i wont give up jana kramer

Jana Kramer I Won't Give Up (Acoustic)歌词

08/08 22:28
Don't tell me love is something you wont try again That's just not true But baby right now, maybe what you need is a friend Well I'm here for you Chorus: I will be by your side If ever you fall deep in the dead of the night When ever you call And I w

Jana Kramer I Won't Give Up歌词

12/15 03:17
"I Won't Give Up" Don't tell me love is something you won't try again That's just not true But baby right now maybe what you need's a friend Well, I'm here for you I will be by your side If ever you fall deep in the dead of the night Whenever yo

Jana Kramer Whiskey歌词

05/07 21:58
Everybody down in Huston calls him "Texas". Everybody way up North calls him "Cornbread". You shoulda heard the way that his momma called him "baby", Daddy called him "boy", his friends call him "crazy". S

Jana Kramer What I Love About Your Love歌词

06/18 09:49
[ti:What I love about your love] [ar:Jana Krammer] [al:] [by:九九Lrc歌词网-www.99Lrc.net] [00:05.77]What I love about your love - Jana Kramer [00:07.04] [00:09.74]The moon is brighter than the mornin' sun [00:14.05]The birds sing sweeter and the bees they

Jana Kramer Why You Wanna歌词

10/24 11:52
[ti:Why You Wanna] [ar:Jana Kramer] [al:2011年5月欧美新歌速递3] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.38]Why You Wanna - Jana Kramer [00:10.26]Out of all the places in this little town [00:16.84] [00:18.75]Yeah you had to come walking in [00:21.45]Here and sit down [00:23

Jana Kramer Love歌词

12/23 15:21
I still believe in fairy-tales I still believe in picking flowers I still believe in getting lost in someone's eyes And talking for hours I still believe in shooting stars I still believe in midnight drives And butterflies you give right before you k

Jana Kramer I Hope it Rains歌词

11/20 02:44
"I Hope It Rains" I heard you got yourself a date already. Funny thought you needed your space just five nights ago. I'll bet you'll take her to our favorite spot, Blanket down, on the ground, and chicken from your momma's stove, And when you pu

Jana Kramer Good Time Comin on歌词

11/30 21:16
Mmm yeah My phone's blowin' up Everybody wants to know what's up When, where, what's the plan? Well I'll be there as soon as I can. Yeah I feel like a good time comin' on. Oh yeah that's my song Turn it up and sing along Trouble's gonna melt away Onc

Billy J. Kramer Bad To Me歌词

02/25 12:08
[ti:Bad To Me] [ar:Billy J Kramer] [al:Do You Want To Know A Secret] [offset:0] [00:00.44]Bad To Me - Billy J Krame [00:01.75]If you ever leave me, I'll be sad and blue, [00:06.05] [00:08.36]don't you ever leave me, I'm so in love with you. [00:15.62

Rascal Flatts I Wont Let Go歌词

07/10 06:37
It's like a storm That cuts a path It breaks your will It feels like that You think you're lost But you're not lost on your own You're not alone I will stand by you I will help you through When you've done all you can do If you can't cope I will dry

Jana Mashonee Solid Ground歌词

05/15 11:00
Solid Ground I'm never gonna hurt you Lose faith and then desert you I'll never ever leave you alone When you quit chasing rainbows Stop caring where the train goes I'll be right there to bring you back home And I will save you From all that haunts y

Jay Sean I Wont Tell歌词

04/27 11:57
Jay Sean - I Won't Tell (feat. Daytona) Oh, yeah, Two sides to every girl It's like watching a movie Double featured She plays like a good girl But I don't believe her Girl, what's your sign? You must be a Gemini A sweet girl with a bite And I just c

Jason Chen I Wont Give Up歌词

01/26 15:38
[ti:I Wont Give Up] [ar:Jason Chen] [al:The Covers, Vol. 4] Jason Chen - I Wont Give Up When I look into your eyes It's like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise There's so much they hold And just like them old stars To be right where you ar

Soundtrack Time Wont Let Me Go歌词

06/20 23:48
Whenever I look back On the best days of my life I think I saw them all on T.V. I am so homesick now for Someone that I never knew I am so homesick now for Someplace I will never be Time won't let me go Time won't let me go If I could do it all again

Chamillionaire Wont Let You Down歌词

09/30 07:20
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:29.50]Everybody says that when it comes to friends [00:35.06]The truest ones are counted on one hand [00:40.98]But take a look around before you hit the ground [00:47.40]The only one you'll see will be this man [00:52.74]Yeah, I

Billy J. Kramer I'll Keep You Satisfied歌词

08/15 01:22
You don't need anybody to hold you, Here I stand with my arms open wide, Give me love and remember, what I told you, I'll keep you satisfied. You don't need anybody to kiss you, Ev'ry day I'll be here by your side, Don't go 'way, I'm afraid that I mi

Billy J. Kramer I'll Be On My Way歌词

02/26 20:21
The sun is fading away, that's the end of the day. As the Junelight turns to moonlight I'll be on my way. Just one kiss, then I'll go. Don't hide the tears that don't show. As the Junelight turns to moonlight I'll be on my way... ...to where the wind

Sean Kingston Wont Stop 歌词

12/13 19:20
[Sean Kingston] I see them coming, yeah. They try to bring me down, but I won't stop. They want me in the ground, but I won't stop. 'Til I'm dead, man, I won't stop. No. I, I see them coming, coming. They try to bring me down, but I won't stop. They

Various Artists The Right Time (Feat. Jana Tarasenko) 歌词

08/13 20:12
(piano intro) Now, this is a song That I really wanna sing Under ev'ry cover, baby The facts still remain 'Cause anytime is the right time To be with the one you love With the one you love I've traveled the country over Baby, like a tumbleweed I fina

Billy J. Kramer I Call Your Name歌词

06/03 12:12
Lennon/McCartney I call your name but you're not there Was I to blame for being unfair Oh I can't sleep at night Since you've been gone I never weep at night I can't go on Well don't you know I can't take it I don't know who can I'm not going to make