The Noise Trade Loft Sessions Mixtape and More

Rachael Yamagata Devastate Me歌词

08/29 02:39
Hey they say you devastate. And I'm going to back them up. I was warned, wasn't I? Warned, wasn't I about you? Lay so low. Just lay real low, When he wonders off no one will know. I was warned, wasn't I? Warned wasn't I about it? But I don't listen w

Rachael Yamagata Lighthouse歌词

07/27 04:13
Don't flatter yourself, You're just another story to tell. I never did love you beyond the summer anyway. Don't spread it around. I've got other things on my mind. The former each other is long gone, far away. Don't leave me a key at the door. I won'

Rachael Yamagata Line歌词

02/24 07:35
If the moon is making everything go backwards, Does it mean you'll soon be here? If the best years of your life come when you're young, Will my troubles disappear? If we're meant to be, we'll find each other, Back you see with one another. You said t