Niño Precioso歌词

Jack Wall Niño Precioso歌词

08/02 08:27
Niño precioso, más que el armiño Risueño niño, Dios del amor Duerme tranquilo. duerme entretanto Eleva un canto me humilde voz. Duerme chiquitito. Que hoy hace frio. Duerme amor mio. Nunca te dejare. Niño precioso, más que diamantes Risueño niño, Dio

Ill Niño Cleansing歌词

01/18 11:16
From guilt to dust You think that I don't want to hate you I know that I never did like you This is not another passing phrase But I can see your face But when shit will finally break me Persistent in trying to get me El fuego que quema adentro Gets

Ill Niño Unframed歌词

11/17 13:56
I'm feeling like I don't belong I remember when we spoke back then I was cold and insincere I was just nineteen and so naive And didn't care what you feel Now I see My father's one and only Call is what could have saved me I've seen your face In pict

Ill Niño Arrastra歌词

12/18 19:24
Converging my image to suit this disease This face is just a mask to deceive you (And I) Preserve my appearance for no one to see And no one will ever believe you Yo so el rey of this f****d up world I sold myself for my reputation Lost my balance an

Ill Niño 2012歌词

12/27 16:55
We're coming back again This time to let you know I don't care where you've been And I'm all ears (tonight) Ponte en mi lugar Tanto que tapar Dejame que estoy De tan mal umor You keep rushing the days To find that we haven't the time This year All th

Ill Niño Numb歌词

02/12 23:38
I loved you You were all that I wanted Then, I watched you Turn into someone else Well I'm sick of the fighting I'm sick of just blaming myself Well I'm sick of escaping I'm sick of erasing Your face and the places That give me a trace to you But I w

Cacho Tirao Canción Al Niño Deseado歌词

11/03 07:27
[ti:Canción Al Niño Deseado] [ar:Cacho Tirao] [00:00] 专辑:La Guitarra Argentina 歌手:Cacho Tirao 歌曲:Canción Al Niño Deseado

Ill Niño Escape歌词

01/31 01:34
Well uh, you see, we have another thing Taking the needle you scrape me again I'm scraping the faces they're under my skin I'm scraping the needle and waiting again For my own infliction to burn in my sin No Scraping away (burn) Stripping away (burn)

Ill Niño This Is War歌词

03/09 22:31
this is war -=ill nino=- 专辑:one nation underground(2005) he was enslaved, to the dirty system, pero murio (to face the end) mother fucking come on this was the final mission his life had just begun it all had to be so fucked up his death to me, so fu

Ill Niño What You Deserve歌词

08/03 08:54
what you deserve -=ill nino=- 专辑: one nation underground it's too bad that you have made mistakes. too bad that i cannot relate. when all else fails and all else fades. i kept my word through bitter days (through bitter days) what you don't know. won

Ill Niño In This Moment歌词

10/18 08:25
in this moment -=ill nino=- 专辑: one nation underground untie these ropes around my neck still i'm dropping to my knees so conscious smiling discontent affecting lo que pienso de ti (what i think of you) hasta ya never mind who's to say? it's hard to

Ill Niño How Can I Live歌词

08/04 02:44
I am so alike you in so many ways I know I'm just a copy that carries on the stage But, we make the same mistakes Cause, we are one in the same But, we leave behind the thing Why cant I seperate All the lies in me All the dies in me How can I live wi

Ill Niño I Am Loco歌词

04/09 09:24
Life is weighing down on me, killing me inside Something I could never be will guide me to the new Light Frustrated Sedated I pray to myself God please Don't take away from me The only fucking thing That I learned to believe I am becoming the monster

Ill Niño What Comes Around歌词

01/29 07:16
I hate you, I hate you - shut up... You think that I'm the one to blame Everything I lose is just a piece of what there is to gain You think it's cool and all is fine Now is the day when you pay, this is my time I feel for you nothing but pain I am w

Ill Niño Against The Wall歌词

03/15 20:16
Against The Wall Lyrics You say that my life is actually vain Your standards just seem so plain (just don't give in) You know, you know I'm not running for cover The bullets could fly by my head Hold on to the progress and don't

Ill Niño God Save Us歌词

05/02 02:09
God save us! This new life has brought us this new knife It's worthless and mindless to preach. I resist that! God save us! This new life has brought us this new knife It's worthless and mindless to preach. I resist that! I am what you despise I am j

Ill Niño This Time's For Real歌词

09/24 07:04
Why do you tell me all these lies? I just want to live my life I don't want to leave my dreams behind Tell me Why am I only getting older? My patience getting shorter I'm running out of time And I hope that I get what I wanted This time's for real Is

Ill Niño The Alibi of Tyrants歌词

06/15 21:26
They can't get to me I'm sitting in the back seat Turn around, I grip my gun To rise against the pigs Communista de lista But I resist the exorcist To make you fucking kneel down Suck, Spit, Respect Five shots go buck, buck, buck, buck Duck, get the

Ill Niño My Resurrection歌词

11/12 10:13
O god, if I ever had a god My soul, if I ever had a soul Bring forth the unilateral Condition Rezando que siempre (Praying that always) Me des resolución (You give me a resolution) Recompose Resurrect my termination Through birth Now that I am whole

Ill Niño If You Still Hate Me歌词

02/03 16:26
The feelings you are breaking Are feelings I was faking My eyes begin to shut, my life's a bixtch Want me to cut you up? Your life is one big shout out You think I'm fake, you are a snake These are my fears I fear if you still hate me, you're thinkin