Caro Emerald The Maestro歌词

Caro Emerald The Maestro歌词

09/18 06:11
"The Maestro" [Verse:] Presence, elegance, an unmistakable dominance Behind those steely eyes Anything you know is coincidence No one seems to know anything about his age, just his name He's always dressed for fame Uh, the keyser is the maestro

Caro Emerald Tangled Up歌词

03/16 08:07
I took the perfect avenue, down the road to both of you Did I go dutch? This is too much! With all the money in the world You could never buy this girl Quite enough, it will be tough If romancing me with neons is something you should do May the lette

Caro Emerald Riviera Life歌词

03/17 13:03
I'm really tired of my concrete jungle Six days a week is way too much I'm gonna make the great escape Go on a little getaway I'll go get my beat up motor Start it up and head for the green Of endless countrysides And go somewhere I've never been I'l

Caro Emerald That Man歌词

07/08 19:17
I'm in a little bit of trouble And I'm in real deep From the beginning to the end He was no more than a friend to me The thought is makin' me hazy I think I better sit down Cause like the sweetest serenade Bet he knows he's got it made with me Twisti

Caro Emerald Liquid Lunch歌词

09/27 12:04
"Liquid Lunch" [Verse:] Lady pass the aspirin, something's gotta work I know I did it to myself but man oh man it hurts That second lost Martini, the one that went down real smooth Set me on the bender with nothing left to lose [Pre-Chorus:] I j

Caro Emerald One Day歌词

08/24 06:43
"One Day" I feel a little lazy I gotta make a plan To live in a hotel Is heaven and it's hell I don't know where I stand My life is but a rumor They're flying in the press I'm dating every man Why can't they understand My life is not a mess Even

Caro Emerald Absolutely Me歌词

06/09 12:11
Clear the way boys The lady has arrived All you handsome fellas Please wait for me to the right Don't keep me waiting Ooh, thankyou for the drink It's quarter past eleven I'm not in the mood to think Mr. Band Leader Let's kick out the jam Gimme somet

Caro Emerald Black Valentine歌词

05/28 12:25
"Black Valentine" [Verse:] Who needs a captain on a love ship? Someone with no clue of the destination due bow Ain't that a trip? Who needs a diamond on a hand of stone? Someone with the hurt who couldn't make it work, A trophy because you slipp

Caro Emerald Completely歌词

07/29 05:14
"Completely" [Verse:] I recall the days that I was single Used to flirt, fool around and mingle And you came along And suddenly it changed completely Now some girls fall And others keep on playing Forget the now and keep on yesterdayin Now I kno

Caro Emerald You Don't Love Me歌词

11/12 03:35
Another day, another night got me thinkin' What is it with him, he's naturally moving slow I see him at the corner bar, am I dreamin' Surrounded by friends, it's got to end, I need to know Am I just a night of lust, a lost temptation Is someone like