the death of emmett till

Bob Dylan The Death of Emmett Till歌词

04/08 03:43
The Death of Emmett Till 'Twas down in Mississippi Not so long ago When a young boy from Chicago Town Walk in a southern door This boy's fateful tragedy We should all remember well The color of his skin was black And his name was Emmett Till Some men

2 Chainz Live and Learn (I Will)歌词

12/13 22:07
[Verse 1: 2 Chainz] So many watches, I need a time capsule Combine all my thoughts, make my mind travel Graduated from the streets, that's beyond tassel In my muscle car, maybe we should arm wrestle I'm raw, using all caps I got A on my ballcaps No,

Phil Ochs Ballad of Medgar Evers歌词

05/02 05:14
Pre>em g d In the state of mississippi many years ago Am em A boy of 14 years got a taste of southern law Em g d He saw his friend a hanging and his color was his crime Am em And the blood upon his jacket left a brand upon his mind Am d g Chorus: too

Phil Ochs Too Many Martyrs歌词

01/12 23:47
In the state of Mississippi many years ago A boy of 14 years got a taste of southern law He saw his friend a hanging and his color was his crime And the blood upon his jacket left a brand upon his mind CHORUS: Too many martyrs and too many dead Too m

Future Karate Chop歌词

10/29 19:09
[ti:Karate Chop(Remix)] [ar:Future] [al:Honest (Deluxe)] [offset:0] [00:00.74]Karate Chop(Remix) - Future [00:05.53]You know, This just some real nigga shit, a real nigga story [00:09.53]You know what I'm saying? [00:15.09] [00:17.07]Slang a bunch of

Mavis Staples I'll Be Rested歌词

03/23 13:00
[*Instrumental intro with bell:] I'll be rested when the roll is called* I'll be rested when the roll is called I'll be rested when the roll is called Until justice flows down and righteousness Like a mighty stream Keep alive the names Of those who p

Ravenland 'till Death Unite Again歌词

04/15 10:33
[** Music: Albanes Gonçalves, Lyrics: Dewindson Wolfheart:] My voice still echoes* Cause I feel this pain This place is strange and cold People don't see it Lyrics and sounds guide me And may provide this straight I feel you A simple melody that I'll

Barcelona Till Death歌词

05/31 10:42
This is the place, this is the sound A dark cloud overhead the people on the ground You can hear it on the air and feel it in the breeze It's coming for us both before we try to leave You looked right to me With tender eyes and shakin knees This dyer

Destruction Thrash Till Death歌词

11/11 12:30
Metal revolution - possessed we fight hand in hand Sardonic aversions - only in union we stand Depressive perspective - gives us a place to retreat Never divided - no discussions stay to the roots Real cultured - out of plastic - can't share their ph

Arven Till Death Do Us Apart歌词

10/07 22:17
I'm so alone I have lost all I ever wanted Only his love I have kept in me He's gone away and my heart turns so cold and empty He left me alone to bleed From far away I can hear voices in the darkness I feel so sad and I dream of him At even fall he

Graveland Till the Final Death歌词

06/09 01:39
The ones who feed wolves Arrived at frosty winter Their roars of rage and triumph Desecrated the eternal silence Waking up ancient powers Where war was not known In iron armours Demons of war and fight Raise a song of war Cutting christian throats Bu

Exodus 'Till Death Do Us Part歌词

10/30 18:10
[Exodus] There's some that say we won't last Say that we could never beat the the odds But we just look at them and laugh As the pressure surges through our heads so strong The heavy side of life Keeps us going day by day Our enemies we won't forgive

Onslaught Thrash Till the Death歌词

05/08 08:56
Thrash till the death feeling the force deep inside Violence and pain on the power of metal we thrive Aural assault pounding your ears till they bleed Unholy sound thrashes till death is our breed [Chorus:] Leather and metal the forces are slamming t

Lord of the Lost Till Death Us Do Part歌词

02/22 06:14
I walk this empty road I'm leaving tomorrow and live for today I am about to implode When the void will take me away Till death us do part I wanna keep the pain alive Till death us do part When I'm dying in you're arms, in you're arms When I don't fe

Slayer Fight Till Death歌词

03/15 21:58
Metal and men clash once more to the end Warriors above with the power to kill descend Militia of blood troops of hate march to die Soldiers of Hell veterans of death arise [Chorus:] Prepare for attack Your body will burn Endless war There's no retur

Eminem 'Till I Collapse歌词

04/05 05:31
[Intro] Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up But you got to search within you, and try to find that inner strength And just pull that shit out of you And get that motivation to no

何欣穗 我们快乐地向前走 (The Death)歌词

04/18 10:24
Say you don't pack your bag and run why don't you take this pill and go to the party with me? hey you, mr. son of a gun you'd better pack your bag and get out of here, make it easier (prettier) hello, goodbye, to live or die, am I not a child? 我们快乐地向

Soundtrack ’Till I Collapse歌词

02/01 14:54
Till I Collapse(feat. Nate Dogg) 直到我崩溃 (伴唱.纳特・多狗) Intro: Sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak 有时你会感到疲倦,感到虚弱 When you feel weak, you feel like you just wanna just give up 当感到虚弱时,你觉得干脆放弃算了 But you gotta search within you, 但是你将深入了解自己, try and find t

六翼天使 Song Of Death歌词

07/04 20:13
六翼天使---死之歌 Evil crowd wicked gathering, dark stands still full of sorrow Gorgon creeps aound a grave, hush of shadow piercingly cold Marvel of love incompletely, moonlight cold as ice, ice cold painful suffering Separation, hidden heavenly bodies Fet

Islands Swans (Life After Death)歌词

04/08 22:58
Swans Swans Swans sing songs All night long Who knew how warm the islands were While the frogs look on It's what the birds prefer And it's still warm after the sun has gone I woke up thirsty the day I died And the tide was swirling My mouth is so dry