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Hayseed Dixie Bohemian Rhapsody歌词

05/23 21:20
[ti:Bohemian Rhapsody] [al:王菲香港演唱会 98 99 ] 匹配时间为: 06 分 27 秒 的歌曲 [01:54.92][00:00.52]歌曲:Bohemian Rhapsody [00:03.59]作词:freddie mercury [00:06.44]作曲:freddie mercury [01:57.50][00:09.54] [00:15.55]王菲个人资料: [00:18.70]王菲(十五岁前随母亲姓,叫夏林 [00:21.50]Faye Wong (S

Tape Five Dixie Biscuit歌词

12/01 01:09
[ti:Dixie Biscuit] [ar:Tape Five] [al:Electro Swing Bistro 2] [offset:0] [00:01.41]Dixie Biscuit - Tape Five [00:04.03]Come on everybody [00:04.86] [00:05.44]look out [00:05.84] [00:15.93]If you're running low you know where to go, [00:17.83]lets fee

The Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Wednesday, December 29)歌词

04/26 07:14
?[00:40.01]Virgil Caine is the name and I served on the Danville train [00:47.10]Til Stoneman's cavalry came and tore up the tracks again [00:54.11]In the winter of sixty five we were hungry just barely alive [01:01.26]By May the tenth Richmond had f

Dixie Chicks Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)歌词

12/02 02:53
[ti:Godspeed(Sweet Dreams)] [ar:Dixie Chicks] [al:Home] [by:mp3.91.com] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Dixie Chicks - Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) [00:18.27]written by: Radney Foster [00:20.27] [00:22.27]Dragon tales and the water is wide [00:27.53]Pirates sail a

Dixie Chicks Not Ready to Make Nice歌词

01/18 15:18
Dixie Chicks - Not Ready to Make Nice Forgive, sounds good Forget, I'm not sure I could They say time heals everything But I'm still waiting I'm through with doubt There's nothing left for me to figure out I've paid a price And I'll keep paying I'm n

庾澄庆 想你,醒在0:03歌词

04/10 17:03
别说不可能 有天若你去爱别人 我的心会恨 这回忆会困我一生 爱是荒唐的缘分 圈住矛盾的恋人 不是发闷地想逃 就是发疯地沉沦 想你 醒在午夜零点零三分 你会去哪里 和怎样的人 像一支风筝 扯断线飞奔 我不管我可不可能 想你 醒在午夜零点零三分 距离昨天只一首歌时分 情歌情多深 唱到思念都伤人 有太多感觉 不是完美就是破碎 眼眶里的泪 不够深不会轻易坠 梦是现实的陶醉 谁都无权利了解 这是你我的世界 不必理会谁说是非 想你 醒在午夜零点零三分 你会去哪里 和怎样的人 像一支风筝 扯断线飞奔 我不管我

Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces歌词

09/08 16:04
dixie chicks: wide open spaces who doesnt know what im talking about whos never left home, whos never struck out to find a dream and a life of their own a place in the clouds, a foundation of stone many precede and many will follow a young girls drea

Beyoncé Bonnie & Clyde '03 / Daddy歌词

07/16 13:44
Look for me Young V cruising down the west side high way Doing what we like to do our way Eyes behind shades This neck is the reason all of my days Was blind dates but today I got the thoroest girl with me I'm mashing the gas she garbing the wheel It

庾澄庆 想你.醒在00:03歌词

06/16 04:19
想你,醒在 0:03分 作詞:許常德 作曲:庾澄慶 別說不可能 有天若你去愛別人 我的心會恨 這回憶會困我一生 愛是荒唐的緣份 圈住矛盾的戀人 不是發悶的想逃 就是發瘋的沉淪 想你 醒在午夜零點零三分 你會去哪裡 和怎樣的人 像一支風箏 扯斷線飛奔 我不管我可不可能 想你 醒在午夜零點零三分 距離昨天 只一首歌時分 情歌情多深 唱到思念都傷人 有太多感覺 不是完美就是破碎 眼眶裡的淚 不夠深不會輕易墜 夢是現實的陶醉 誰都無權力瞭解 這是你我的世界 不必理會誰說是 想你 醒在午夜零點零三分 你會

许景淳 午夜0:03歌词

01/04 09:12
午夜0:03 不要问我快不快乐 我要去哪里 在这时候你的问候都是虚备多馀的 只要沉默就好 安安静静的离去 在这时做多馀的话语都让我难过 *离开你是怎样的遗憾 我不知道 这决定狠著心痛也是痛快 我很明白 #不要问我快不快乐 我要去哪里 那个地方 你的电话到达不了 我的 email 无法接收 向你说再见 在今天夜里0:03分 No more games, no more cry, say good-bye bye-bye (口白)我要向你说再见 在今天 在0:03分 No more games, n

Dixie Chicks I Believe in Love歌词

10/02 20:48
Dixie Chicks - I Beleive In Love I made a promise to myself Locked it way deep down inside Told my heart we'd wait it out Swore we'd never compromise Oh I'd rather be alone Like I am tonight I'd settle for the kind of love That fades before the morni

Dixie Chicks There's Your Trouble歌词

09/11 01:41
dixie chicks - there's your trouble should have been different but it wasn't different was same old story, dear john, and so long should have fit like a glove should have fit like a ring like a diamond ring a token of true love should have all worked

Dixie Chicks Landslide歌词

03/06 16:41
dixie chicks - landslide i took my love and i took it down climbed a mountain then i turned around and i saw my reflection in the snow covered hills well the landslide brought me down oh, mirror in the sky what is love? can the child within my heart

Dixie Chicks The Long Way Around歌词

08/06 00:17
dixie chicks - the long way around my friends from high school married their high school boyfriends moved into houses in the same zip codes where their parents live but i, i could never follow no i, i could never follow i hit the highway in a pink rv

Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier歌词

03/07 20:36
two days past eighteen, he was waitin' for the bus in his army greens. 18岁刚过两天,他穿着军装等待巴士, sat down in a booth, in a cafe there, gave his order to a girl with a bow in her hair. 坐在露天的咖啡座,向一个带蝴蝶结的女招待员点了东西 he's a little shy but she give him a smile, so

The Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down歌词

03/26 15:23
Virgil Caine is my name and I served on the Danville train, Till so much cavalry came and they tore up the tracks again In the winter of sixty-five, we were hungry, just barely alive By May the tenth, Richmond had fell - it's a time I remember oh so

Dixie Chicks Everybody Knows歌词

12/01 22:50
dixie chicks - everybody knows tell me now if you came sneaking up behind would you know me and see behind the smile i can change like colors on a wall hoping no one else will find what lies beneath it all i think i hide it all so well stepping out,

Dixie Chicks Long Time Gone歌词

08/31 01:02
dixie chicks - long time gone written by darrell scott & tim o'brien daddy sits on a front porch swinging looking out on a vacant field used to be filled with burley tobacca now he knows it never will my brothers found work in indiana my sisters a nu

Dixie Chicks Lullaby歌词

05/10 02:28
dixie chicks - lullaby they didn't have you where i come from never knew the best was yet to come life began when i saw your face and i hear your laugh like a serenade how long do you want to be loved is forever enough, is forever enough how long do

Dixie Chicks Easy Silence歌词

09/16 04:25
dixie chicks - easy silence when the calls and conversations accidents and accusations messages and misperceptions paralyze my mind busses, cars, and airplanes leaving burning fumes of gasoline and everyone is running and i come to find a refuge in t