The Royal Concept smile歌词

The Royal Concept Radio歌词

03/24 07:42
Radio - The Royal Concept You're like a rebel on a wire You gotta fight them till you're bleeding You're like a voice through the sirens They're gonna miss you when you leave them And I thought he was a loner, stoner Nothing's gonna bring him back An

The Royal Concept D-D-Dance歌词

02/14 03:45
In a room with both of your idols you were always turning around what ya go, what ya get started always had that look in your eyes you would always reach without trying --------- out for love won't you take my chance on the weekends you could always

The Royal Concept Goldrushed歌词

03/19 14:05
Wait, I meant to keep you But I had to live out the dream. Wait, I meant to hide you Safe away from the scene. You, you had me thinking, These times I wish they would last You, you had me guessing, Guessing all along. I know we're kidding this time,

The Royal Concept On Our Way歌词

10/23 14:28
I'll believe when the walls stop turning I'll believe when the storm is through I believe I heard them say David won't you stop writing songs I never wanna shake their hands and stay I never wanna shake their hands and stay Oh no let's go We are youn

The Royal Concept Cabin Down Below歌词

01/29 11:06
Look at her go breaking my heart I'm stuck with Albert, Fab and Bev I'm stroking out I want it all I'll play my part I'll find another but it's her I'll dream about I need it now I wanna fall I wanna scream and shout and raise another war Pick up the

The Royal Concept Gimme Twice歌词

11/01 05:10
I got it all worked out let settle now but then you poke around for a better plan It's not an easy street give it, give it all tonight I'm such a mess right now, such a mess right now You better show me how I'm not the simple kind Its not an easy str

The Royal Concept In the End歌词

02/28 08:24
The Royal Concept - In the End Lyrics Artist: The Royal Concept Album: The Royal Concept (EP) I get all terrified whenever our own worlds collide You've never been around so how come you're all dressed up now? And you look good, you really do, but no

The Royal Concept Knocked Up歌词

06/15 23:03
The Royal Concept - Knocked Up Lyrics Oh no I don't wanna say no but I can't waste it all in a night Oh boy, she's as tuff as they come I never ment to stay the whole night Then she'll get knocked up Lucky shot Someday And I'll get locked up What a l

The Royal Concept Shut the World歌词

05/21 20:01
shut the world - the royal concept start of show tonight they're lighting up the sky no i didn't plan on seeing you walk by oh god i wish you'd stay we're gonna live and die young we're gonna live and die young i'd rather be a ticking bomb than a fad

+44 Make You Smile歌词

06/21 18:14
Plus44(+44)--Make you smile 歌词由Smaphier, :) The last time I saw you, you turned away I couldn\'t see you with the sun shining in my eyes I said \"Hello\" but you kept on walking I\'m going deaf from the sound of the freeway The last time I saw y

原声带 魔法 Smile歌词

05/19 05:37
魔法 Smile Magical Smile (插曲) 唱:183LCUB 曲:Davor Julama/Jennifer Lee Hershman 词:Davor Julama/Jennifer Lee Hershman ★ Vicky8800制作 yeah i know how it feels when i see u smile 轻轻 你靠在我胸膛 Yeh 有一种奇特的力量 不能抵挡 我开始乱了步伐 心还傻傻忘了跳 或许爱就是这样 让我甘心被你融化 或许爱就是这样 让人心甘情愿被你融掉

G-Unit Smile歌词

07/08 19:36
Yeah, this somethin special y'know, somethin epic Lloyd Banks, you know Cause a nigga thuggin don't mean he don't Don't wanna see you smile baby Wooo! I wanna be the reason you smile I wanna be the reason you smi-ile I wanna be the reason you smile A

David Maxim Micic Smile歌词

03/20 18:21
Fear is effortless, fear is blind Crumbs of fear in our smiles Stopped the train of feelings, forgot our hearts Now we use our minds Fear is sadness, fear is endless, it makes our skin peel I give up, the phobia is real I've been trying for too long,

Eternity ∞ You Smile歌词

02/09 10:52
I'm the one that you don't see Who watches you so cautiously The one Who loves you silently I'm always one glance behind I'm on the outskirts of your life But you don't notice me When you smile, smile, smile uh huh And in your eyes I know I don't exi


05/26 15:05
LOVE PSYCHEDELICO/Last Smile ホラ 抱き合える喜びは過ぎ去りし I never look back again 胸の中 腕の中 悲しみは 君とmelt away 夢で会えたって 一人泣いたって 君は change your way 響かない 届かない 曖昧な手のひらで 踊る tango style 僕ならもう 全て溶けだした noon 絵にならない Monday I wish if I could see the light of heaven I dont know

有里知花 When You Smile歌词

12/21 03:20
歌曲:WHEN YOU SMILE 歌手:有里知花 作詞:MAKUAKANE KENNETH A 作曲:MAKUAKANE KENNETH A Touch my heart And feel the warmth inside of me Hold me close Cause you set the fire burning Take a breath And know that love is reaching out to you When you smile A light shines

John Waite When I See You Smile歌词

03/05 20:59
Sometimes I wonder If I'd ever make it through Through this world Without having in you I just wouldn't have a clue Cause sometimes it seems Like this world's closing in on me And there's no way of breaking free And then I see you reach for me Someti

Texas Inner Smile歌词

06/08 07:14
Texas Inner Smile (one, two, three, four) Yeh, yeh Yeh, yeh Yeh, yeh Yeh, yeh Yeh, yeh Yeh, yeh Oh yeh You gave me something Like loving And took me in so soon You took my feelings From nothing Came back at noon Just meet me I'm ready To show myself

The Turtles I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)歌词

12/20 19:58
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands 歌手:The Turtles 歌曲:I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)

Ketchup Lovely Smile歌词

02/05 06:25
That's something I reminded Everytime I make you cry I say I'll die before you Nevermind Just keep your smile I don't mind I don't mind I don't mind When will I die I don't care I don't care I don't care End of life Cause the one day I die the sun wi