angel dust temple of the king

Angel Dust Temple of the King歌词

12/02 18:21
One day in the year of the fox Came a time remembered well When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling of a great black bell One day in the year of the fox When the bell began to ring Meant the time had come For one to go to the tem

Angel Dust Bleed歌词

04/26 22:57
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:00.45]Bleed [00:06.64 [00:10.40] [00:11.42]Vincent-1 [00:50.03] [00:52.25]Frightened Shadows [00:54.49]Appear behind the light [00:57.62]And the coldness seizes me [01:02.23]A paralyzing pain catches me again [01:07.71]Can anybo

AaRON Angel Dust歌词

07/10 04:45
Broken dreams of flyin birds Dirty hands on skinny arms just hanging down her shoulders like a deadly young old tree and a bit of blood rollin', gently down her nose on the floor the princess, strikes the pose say goodbye to angel dust the only angel

Angel Dust Beneath the Silence歌词

04/12 20:50
A mind full of haunted shadows Keeps away the painfull sleep Light a candle for the sacred moment Needless thoughts are in to deep Scary pictures behind the curtain Burn my eyes and melt the tears Lonleyness in a hidden chamber Unlock the doors to fo

Rainbow The Temple of the King歌词

09/14 11:07
One day, in the Year of the Fox Came a time remembered well, When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black bell. One day in the Year of the Fox, When the bell began to ring, It meant the time had come for one to go

Laura Veirs Lonely Angel Dust歌词

05/27 03:08
The rose is not afraid to blossom Though it knows its pedals must fall And with its pedals fall seeds into soil Why toil to contain it all? Why toil at all? Edit By JcChan Wish You Happy Everyday Without Me,Sugar.T Ice crystals form from flakes of he

Mandragora Scream Angel Dust歌词

08/01 19:47
Livin' your life I was callin' you bein' arisen you are lost in the dark... you have a sin down and deep inside you could have learnt without choosin' to die... only this time can change your mind only your faith can make you fly only this time can t

Axel Rudi Pell The Temple of the King歌词

06/30 23:58
One day in the Year of the Fox Came a time remembered well When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black bell One day in the Year of the Fox When the bell began to ring It meant the time had come for one to go to th

Ragnarok It's War歌词

08/09 18:07
It's war - crushed in the sacred door It's war - demons enter the holy hall It's war - and angels from heaven fall It's war - victory for the subterra lord Flames... sky is red... it's been said It's war in heaven, the temple is on fire Red raindrops

The Notorious B.I.G. Notorious Thugs歌词

05/31 00:09
Intro 1) (Just) Bone and Biggie Biggie We gonna rock the party Just Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Rock the party, party Yes Bone and Biggie Biggie Betta run and tell everybody Just Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Everybody, everybody (Intro 2

Tyga Dope歌词

09/22 19:11
[Verse 1: Tyga] T-raw rock my own kick game 8 figure deal figure how I'm courtside at clip game Still pop ace king shit I'm with rose Black Maybach leather gloves on that OJ OK the day you beating me bitch no day Bandz a make her dance that's thousan

Heltah Skeltah Sean Price歌词

10/16 18:50
Chorus: I'm not sure anymore more Who is knocking at my door door All the people that I knew Acted funny when big ruck got some loot But they can't see b, let my parabellum fly fly Cause I be God decipher devine vine And a nigga can't test me an' min

Naughty by Nature Yoke The Joker歌词

03/17 09:28
Naughty By Nature Yoke The Joker Yoke the Joker!!!! *laughter* Intro:Treach There are too many overnight MC's but one And too many wacked who haven't paid dues You have now entered the path of the Flavor Unit and we are Naughty By Nature, and we will

Evangelista Lucky Lucky Luck歌词

09/08 20:23
When I was a baby I was sweet as can be, I had a good heart but I had to kill it. 11 years old my blood ran 13 I had to spill it. I'm gonna take 5 minutes thinkin bout it baby. 13 years old shot out soul during the year I was shut in the ho

Missy Elliott On & On歌词

11/24 07:36
[ti:On & On] [ar:Missy Elliott] [al:The Cookbook] [offset:0] [00:00.63]On & On - Missy Elliott [00:19.04]Turn everything up [00:21.38]All levels [00:23.75]All my fuckin levels [00:25.86]Turn the shit the fuck up [00:28.19]Missy be the name [00:33.

The Stone Roses Begging You歌词

07/01 13:54
The fly on the coachwheel told me that he got it And he knew what to do with it, everybody saw it Saw the dust that he made King bee in a frenzy, ready to blow Hot the horn good to go, wait-oh his sting's all gone Now he's begging you, begging you He

Lydia Lunch Smoke in the Shadows歌词

06/29 01:13
Close the curtains Don't answer the phone Got an unlisted number Your address is unknown Yeah you can leave town But I won't leave you alone Try star 69'ing me baby Ain't nobody home I smoke in the shadows I breathe like a ghost You sleep with the li

Amanda Palmer Blake Says歌词

07/26 11:42
Amanda Palmer - Blake Says lrc:卜超 Blake says no one ever really loved him They just faked it to get money from the government And Blake thinks angels grow when you plant angel dust He shakes his pretty head But darling, trust me, trust me He's no val

Faith No More Kindergarten歌词

09/13 21:58
Return to my own vomit like a dog Rhymes and giggles muffle the dialogue Carve my initials in a tree I will never leave Maybe one day I'll be royalty Kingdom Kindergarten Born late Will I graduate Drinking fountains are shorter than they used to be T

Faith No More Midlife Crisis歌词

05/29 15:23
Go on and wring my neck Like when a rag gets wet A little discipline For my pet genius My head is like lettuce Go on dig your thumbs in I cannot stop giving I'm thirty-something Sense of security Like pockets jingling Midlife crisis Suck ingenuity Do