kutless歌词all alone

Kutless Identity歌词

04/30 15:36
Identity I've been looking from the outside, outside I've been walking on a straight line, straight line Scared to let the world see my failures, who I am, or who I've been I've been waiting for somebody else to Take the chance that I am so afraid to

Kutless Ready for You歌词

08/25 02:51
Lord, You take my heart away with Your love and I am willing to put on my faith in Your plan. Coming to my life. Make my soul refreshed in truth now. I am ready for You. Take my heart and make me new now. I am ready for You to come and fill my soul.

Kutless All the Words歌词

12/13 07:13
How do I speak of the indescribable to You I will try to explain these feelings that are true So looking to the sky I will sing and from my heart to You I bring All of the words in all of my life that could never explain and never describe All of my

Kutless What Faith Can Do歌词

09/17 22:00
Everybody falls sometimes Gotta find the strength to rise From the ashes And make a new beginning Anyone can feel the ache You think it's more than you can take But you're stronger Stronger than you know Don't you give up now The sun will soon be shi

Kutless Come Back Home歌词

12/11 02:45
"Come Back Home" How long till you come to the end of your reckless streak How long till the freedom weighs you down How long till your heart figures out that you need me How long until you turn around When you come back home I'll be running out

Kutless Mistakes歌词

04/02 08:20
Empty reasons for my past Excuses do not hold I'm struck with my affliction An inner perfect storm Why didn't someone warn me To save me from my self The pain is self inflicted The decisions were my own Now listen to history There's so much I could s

Kutless Sea of Faces歌词

09/17 02:49
I see the city lights all around me Everyone's obscure Ten million people each with their problems Why should anyone care And in Your eyes I can see I am not just a man, vastly lost in this world Lost in a Sea of Faces Your body's the bread, Your blo

Kutless Draw Me Close歌词

11/20 04:21
Draw me close to you Never let me go I lay it all down again To hear you say that I'm your friend Help me find a way to bring me back to you You're all I want, You're all I've ever needed You're all I want, Help me know you are near You are my desire

Kutless Remember Me歌词

01/09 17:05
I looked in Your eyes And saw it for a moment The passion in Your cry The chains of life are broken Put to death by Your people You came to bring us life Only hope for the hopeless Will You remember me? I've been ashamed I've been put down Head in my

Kutless Hero歌词

12/27 16:54
Who ever told you you can't win Who ever said that if you fail don't try again It s in the ordinary Deep in the weak and weary The power to overcome the fear you're holding in You could be Hero You could be the change in this world Rise above the Nor

Kutless I'm Still Yours歌词

03/16 17:52
If You washed away my vanity If You took away my words If all my world was swept away Would You be enough for me? Would my beating heart still sing? If I lost it all Would my hands stay lifted To the God who gives and takes away If You take it all Th

Kutless All Alone歌词

03/29 23:20
Icy chills round your heart A heart that's made of stone It seems like Life is out to get you To destroy what you want I know that, that you blame me for all that you go through It could be, so different if you would just let it go You're all alone R

Kutless Perspectives歌词

03/24 10:38
It feels like your life's crashing down all around you Let me ask if it's really so bad Look at the world in it's suffering Can you honestly tell me that know one else could understand All of the hurting inside Why can't you see that freedom is somet

Kutless This Is Christmas歌词

03/01 05:05
This Is Christmas - Kutless Do you find it hard to sleep tonight Resting by the Christmas lights? Could there be something you forgot? Beyond the bows and mistletoe The tree with presents wrapped below There's more to this than you had ever thought H

Kutless It Came Upon A Midnight Clear歌词

10/26 16:46
[ti:It came upon a midnight clear] [ar:KOKIA] [al:Christmas gift] [00:00.00] [00:00.77]「It came upon a midnight clear」 [00:04.77]歌:KOKIA [00:08.77]作詞:TRADITIONAL/EDMUND SEARS [00:12.77]作曲:TRADITIONAL/RICHARD STORRS WILLIS [00:16.77] [01:01.95]It came

Kutless Promise of a Lifetime歌词

11/11 04:38
I have fallen to my knees As I sing a lullaby of pain I'm feeling broken in my melody As I sing to help the tears go away Then I remember the pledge you made to me I know you're always there To hear my every prayer inside I'm clinging to the promise

Kutless Give Us Clean Hands歌词

09/15 13:26
We bow our hearts we bend our knees Oh Spirit come make us humble We turn our eyes from evil things Oh Lord we cast down our idols Give us clean hands Give us pure hearts Let us not lift our souls to another God let us be a generation that seeks, See

Kutless Mary Did You Know歌词

08/08 22:20
[ti:Mary did you Know] [ar:Hayley Westenra] [al:My Gift To You] [00:01.92]Title:"Mary did you Know" [00:08.30]Artist:Hayley Westenra [00:11.74] [00:18.36]Mary, did you know [00:20.55]that your baby boy would one day walk on water? [00:26.11]Mary

Kutless In the City歌词

06/30 00:53
In The City - Kutless Bless this city in Jesus' name Let Your healing fall like rain God You gave us everything May Your church do more than sing Bless this city in Jesus' name Wake up every heart You've changed Help us be Your hands and feet May You

Kutless Never Too Late歌词

08/05 15:54
Never Too Late - Kutless I see you staring at the sky, All of your regrets just running down your face, You think you finally crossed the line, Feel you sealed your fate... It's never too late, to call on Him Whatever you've done, wherever you've bee