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Pink Martini Sympathique歌词

04/20 16:05
Sympathique Ma chambre a la forme d'une cage 我的房间象笼子一样 Le soleil passe son bras par la fenêtre 阳光从窗口伸出臂膀 Les chasseurs à ma porte 鞋子在我门口 Comme les petits soldats 像群小兵 Qui veulent me prendre 想带我走 Je ne veux pas travailler 我不想工作 Je ne veux pas déjeuner

Pink Martini Qué Sera Sera歌词

10/16 03:13
When I was just a little girl 当我还是个小女孩 I asked my mother, what will I be 我问妈妈,我以后会是怎样的呢? Will I be pretty, will I be rich 我会漂亮吗,我会富有吗? Here's what she said to me 妈妈这样对我说 Que Sera, Sera, 凡事不可强求 Whatever will be, will be 顺其自然吧 The future's not ours to

Pink Martini La Soledad歌词

03/15 16:30
Viniste a mi Como poesia en la cancion Mostrandome Un nuevo mundo de pasion Amandome Sin egoismo y la razon Mas sin saber Que era el amor Yo protegi mi corazon El sol se fue Y yo cantando tu cancion La soledad Se aduena de toda emocion Perdoname Si e

Pink Martini Amado Mio歌词

01/03 16:24
Amado mio Love me forever And let forever begin tonight Amado mio When we're together I'm in a dream world Of sweet delight Many times I've whispered Amado mio It was just a phrase That I heard in plays I was acting a part But now when I whisper Amad

Pink Martini Children Of Piraeus歌词

11/09 22:22
Pink Martini - Never On Sunday Artist: Pink Martini Album: Sympathique Year: 1997 Title: Never On Sunday Ap to parathiro mou stelno Ena dio ke tria ke tessera filia Pou ftanoun sto limani Ena ke dio ke tria ke tessera poulia Pos ithela na eho ena ke

Pink Martini Brazil歌词

06/06 15:07
Brazil, when stars were entertaining June, We stood beneath an amber moon And softly murmured someday soon... We kissed and clung together Then - tomorrow was another day The morning found us miles away With still a million things to say. And now, wh

Pink Martini Donde Estas, Yolanda?歌词

06/07 23:41
Donde estas, donde estas, Yolanda Que paso, que paso, Yolanda Te busque, te busque, Yolanda Y no estas, y no estas Yolanda Donde estas, donde estas, Yolanda Que paso, que paso, Yolanda Te busque, te busque, Yolanda Y no estas, y no estas Yolanda Tus

Pink Martini Santa Baby歌词

08/04 11:38
Santa baby slip a sable under the tree for me I've been an awful good girl santa baby and hurry down the chimney tonight santa baby an outer-space convertible too,light blue I'll wait up for you, dear santa baby and hurry down the chimney tonight thi

Pink Martini Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love歌词

01/07 21:00
Pink Martini - Let's Never Stop Falling in Love I wish a falling star could fall forever And sparkle through the clouds and stormy weather And in the darkness of the night The star would shine a glimmering light And hover above our love Please hold m

Pink Martini Sunday Table歌词

10/20 17:54
Sunday Table - Pink Martini She is walking quickly Like there's some place she must be In her eyes, there's no one There is no one she needs He sits with his paper At a Sunday table Just another morning She steps into his gaze He looks at her She loo

Pink Martini Ninna Nanna歌词

03/17 01:26
Ninna nanna marinare 'Ngopp a varca, miezo o mare Lo te parl e nun respunn Te si perze miez o suonn Te vurria magna' de vas Ma ho paura e te sceta' Cosi' guarde da luntane Co'stu core innammurat Quann aggia' spetta D'averti questa sera Co' sta luna c

Pink Martini Over The Valley歌词

08/30 06:59
Over The Valley - Pink Martini Over the valley I saw a silver cloud With a pink lining I said it right out loud There's no denying You are my one and only love And we'll see over the valley The moon rise above Over the valley This house among the tre

Pink Martini Hey Eugene歌词

08/16 12:02
"Hey Eugene!" Hey Eugene do you remember me? I'm that chick you danced with two times through the Rufus album Friday night at that party on avenue A: where your skinhead friend passed out for several hours on the bathroom floor and you told me Y

Pink Martini Ojala歌词

05/17 05:04
Ma chérie si j'avais une heure Je reviendrais au printemps des fleurs Quand tes yeux allumaient mes jours Je l'imaginais pour toujours Mes regrets sont comme des taches Dans les rivages de ces temps que je cache Je voudrais essuyer tes larmes Te gard

Pink Martini White Christmas歌词

09/19 01:09
[ti:White Christmas(Part I)] [ar:Pink Martini] [al:2010年11月欧美新歌速递1] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.69]White Christmas - Pink Martini [00:12.05]The sun is shining, the grass is green [00:16.65]The orange and palm trees sway [00:20.56] [00:22.26]There's never

Pink Martini A Snowglobe Christmas歌词

05/25 06:20
When you went away The colors all turned brown Since you've been away There's a shadow on the town But when I close my eyes You are still around Especially on the days when the snow falls down Moss covered trees out in the blue You're missing me, I'm

Pink Martini Elohai, N'tzor歌词

05/27 20:47
Elohai N'tzor I'shoni Meirah Us'fatai midabeir mirmah V'lim'kal'lai'nafshi nafshi tidom V'nafshi ke‐afar lakol Fh'yeh 专辑:Joy To The World 歌手:Pink Martini 歌曲:Elohai, N'tzor

Pink Martini Bitty Boppy Betty歌词

04/04 20:52
Bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty booboo, On weekends she's your honey, then comes Monday, and that'll be sir to you. Bitty boppy Betty, better known as Billy, he's the up and coming local DA A fearless crime fighter, political

Pink Martini Dansez-Vous歌词

08/22 12:49
[ti:Dansez-Vous] [ar:Pink Martini] [al:Hang On Little Tomato 期待美梦成真] [offset:0] [00:00.80]Artist:pink martini [00:01.98]Songs Title:dansez-vous [00:02.86] [00:16.63]J'ai un coeur norme [00:21.20] [00:22.00]Qui dirige ma vie entire [00:25.63] [00:27.3

Pink Martini I'm Waiting For You歌词

10/14 20:07
[ti:I'm Waiting For You] [ar:Pink Martini;Meow Meow] [00:10.78]我等着你回来 [00:13.02]我等着你回来 [00:15.42]我想着你回来 [00:17.85]我想着你回来 [00:20.45]等你回来让我关怀 [00:25.28]等你回来免我关怀 [00:30.10]你为什么不回来 [00:32.71]你为什么不回来 [00:35.01]我要等你回来 [00:37.60]我要等你回来 [00:40.13]还不回来春光不再 [0