Zola Jesus Collapse歌词

12/29 19:47
Collapse - Zola Jesus Drown the stale owning stares All around you, all around you, let them crawl Pull my hair Cause it hurts me, oh it hurts to let you in In the citadel I fall to pieces And it hurts, oh it hurts to let you in In the dawn of my wak

Thievery Corporation This Is Not A Love Song(Nouvelle Vague)歌词

11/16 22:01
Happy to have Not to have not Big business is very wise I'm crossing over into Enterprise I'm adaptable And i like my role I'm getting better and better And I have a new goal I'm changing my ways Where money applies This is not a love song This is no

Thievery Corporation Desert(Emilie Simon)歌词

09/30 08:55
Emilie Simon – Desert 法语版本 Oh mon amour, mon âme-soeur 哦,我的爱,我无法掩饰 Je compte les jours je compte les heures 悄悄在日历上记录,在秒针中等待 Je voudrais te dessiner dans un désert我希望你在荒漠里行走 Le désert de mon coeur 在我内心的那片荒漠 Oh mon amour, ton grain de voix 哦,我的爱,是你银铃般的

Zola Jesus Fall Back歌词

08/14 08:07
In the dark I feel around me In the clouded mess, you surround me. I am not afraid to let go Of all the history that pushed me over. This is my home You are my only one We both become one In my deep, I feel your body. My home In the waking night I ho

Thievery Corporation Shiva (TC Remix)(Thievery Corporation)歌词

06/03 21:16
Ishwar satya hai Satya hi Shiv hai Shiv hi sundar hai Jaago uth kar dekho Ek soorya hai, ek gagan hai, ek hi dharti mata Dayaa karo Prabhu, ek bane sab Dayaa kare Prabhu, ek bane sab Sab ka ek se naata Satyam Shivam sundaram, satyam Shivam sundaram R

Thievery Corporation Who Needs Forever(Astrud Gilberto)歌词

04/12 07:23
Who needs forever Love me today Let's forget tomorrow It's too far away So hold me Don't waste this moment Let's live this moment like it's the last Time goes so fast Love shouldn't linger Love shouldn't wait When fates allow a choice of now or never

Zola Jesus Run Me Out歌词

03/23 15:55
Run Me Out Again Run Me Out Again You know that I'm tired You know that I'm ill But it don't matter 'cos I know that you will Run Me Out Again Run Me Out Again RUN ME OUT Again RUN ME OUT Again RUN ME OUT Again Run Me Out Again 专辑:Versions 歌手:Zola Je