The Real Group Commonly Unique歌词

02/26 00:35
Early morning having breakfast Talking a shower washing dishes Reading the paper 'cause I've got the time Curious about the CD reviews Skipping through sports pages there it is Somebody's heart in black and white picked apart Emotions exposed right i

Eskobar Unique 歌词

05/11 04:16
wow ...wow....oh.. wow ...wow....oh.. wow ...wow....oh.. you are asking me when wow ...wow....oh.. you and i will be friends so i must explain once again wow ...wow....oh.. please don't react that it's end i don't understand you are willing to deny t

AZ Rather Unique歌词

02/20 11:20
rock the house (rock the house) east New York, east New York east New York, east New York east New York, east New York my man AZ to the fullest Verse 1: AZ we was already loyal to people's minds and mulianis now we more fucked up with a mayor named G

加藤ミリヤ UNIQUE歌词

01/29 19:33
Unique is curious- Courage is notorious- Underground is universe- Justice is genius- UNIQUE is diamond in the rough UNIQUE is diamond in the rough UNIQUE is diamond in the rough ei ei ei ei Give me freedom ei ei ei ei Don't say no ei ei ei ei Can't h

Regina Lund Unique歌词

05/12 20:12
And you were born original died as a copy of your own dreams Unique you are from dust till dawn the sun will shine and you will too You think its all over you think no-one cares you think you are nothing But i know unique you are original And when we

Lenka Unique歌词

07/09 17:43
I am happy to be sad It's funny when I am sad I don't really make sense But I know that that's not bad I am lonely in a crowd And I am quiet when it's loud No I don't know what I want But I will figure it all out I like to move around to different be

Unique You Me and the Dancefloor歌词

05/05 02:26
You' you' you You know just what your doin' Walking with your touches And your make-up on I'm gonna smear it off You' you' you You should'nt never start us on girl' No way u thinkin gonna chase u ground Till up in your down All the way down down ouch

Matisyahu Unique Is My Dove歌词

09/12 16:04
Unique Is My Dove On the way into this world, our soul was born in two Searching for you, I been searching for you Where ya been, where ya running to Where ya got to go, what ya got to do Don't care where were goin, just wanna be with you Put your he

Unique Wherever You Are (feat. Charice)歌词

09/30 11:59
So I'll be with you like a shadow Cos you're the one I want, I really really want Baby cos I want you that close Cos you're the one that's on my mind I'll be right behind, holding you just like Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh You won't be lonely tonight No matt

Dominique Young Unique Throw It Down歌词

12/23 17:56
[Hook] Yeah! There go my boy Fresh! Like the way you workin' Been there? Don't make me throw it down Don't make me throw it down Ddddddd-down Ddddddd-down [?] I got my finger on the trigger Tell when to set it off Just tell when to set it off Just te

THE UNIQUE STAR センチメンタリー歌词

01/23 09:57
歌:THE UNIQUE STAR 作詞:エバタヒロカズ 作曲:エバタヒロカズ 夜風が窓を通り 絶妙なタイミングで 真実の調べを奏でている 夜空の星見上げて 宇宙を想像したら その美しさに寂しくなった 今夜は何だかセンチメンタリー 誰もいない部屋にひとりぼっちで 読みかけの本に手をつけてみたけど 何にも目に入らないや 幾千の星空の下 訳もなく こぼれ落ちる涙 それくらい今は寂しい "YES"と"NO"で創られた世界が今日も回ってる 叫ぶ事さえ許されてないのかな ない

THE UNIQUE STAR バタフライ狂想曲歌词

04/01 23:39
歌:THE UNIQUE STAR 作詞:エバタヒロカズ 作曲:エバタヒロカズ もう8秒がたったら 君は蝶になって 夜の闇へと消えてゆく 夜半過ぎに響き出す 悲しき狂想曲は 誰にも知られず ココロノイズ starlight, distruction 誘われて 冷たい風が吹いたら 鮮やかに空をトブ このままトベたらいつかは 誰も知らない空の向こう 夜の闇に彩られた 君の名前はバタフライ 愛する事さえ忘れて 空をトンだオーケストラ その羽ばたきのエフェクトは いつかは誰かに届くの もう3秒がたったら


