Lovecraft Historical Society歌词

H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society The Carol of the Old Ones歌词

04/12 10:51
望向天空,直达高处(Look to the sky,way up on high) 夜空正有星星悬挂(There in the night stars are now right.) 劫难过去直到永远(Eons have passed:now then at last) 监狱的墙会破坏,远古的人会醒来!(Prison walls break,Old Ones awake!) 他们会回来,人类会了解到(They will return:mankind will learn) 他们在这里会面对新的恐

Mull Historical Society Mull Historical Society歌词

10/15 13:05
Mull Historical Society - Mull Historical Society You got to keep moving If you're going to end up in our society We're finding new ways To reach out to everyone of you Loosen, loosen your body Loosen, from your point of view You cannot be a loser If

Mull Historical Society I Tried歌词

05/07 07:49
[ti:I Tried] [ar:James LaBrie] [al:7 Static Impulse] [00:00.00]标题:Bring Them to Light [00:08.21] [00:14.21]艺术家:Static Impulse [00:20.21] [00:28.69]What have you to prove [00:33.66]I honestly don't care [00:37.02]It's all so petty [00:40.07]So petty [

Mull Historical Society Instead歌词

10/21 10:07
[ti:]Instead [ar:]Stacie Orrico [00:10.75]I saw him shaking his change in a coffee cup [00:13.50]Asked for a dollar but I told the man to give it up [00:16.06]Said he's hungry i dont think that it's true [00:18.68]I bet my dollar he'd just spend it o

Mull Historical Society Barcode Bypass歌词

11/20 10:18
Barcode Bypass - Mull Historical Society And let me get my gloves And walk the dogs for miles Slower every day I dream of growing big Taken over by a slob But the pay day stayed away And I want you to know That my brain is getting slow But I'll stay

The Suicide Machines High Society歌词

01/18 06:42
The Suicide Machines High Society You took me home and You spent a half an hour on the phone You kept me waiting for such a long time long time! The things you say to try to make me think That you had been around You'd like to think that you had been

The Living End Prisoner of Society歌词

05/29 02:08
Well we don't need no one to tell us what to do Oh yes we're on our own and there's nothing you can do So we don't need no one like you To tell us what to do We don't refer to the past when we're showing what we've done Our generation gap means the w

Kamelot Soul Society歌词

10/26 18:28
If my soul could revive From my carnal remains What does it matter to me If it all fades to black If I'm born once again There's no-one really is free How could I be condemned For the things I've done If my intentions were good I guess I'll never kno

The Exploited Violent Society歌词

11/04 19:13
Left, right, left, right, go get abused The evidence of violence is always news Violent Society Violence is my life Violent Society Violence is my life The violence is real, the violence goes on The killer vendetta, what went wrong Violent Society Vi

Eddie Vedder Society歌词

03/26 06:38
Society Oh it's a mystery to me. 对我来说是个谜 We have a greed, with which we have agreed...我们都同意,我们都有贪欲 and you think you have to want more than you need...当你觉得你想要的东西超过实际 until you have it all, you won't be free.知道你拥有所有,自由不再属于你 Society, you're a crazy bre

H.P. Lovecraft Mobius Trip歌词

11/21 03:05
Walking down the street I feel like crashing Everybody's groovy, all their eyes are flashing Do you think that this could be the time In the world behind the pantomime Where everybody's really feeling fine A thought like that would really blow my min

De-Phazz My Society歌词

01/30 10:18
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Days of Twang 歌手:De-Phazz 歌曲:My Society

Betty Who High Society歌词

04/25 04:38
Look it's almost morning Baby turn your collar up There ain't nobody dancing Who looks better down and out on their luck Run away to a little place with me Where everybody thinks we're royalty Think of how easy life could be Eh eh Run away to a place

王菲 Di-Dar (Historical Mix)歌词

06/18 08:27
曲∶王菲 词∶林夕 编∶窦唯 不要偷看你一秒 是害怕突然会偷笑 会自然爱过没了 会突然高声呼叫 叫灵魂出窍出窍出窍 不要听见你心跳 是害怕突然你醒了 你自然说太夜了 你定然必须走了 我突然哭了哭了哭了 Di-Dar...... Di-Dar...... Di-Dar...... Di-Dar...... 不要拥有你多少 是害怕突然我想起 你原来太过重要 我突然呼吸不了 会突然想叫想跳想要 专辑:阿菲正传 歌手:王菲 歌曲:Di-Dar (Historical Mix)

H.P. Lovecraft Wayfaring Stranger歌词

10/06 06:19
I am a poor wayfaring stranger Travelling through this world of woe And there's no sickness, toil, no danger In that bright land to which I go I'm going there to meet my brothers And from that land we'll find a way I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger

Godhead I Sell Society歌词

08/13 13:37
Don't go over there That vulture is gonna get you Come and bathe in My protective neon glow Plug into my machine Perfect and so clean Plastic lives are all That's left so get in line Tell me all your problems I've got just the thing to fix it Sell it

NOFX Secret Society歌词

09/15 22:45
Know Gods, Know Masters Know how to live with magnificent disasters The shiniest cloaks must coveted daggers Know limits, know rules Know how to wield dangerous arcane tools Know access to soak in our success pools In our Secret Society, we find free

The Kinks The Village Green Preservation Society歌词

07/19 02:40
The Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society We are the Village Green Preservation Society God save Donald Duck, Vaudeville and Variety We are the Desperate Dan Appreciation Society God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties Preser

Dope Pig Society歌词

04/21 03:36
polite to say that i drifted away and i never thought i'd care along the way i've made mistakes but i made them over there if i told you twice i'd beat it, what you never thought i'd beat if i told you i survived in your pig society you don't know wh

Honor Society Where Are You Now歌词

08/23 00:55
To my favorite teacher 献给我喜爱的老师 Told me never give up 告诉我永不放弃 To my fifth grade crush 献给我五年级时迷恋的人 Who I thought I really loved 那个我认为自己真心爱过的人 To the the guys I miss 献给我想念的兄弟们 And the girls we kissed 和那些我们吻过的女孩们 Where are you now? 现在你们在哪里 To my ex best