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天門 ebullient future (English TV-EDIT ver.1)歌词

08/20 17:01
ELISA - ebullient future (English)TV anime 「ef - a tale of melodies.」OPENING THEME 作詞∶Emi Nishida 作曲∶TENMON Love,I've got to feel it If you put your trust in me I know what my life would be Oh,you are all I ever need I try to hear what you say So I p

Jonas Brothers Kids of the Future歌词

10/05 19:37
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:00.00] [00:00.56]We're the kids [00:01.90]We're the kids [00:03.20]We're the kids of the future [00:06.02]We're the kids [00:07.39]We're the kids [00:08.79]We're the kids of the future [00:09.71] [00:10.01]jonas brothers - kids

HIRO-X Future歌词

04/21 17:51
Future(HIRO-X) 名(な)もなきこの場所(ばしょ)で 開(ひら)いた衝動(しょうどう)の花 静かな始まりを告(つ)げる 幼(おさな)きあこがれが 確(たし)かな熱(ねつ)を求(もと)めて この空にシグナルを放(はな)つよ 繰(く)り返(かえ)していく日々(ひび)を背に はばたく瞬間(しゅんかん)を探(さが)してる 孤独(こどく)な願いだとしても まだ見ぬ世界へ 限界(げんかい)を超(こ)えて行(ゆ)きたい 体(からだ)中(ちゅう)でこの夢が あふれ出(だ)すまま 新しい時代(じだい)

Future First Class Flights歌词

03/18 05:30
future � first class flights i'm flying first class flights on these pussy niggas i just found that was yo wife i got that pussy nigga i rock a whole lot of ice on a pussy nigga i'm changing up my foreign cars on these pussy niggas i'm balling like i

Mary J. Blige We Ride (I See the Future)歌词

03/15 22:45
Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want Said I Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want [1st Verse:] Everybody asking "Why Mary ain't mad no more?" It seems Like a question That I've alrea

Prince Future Baby Mama歌词

07/23 22:32
i've heard it said my lovers look alike could it be that i was looking 4 u they were cool but something wasn't right they had me fooled 4 a minute and then i saw the truth (chorus) none of them got what it takes 2 b a future baby mama gotta bend in t

Kristinia DeBarge Future Love歌词

01/06 01:39
A couple of years. And I'm gonna know your name. It's like I waited for you forever. And I know this might sound insane. But it won't be long Til' we're gonna take this up. What I'm talking about is future love. It's so far away. And baby you're righ

Jacquees Future Baby Mama歌词

02/27 08:54
future baby mama - jacquees all the stars in the sky can't shine like you on your worst day you make everything all good, 24/7 birthday, hey, hey don't let the talk 'round town bring you down, they just extra don't converse with these lames, they jus

Mary See the Future Hellow (Reggae Version)歌词

08/20 06:12
Hellow Wow girl 你那双漂亮的大眼睛 唉呦喂呀 是什么原因盯着我目不转睛 你的靠近 怎么让我紧张得快要喘不过气 怎么办 怎么办 是不是我也只能看着办 Hellow hellow hellow 我们讲话有点不投机 You say 抱我 抱我 抱我 抱紧我一切就会没问题 I say 唉呦 唉呦 唉呦 这一切会不会太顺利 管不着你真的是喜欢我 还是冲昏了思绪 Wow girl 你那双迷人的大眼睛 三天两头 就会出现 出现在我的梦境 我才发现 无法停止 停止心中那道涟漪 这样吧 别挣扎 见

Mary See the Future By Your Side歌词

04/08 13:14
Make a ready for all the dreams you grow Face the being of your own Remember the song that inspires your soul And now, believe the way you walk I'll be always by your side Please never leave the sight of your back When you go alone Go forward to the

后海大鲨鱼 Back 2 the future歌词

12/15 17:18
Back 2 the Future 回到未来 The boy is from the future He is coming back to the future He wears red jacket And black shoes never changed Here is your favorite rock song A horror beat you are living on When you say you are alone I close the door and hang u

Leonard Cohen The Future歌词

10/15 20:57
Give me back my broken night my mirrored room, my secret life it's lonely here, there's no one left to torture Give me absolute control over every living soul And lie beside me, baby, that's an order! Give me crack and anal sex Take the only tree tha


02/27 20:26
僕らは今 何處にいるの?[我们现在在哪里呢?] それより何處へ行けばいいの?[比起这个,我们要去哪里好呢?] 全てがもし決められてたら[如果一切已经被决定好] 僕らはどうしてもがくのだろう[我们为什么还要挣扎呢?] それは.君じゃない[那不是你] 君の.せいじゃない[不是你的错] 悲しみはもうたくさんなんだ[悲伤已经足够多了] そして二人は見つめるのに[然后两个人注视着] 互いの淚 見えていない[却看不到彼此的眼泪] やがて二人は 耳を澄ます[不久两个人注意聆听] 愛の言葉が 聞こえるように[仿

Musiq Soulchild Future歌词

03/05 14:22
Chorus I] Hey ya'll, hey ya'll don't you ever let no one tell you to grow up and give up on your dreams. Hey ya'll, hey ya'll ain't nothing worse than to let someone tell you to grow up and give up on your dreams. And I'm sure it's something that you

Curtis Mayfield Future Shock歌词

06/03 08:45
Future shock Ooh, hoo Hey, little sister Where's your brother See your mother Standing on the soup line God bless your father Ain't got the strength To be bothered The almighty world Hear me now Whisper on To weigh him down [CHORUS] We got to stop al

Future I Won歌词

04/19 08:53
I just want to take you out and show you off You already know that you the perfect one Girl when I'm with you, feel like a champion Ever since I got with you I feel like I done won me a trophy A trophy, I won me a trophy I won, I won, I won A trophy

Future Islands Vireo's Eye歌词

08/26 08:12
A loose, and hazy time When you were not my clementine And I was not you're diamond's eye. Bereft, as daisies lie For our love was lost in style You were strong, I was a child. We, we're not kings here. We're not kings here. We're just strangers. ---

Prince Future Soul Song歌词

10/31 15:30
I had a dream last night That I was flying for the first time And in the dream I could pilot my flight With the thoughts in my mind Since there wasn't any up or down Everybody was all around When we sang, we all sang together Oh, what a beautiful sou

Future Turn on the Lights歌词

08/21 21:24
I'm lookin' for her I'm lookin' for her I'm lookin' for her I'm lookin' for her Is that her in the V.I.P. line With the Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent? Used to drive the Nissan, now she in a Beamer I don't want her 'cause she from the corner And I he

Future Sh!t歌词

03/06 04:33
[ti:Sh!t] [ar:Future] [al:Sh!t - Single] [offset:0] [00:00.60]Sh!t - Future [00:03.48]Talking 'bout you popping tags, [00:05.84]nigga you ain't shut shit [00:07.97]Talking bout a work rus [00:09.69]nigga you ain't [00:11.48] [00:36.59]Talking 'bout y