Within Temptation Shot In The DarkLRC

Within Temptation Shot In The Dark歌词

06/28 17:36
I've been left out alone like a damn criminal 我就像一个无所不为的罪犯无人搭理 I've been praying for help 'cause I can't take it all 我一直祈求帮助因为我无法独自承受这一切 I'm not done 我不会善罢甘休 It's not over 这一切从未结束 Now I'm fighting this war since the day of the fall 在沉沦之日我就不断奋起抗争 And

Soundtrack Temptation 歌词

11/12 08:59
I've never been closer I've tried to understand That certain feeling Carved by another's hand But it's too late to hesitate We can't keep on living like this Leave no track Don't look back All I desire Temptation Keep climbing higher and higher Tempt

Babylon A.D. Shot o' Love歌词

12/25 10:35
You turn me down Send me home again Every time I come over We never reach the end The passion burns thru the pale moonlight You take me up but then you push me down the slide You like the drama, the mystery games But temptation's written right on you

Bon Jovi Shot Through the Heart歌词

07/04 13:20
Shot through the heart It's all part of the game that we call love Would you be content to see me crying After all those little games you put me through After all I've done for you you're lying Wouldn't it be nice to tell the truth Didn't somebody so

Within Temptation Forgiven歌词

05/11 11:52
Couldn't save you from the start 自一开始便无法拯救你 Love you so it hurts my soul 如此爱你,已伤到我的灵魂 Can you forgive me for trying again? 你能原谅我让我再次尝试吗? Your silence makes me hold my breath 你的沉默令我屏住呼吸 All the time has passed you by 时间不停地从你身边飞逝 Ooo, for so long I've

Within Temptation Memories歌词

08/27 00:34
[Whisper] Memories, memories, memories In this world you tried Not leaving me alone behind There's no other way I'll pray to the gods: let him stay The memories ease the pain inside Now I know why [Chorus] All of my memories Keep you near In silent m

Within Temptation The Swan Song歌词

09/11 12:45
Winter has come for me, can't carry on. The Chains to my life are strong but soon they'll be gone. I'll spread my wings one more time. [Chorus:] Is it a dream? All the ones I have loved calling out my name. The sun warms my face. All the days of my l

We Shot the Moon Please Shine歌词

04/30 05:18
Please Shine We Shot The Moon Fly away on a plane Just like you came to me Take a bow,you take a bow Your spirits left with me .. Watch the clouds making shapes And picture me with you I'm so alive,I'm so alive You color up my world Halleluiah~ was a

LONG SHOT PARTY あの日タイムマシン 歌词

06/10 08:33
走り出せ前向いて[向前迈进吧] かじかむ手で空に描いた[用冻僵的小手描绘天空] 君の未来に祝福の灯りともす[为你的未来点亮祝福之灯] 切り開け その手で[用这双手开拓道路] 聞こえてるかい?この声が[能听见这声音吗?] 素直に笑える事 抱きしめ[抱着直率而笑之事] 今 走り出せ[现在迈步吧] 少しだけ大人の色に染まる指先[那微显成熟色彩的指尖] 照れくさそうに そっと隠して[我害羞地悄悄藏起来] 頬杖ついた君 見つめてる視線の先に[而托着脸蛋的你 将视线凝聚于] 小さな蕾が ゆらゆら[摇曳的小花

JLS One Shot歌词

12/19 01:14
JLS - One Shot She's the kinda girl boys read about In magazines, glossy magazines She is the only one I think about Leading lady in my dreams Hey I have waited so long, to gather up my courage She has got me love drunk fumbling my words Times runnin

Mario Vazquez One Shot歌词

10/25 13:55
Lyrics to Mario Vazquez One Shot ★ Powerxp Q Verse 1: If I were a builder Then you'd have a castle Drive on the highest mountain And if I were a billionaire I'd give you every material thing But unfortunately all I have to give to you Is an imperfect

Ja Rule Last Temptation歌词

04/03 13:57
"Last Temptation" (feat. Charli Baltimore) [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, heh You feel that Can you feel that Yall cant feel that, heh, yeah We gonna do it like this Real old school, shit Take them back to the parks and shit Do it like, we used to do it,

Within Temptation Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)歌词

10/23 08:44
<Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) Jillian 我愿交心> I've been dreaming for so long, 我已经梦想很久 to find a meaning to understand. 去寻找一个含义为了解 The secret of life, 生命的意义 why am I here to try again?我为什么在这里一遍遍尝试 Will I always, will you always 我将会时常,你将会时常 see the truth

Within Temptation Angels歌词

02/10 17:08
<Angels> Click To Download 歌手: Within Temptation Sparkling angel I believed You were my saviour in my time of need. Blinded by faith I couldn't hear All the whispers, the warnings so clear. I see the angels, I'll lead them to your door. There's no e

We Shot the Moon Welcome Home歌词

02/09 09:48
The sun says "Welcome home" But I'm feeling all alone I step outside And watch the weeds take the garden I gave my best But sometimes I must confess My hope runs dry And I draw lines It makes things harder So I have to believe That this is gonna

Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin the branch 歌词

06/16 00:56
I wanted my life's work To be like an ever-growing forest So vast that you could lose your way in it But this branch is all I have to show It's withering and untended There is nowhere it can take you that You haven't been before And you left it at yo

We Shot the Moon Come Back歌词

07/18 16:07
Please will you come back to me? I was a fool just to leave you hanging If courage is all I need to find you When will the snow melt away? And all the pieces will fit together Now I've got so much to say And I need you Gotta find you Looking for an a

Within Temptation Mother Earth 歌词

04/05 09:50
Birds and butterflies Birds and butterflies Rivers and mountains she creates But you'll never know The next move she'll make You can try But it is useless to ask why Cannot control her She goes her own way She rules until the end of time She gives an

Isobel Campbell Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down歌词

10/13 06:26
I was five and he was six we rode on horses made of sticks he wore black and I wore white he would always win the fight bang bang he shot me down bang bang I hit the ground bang bang that awful sound bang bang my baby shot me down seasons came and ch

Filter Hey Man, Nice Shot歌词

08/14 18:49
I wish I would've met you Now it's a little late What you could've taught me I could've saved some face They think that your early ending Was all wrong For the most part they're right But look how they all got strong That's why I say hey man, nice sh