nobody dies from A broken

Tanya Tucker Nobody Dies From a Broken Heart歌词

12/19 17:24
Nobody told me It could ever hurt so bad I'm having to learn the hard way Now that you're gone It's hurting me more Than any pain i've ever had And i don't know how i can go on Chorus: Nobody dies from a broken heart Give it time, and your dreams wil

Tyketto Burning Down Inside歌词

04/24 11:07
Play the game of indecision, come what may, she knows it isn't just His voice on the line, one final time she hears thunder Precious lies when she played her part Still she tries, because hope dies hard With broken wings, she can feel the sting like

Andrew Lloyd Webber Love Never Dies歌词

11/02 10:41
Who knows when love begins? Who knows what makes it start? One day it's simply there, alive inside your heart It slips into your thoughts, It infiltrates your soul It takes you by surprise, then siezes full control Try to deny it, and try to protest

Jon Foreman Broken from the Start歌词

05/02 01:37
Jon Foreman - Broken From The Start ★ 卜超 (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh) Life is a gift like fresh cut roses Cut from the branch and brought inside It's a slow contradiction, it's beauty in a vase When our cords are cut that's when we start to die (Oh) Lately d

It Dies Today Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur)歌词

11/13 05:17
From the gutter The diamond seemed far too bright to see, The gleaming eyes always tend to turn away, Just turn away, And every innocent wish, has granted tragedy, And our hands have since been soiled in the blackest of coal Most days I'd sit and wis

Broken Spindles I've Never Been This Afraid歌词

05/05 05:38
I've never been this afraid My love is gone and far away I've never made this mistake before I've given nothing away I've never been this frightened I'm caught in a catch-phrase about love and why to Send it away to see if it stays To prove it's trut

Arash Broken Angel歌词

04/26 12:08
Broken Angel By Yoshiki San I'm so lonely, broken angel I'm so lonely, listen to my heart 伊朗文... I'm so lonely, broken angel I'm so lonely, listen to my heart One n' only, broken angel Come n' save me, before I fall apart 伊朗文... I'm so lonely, broken

Cat Stevens Morning Has Broken歌词

07/14 04:44
Morning Has Broken 晨光乍现 Cat Stevens 卡特·斯蒂文斯 waters(虾米id) 译 morning has broken 晨光乍现 morning has broken 晨光乍现 like the first morning 清晨 仿佛天地初开 blackbird has spoken 早啼的画眉 like the first bird 仿佛刚从神手下飞出 praise for the singing 赞美归于鸟儿的歌唱 praise for the morni

Alexandra Burke Broken Heels歌词

09/01 17:10
Alexandra Burke - Broken Heels @ 活在當下 制作 Hey Hey Hey.... Hey hey hey, Hey hey hey All the ladies tell the fellas we can do what they can do We can do it even better in broken heels I roll my sleeves up Wrap my hair up There's no sign on

Ingram Hill Broken Lover歌词

03/27 20:11
**The lyrics are from the C.D. Insert** I look at her photographs Hiding behind a laugh I stare at her hazy eyes They make for good disguise and I wonder how she dreams Sometimes it seems She's got it figured out What I don't know about Chours I know

Lara Fabian Broken Vow歌词

06/12 11:13
tell me her name i want to know the way she looks and where you go i need to see her face i need to understand why you and i came to an end tell me again i want to hear who broke my faith in all these years who lays with you at night when im here all

Stevens 破碎的生活Broken Life歌词

03/22 19:21
破碎的生活 我低头看见跌落一地的生活 我想不起它们原本的样子 我也不记得它们的形状 我只知道它是红色的 它们一片一片的记录着破碎的记忆 他们被蒸发又被回忆 只有海蓝色的影子在行走 我却早已没有了纯净的身体 这一切的可能和不可能构成了我的生活 我迷失了生活 生活迷失了我 我弯腰把生活一块一块捡起 我却找不到哪一块是属于我自己的 我一块块吃下他们 因为我已经没有了耐心 它们在我的体内把我肢解 它们一点一点把我吞噬 我毫无还手之力 好吧,我的一切由你来决定 这一切的可能和不可能构成了我的生活 我迷失了

種ともこ Broken Wings歌词

08/23 01:25

Nico Touches the Walls Broken Youth歌词

03/21 15:36
「Broken Youth」 アニメ「NARUTOーナルトー疾風伝」ED6 作詞/作曲:光村龍哉 編曲:NICO Touches the Walls/岡野ハジメ 歌手:NICO Touches the Walls イージーな理由 一切許す 若輩 レスキュー隊も呼んでおいた だから プリーズキスミー プリーズキスミー ALNIGHT 右目蓋の傷が痛いんだ アイツ憶えてろ 先手必勝 あれ以来 単細胞なお前は何ら変わっちゃいないんだな 堕天使の魔法か 小悪魔のちゃちなイタズラ つまんなくなっちゃう前に

黄义达 Broken Heart歌词

05/11 11:15
Broken heart 黄义达 Broken heart 留下了broken heart 你带走她 留下了我 伤心的broken heart 破碎的broken heart 请带我走 别留下我 没眼睛 没声音 没了你 没呼吸 时间把美丽变成灰烬 My only love my only angel 一句我爱你 and last forever My only love 远方的你 就算你已离去 我永远爱着你 My only love Broken heart 留下了broken heart 你带

Paramore We Are Broken歌词

08/29 16:08
Paramore - We Are Broken I am outside And I've been waiting for the sun With my wide eyes, I've seen worlds that don't belong My mouth is dry, with words I cannot verbalize Tell me why we live like this Keep me safe inside Your arms like towers tower

Julio Iglesias How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?歌词

01/16 13:08
I can think of younger days when living for my life Was everything a man could want to do I could never see tomorrow But I was never told about the sorrow How can you mend a broken heart? How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop

Four Mod Broken Heart歌词

01/14 14:37
[ti:Broken Heart [ar:Falling Up] [al:Discover the Trees Again: The Best of Falling Up] [00:01.46]Falling Up - Broken Heart [00:08.28] [00:15.65]in this moment synchronized inside, words that paint a legacy of life [00:20.47]a different picture will u

Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 歌词

08/11 12:54
I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone I walk this empty street On the Blvd. of Broken Dreams Where the city sleeps And I'm the only one and I walk alone I walk alone, I

The Veronicas Heavily Broken歌词

01/20 08:25
the veronicas - heavily broken www.xiami.com欢迎您 everyday i sit here waiting everyday just seems so long and now i've had enough of all the hating do we even care, it's so unfair any day it'll all be over everyday there's nothing new and now i just tr