

Luke McMaster Good Morning, Beautiful歌词

02/01 05:25
I hear the alarm go off at 6 You still be 'I wanna call in sick' I always threaded this time of day But not anymore 'cause of you Smiling you, perfect you Good morning beautiful I know it's gonna be a good morning beautiful When you're waking up with

Sweetbox Everybody Come Out In The Sunshine歌词

06/15 19:32
Oh oh Oh oh ahhh Oh oh Oh oh ahhh Everybody always on a cold Even take a dig will take much too hard Both so fast nobody seems to know That runing in a circle only go so fast Said everybody in a misery close Your way to dress and it shows You gotta l

Stephen Hunley Beautiful Lie歌词

01/31 19:56
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David Dunn Today is Beautiful歌词

02/24 04:32
David Dunn - Today Is Beautiful From the album Today Is Beautiful (Single) Sometimes the day won't ever end Sometimes you just throw up your hands It's the little things sometimes Sometimes the world has just gone dark Sometimes your praying for a sp

Timbiriche Vuelvo a Comenzar (Brief and Beautiful)歌词

09/13 08:39
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안녕 바다 Beautiful Dance歌词

06/11 13:47
we dance we lost we find we choice we rast we run 자신을 믿어 let it go 용기 내 믿던 자신을 믿는 순간 미쳐 난 속상한 일도 어차피 돌이킬 수 없어 no 모두를 던져 내 춤에 숨막히게 해 또 싸늘한 바람이 부는 거리에 혼자뿐이었어 안녕바다 Beautiful Dance Lyrics It's beutiful dance It's beutiful dance 난 나의 에너지 난 나의 콜리지 난 나의 시너지

Schiller A Beautiful Day歌词

08/26 12:07
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