06/01 22:45
潮騒の音にそって 白い鳥が夢をみる 春の海 緩やかに 晴れた空に傘さして 確かな想いを繰り返す 消えてゆく 水の音 HELLO HELLO 泣かないで HELLO HELLO ここはもう HELLO HELLO 夢のドア HELLO HELLO ひとつ夢が終わりを迎えて 当たり前のように悲しいね でも 心ココロ 転がってゆくなら また君らしい花が咲くでしょう ありふれた道に沿って 名前も知らない花が咲く 春の風 緩やかに 忘れてきた沢山の 形にならなかった夢は 潮騒に紛れ消えた HELLO HE

A-Teens Floorfiller歌词

09/12 22:56
ti:Floorfiller] Floorfiller Floorfiller Hey Mr. DJ, in case you forgot I came to get down So you better make it hot Cause I can't jump around when I hear groove killers When I'm out sitting down, it's a clear time stealer Give me a track with a phat

Shaggy Luv Me Up歌词

04/23 22:29
[ti:Luv Me] [ar:Eminem ft Obie Trice & 50 Cent] [al:Double] [offset:500] [00:00.18]Niggas, I'm still grinding, (yeah...) [00:02.04]I'm still hearing those sirens, [00:04.39]I'm still getting chased by those lights, [00:06.41]Only the light's mine and

Jessica My Lifestyle歌词

04/11 03:42
My Lifestyle 我爱JESSICA!!! 从床上一跃而起 拉开摇曳的窗帘 迎接晨曦 我要按照我的方式生活 与可爱的狗狗道个早安 泡上一杯咖啡 想听我述说细微差别的唯我小小幸福吗 (My Unique Lifestyle) 不用横跨浩瀚大海 对我来说又是别样旅行 It`s My Style 出发吧 出发吧 出发吧 不论是天涯海角,走 轻装待发开始日常旅行 我的想象可以飞向天南地北 出发吧 享受今天,看 每天都是不一样的心情(Oh Oh Oh My Unique Lifestyle) 这就

Sylvester Levay Wenn ich tanzen will歌词

02/14 02:57
德语歌词翻译:达也 Elisabeth伊丽莎白: Was für ein Triumph! 这是怎样的凯旋啊! Tod死神: Mein Triumph! 我的凯旋! E: Welch ein Fest! 多么美妙的庆祝! T: Mein Fest! 我的庆功! E: Ich hab die Feinde überwunden. 我战胜了敌人. T: So Änderst du den Lauf der Welt in meinem Sinn, so eng sind wir verbunden

Various Artists Careless Whisper歌词

03/19 10:48
[ti:Careless Whisper - Sound-A-Like] [ar:Various Artists] [al:A Tribute To George Michael Vol 1] [offset:0] [00:00.70]Careless Whisper - George Michael [00:42.66]I feel so unsure [00:44.66] [00:47.91]As I take your hand [00:49.53] [00:50.16]and lead

Lene Marlin Maybe I'll Go歌词

03/29 23:26
Maybe I'll Go By Lene Marlin You think youve made it everythings going so fine But then appears someone who wanna Tear you down Wanna rip you off those few nice things youve found When and if you hit the ground. Then its falling kinda hard Cause all

Stevie Hoang I'll Be Fine歌词

02/17 23:06
Stevie Hoang - I'll Be Fine (lyrics by 夕梨@MaxRNB) ~ 歌词来自映云, & yanyin修改 ~ It's better if we don't speak at all, at all, at all It's better if we don't speak at all, at all, at all, at all Now deep down inside (you know) It cuts like a knife But I'm to