Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen Far Beyond The Sun (Live)歌词

11/03 19:40
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Oujya Ressou – Instrumental Best Album 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Far Beyond The Sun (Live)

Yngwie Malmsteen Arpeggios From Hell歌词

10/31 06:41
(Instrumental) 专辑:Relentless 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Arpeggios From Hell

Yngwie Malmsteen Adagio B Flat Minor Variation歌词

10/07 05:15
[Instrumental] 专辑:Relentless 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Adagio B Flat Minor Variation

Yngwie Malmsteen Bad Blood歌词

08/23 10:11
"One word is spoken, and the silence breaks promises broken, as the heartache seeps in now I'm believing, all the things that i hear oh no more deceiving, cause i see you so clear wounds left to heal coldness I feel like ice through my veins bad bloo

Yngwie Malmsteen Asylum III: Quantum Leap歌词

08/21 20:14
[Instrumental] 专辑:Alchemy 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Asylum III: Quantum Leap

Yngwie Malmsteen Little Savage歌词

08/19 07:26
Instrumental 专辑:Rising Force 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Little Savage

Yngwie Malmsteen Prisoner of Your Love歌词

08/07 00:28
Album:Seventh Sign Title:Prisoner Of Your Love 编者:Clover My heart fell into the palms of your hands this love made me understand I've waited all my life for you thought i'd live and die alone enraptured by the beauty I'm a prisoner of your love ensla

Yngwie Malmsteen Save Our Love歌词

08/06 12:12
[ti:Save Our Love] [ar:Yngwie Malmsteen] [al:Angels Of Love] [00:02.00]Yngwie Malmsteen - Save Our Love [00:07.00] [00:12.00]@ www.50004.com @ [00:17.00] [00:27.12]Once we were one [00:32.42]Now we're worlds apart [00:37.63]Deep inside you know you a

Yngwie Malmsteen Shot Across The Bow歌词

07/21 08:18
[Instrumental] 专辑:Relentless 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Shot Across The Bow

Yngwie Malmsteen Caralina Rampante歌词

07/17 06:27
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Best of Yngwie Malmsteen 1990-1999 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Caralina Rampante

Yngwie Malmsteen Asylum II: Sky Euphoria歌词

06/20 17:01
[Instrumental] 专辑:Alchemy 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Asylum II: Sky Euphoria

Yngwie Malmsteen You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget歌词

06/16 01:47
"It was you, it was me, And we would last forever. Any fool could see, that we were Meant to be Without you, there is no meaning to My life. You're gone and it cuts me like A knife. How could you leave me? You don't remember, I'll never forget You ju

Yngwie Malmsteen Child in Time歌词

05/31 16:29
Sweet child in time you'll see the line The line that's drawn between the good and the bad See the blind man shooting at the world Bullets flying taking toll If you've been bad, Lord I bet you have And you've been hit by flying lead You'd better clos

Yngwie Malmsteen Cross To Bear歌词

05/30 08:05
[Instrumental] 专辑:Relentless 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Cross To Bear

Yngwie Malmsteen Asylum I: Asylum歌词

05/07 07:56
[Instrumental] 专辑:Alchemy 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Asylum I: Asylum

Yngwie Malmsteen As Above, So Below歌词

04/07 22:59
There's a hole in the sky but don't ask me why Because I don't know There is a long way to go Future will show Where the road is leading me I will never die Cause I will fly To the other side I'm trying to fight For what is right But evil spirits pas

Yngwie Malmsteen Another Time歌词

03/30 00:35
Feeling restless Crave for company Never gave me Any room to breathe Intuition Soon made me wise As you ran out of Alibis Took time to draw the line That I can't deny Nothing is plain or black and white You fight like a tired soldier Shielded by woun

Yngwie Malmsteen Blue歌词

03/08 07:46
[Instrumental] 专辑:High Impact 歌手:Yngwie Malmsteen 歌曲:Blue

Yngwie Malmsteen Ocean Sonata歌词

03/01 09:39
[ti:Ocean Sonata] [ar:Yngwie Malmsteen] [al:Angels Of Love] [00:02.00]Yngwie Malmsteen - Ocean Sonata [00:07.00] [00:12.00]@ @ [00:17.00] [00:23.80]Crusade after crusade [00:29.00]Defending the faith and the holy light [00:34.12]I come to your aid [0

Yngwie Malmsteen Red Devil歌词

02/09 01:17
Burning down the avenue Carburetor's breathing Feel the torque push on through Hear the tires screaming Pedal to the metal Drop the clutch and run Now the tires are burning And the racing has begun Hear the engine roar In this mean machine Times stan