oh what fun it is to ride

Aaron Carter My First Ride歌词

06/23 06:33
aaron carten - my first ride my first ride waitin outside im stepping inside i dont really care what everybody says got a hot ride that blows the girls away anyway, all i want to do is drive okay cant sleep, cant sleep, uh and i cant wait anything, a

Rihanna We Ride歌词

01/26 18:58
[Chorus:] Ride when we ride we ride It's till the day that we die When we ride we ride It's till the day that we die [Verse 1] It's real late Bout a quarter to 1 Thinking about everything We become And I hate it I thought we could make it But I'm rea

beFour Comsic Ride歌词

10/14 07:10
Befour - Cosmic Ride ---by 汲雪寒舟--- Dum dam da di da di dai Dam da di da di dai I'm on my cosmic ride Dum da di da di dai Dum da di da di dai I'm gonna search the sky Cause i miss you so I'm gonna fly so high And i need you so Here on my cosmic ride I

Michelle Branch Crazy Ride歌词

05/18 22:27
Goodnight big moon Sweet dreams baby If I could have one wish tonight It would be that You always keep Keep the starlight in your eyes So one day you'll grow up One day you'll walk out In this big world on your own And there will be days when Your he

Jay Sean Ride It歌词

07/27 14:24
(let me feel you) it's been about a month and twenty days... and were going round and round playing silly games... now you're saying, slow it down, not right now... then you wink at me and walk away- now, let it be, let it be, let it be known... oh n

Soundtrack The Ride歌词

08/17 18:48
Vapour trail is soundtrack to the ride It's late now but somehow we don't mind Living smiles or laughing eyes Through my window sun begins to shine Welcome to a summer's fun Endless mornings full of the brightest light And I could keep this moment cl

Mary J. Blige We Ride (I See the Future)歌词

03/15 22:45
Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want Said I Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want [1st Verse:] Everybody asking "Why Mary ain't mad no more?" It seems Like a question That I've alrea

Justin Timberlake Let's Take a Ride歌词

08/12 22:36
Hop in the car and go with me You don't have to pack everything Don't you wanna feel the breeze? And forget everything, baby Hop in the car and go with me You don't have to pack everything Don't you wanna feel the breeze? And forget everything baby G

Marie Serneholt Enjoy the Ride歌词

10/28 10:20
Marie Serneholt - Enjoy The Ride Album: Enjoy The Ride Editor: FlowerSpider ( ICQ) I'm so far ahead of you Like we're in a race I think It's time for you to pick up your pace Keep it up, don't be slow Get in the trace I need to see your passion I nee

Billy Gilman Sleigh Ride歌词

08/24 23:59
billy gilman - sleigh ride (feat. charlotte church) just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too come on, its lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "yoo hoo", come

The Vines Ride歌词

07/20 19:13
Ride The Vines-Vision Valley Made By Hayes That's the start, the middle, and the end Aren't you glad the universe pretends If I don't get this message home Once again I'm gonna hate alone Ride with me Ride with me Ride with me, Oh Ride with me Ride w

Jem Just a Ride歌词

11/17 00:44
life, it's ever so strange it's so full of change think that you've worked it out then bang right out of the blue something happens to you to throw you off course and then you breakdown yeah you breakdown well don't you breakdown listen to me because

Soundtrack Ride With Me歌词

06/03 11:10
where they at where they at where they at where they at where they at where they at where they at come on now if you wanna go and take a ride wit me we're 3-wheelin in the 4 with the gold d's oh why do i live this way (hey) (must be the money) if you

周杰伦 Ride With Me歌词

12/09 22:15
Composed and arranged by: Terdsak Janpan Mixed by: Toysakie Recording and mixing studio: Cine Digital Sound Studio, Thailand String session from Bangkok Symphony Orchestra ISRC TW-A47-07-130-08 OP: Cine Digital Sound Studio Co., Ltd. 专辑:不能说的秘密 电影原声带

Ride Mousetrap歌词

03/08 13:34
Running away You're lost fpor words again Now you`ve got all what you wanted Are you really satisfied? Tricky scenes Thricky little dreams The earth spins and my head spins me Back round to you 专辑:Going Blank Again 歌手:Ride 歌曲:Mousetrap

Ride Nowhere歌词

02/22 02:38
I should have known better, Than to expect it all. You wan't everything, And you end up grabbing at air. I had so much to give, So much hope, we held each other high. But the heroes are gone, And all that's left is you and me. I learned the hard way,

Ride Vapour Trail歌词

10/31 07:34
First you look so strong, Then you fade away. The sun will blind my eyes, I love you anyway. Thirsty for your smile, I watch you for a while. You are a vapour trail, In a deep blue sky. Tremble with a sigh, Glitter in your eye. You seem to come and g

Ride In a Different Place歌词

08/03 20:12
Blowing bubbles, lying down, Waiting for the rain to fall. Laughing at the people, Wonder why they always rush, never slow down. And we're smiling, when we're sleeping, And we're smiling, when we're waking. Even if the rain falls down, and all the sk

Ride OX4歌词

11/16 19:57
Never been so far away I don't think I want to stay in this room Anymore If I crwal across the floor Then I'd be closer to that door It's too far Never been so far away Just lost the last thought in my head What happens now? Some fantasy you've been

Ride Time Machine歌词

01/10 21:36
Waste no more energy No more time Step into the time machine Aboard this flight Time to go It's sad that you're not here To open up your eyes and.... watch me dissapear Carried away Imaginations are running wild Losing control I'm landing back this y