The Light Meets The Dark

Tenth Avenue North You Are More歌词

12/28 19:35
You Are More There's a girl in the corner With tear stains on her eyes From the places she's wandered And the shame she can't hide She says how did I get here I'm not who I once was And I'm crippled by the fear That I've fallen too far to love But do

Tenth Avenue North Hearts Safe (A Better Way)歌词

10/28 22:04
Heart's Safe (A Better Way) I feel it in your eyes There's pain that covers up these lies Now you may look like me but it seems you're really different on the inside We use to keep our hearts safe We kept them safe and locked away But then we grew up

Tenth Avenue North Healing Begins歌词

08/11 03:31
Healing Begins So you thought you had to keep this up All the work that you do So we think that you're good And you can't believe it's not enough All the walls you built up Are just glass on the outside So let 'em fall down There's freedom waiting in

Tenth Avenue North Any Other Way歌词

06/19 00:46
Any Other Way Well don't say "goodbye," don't say "hello" We're just standing on the surface Don't say "alright," don't say "I know" Well I promise it's not worth it Well I wanna know who you are Even if you're fall

Tenth Avenue North Strong Enough To Save歌词

06/11 13:28
Strong Enough To Save You fought, but you were just too weak So you lost, all the things you tried to keep Now you're on your knees (Now you're on your knees) You're on your knees (You're on your knees) But wait Yeah everything can change In a moment

Tenth Avenue North The Truth Is Who You Are歌词

05/17 04:15
The Truth Is Who You Are It would be easier If You were just a thought in my head Simply something that I once read Believe me, it'd be my defense And it would be easier If You were something I once knew A hope just to hold onto But You are holding o

Tenth Avenue North All The Pretty Things歌词

03/09 01:21
All The Pretty Things We are, we are, we're caught in the in-between Of who we already are and who we're yet to be We're looking for love but finding we're still in need It's only what we have lost will we be allowed to keep And we're waiting but our

Tenth Avenue North House Of Mirrors歌词

01/03 08:59
House Of Mirrors You can't seem to see past your own reflection Caught up in the halls of your introspection And you're staring at your mirror on the wall Asking "who is the fairest of them all?" 'Cause Lord I know, it's not me If only you could