The Cramps

The Cramps I Can't Hardly Stand It歌词

12/24 19:42
Well, the sun's gone down And you're uptown And you're just out runnin' around (--::chorus:::--) I can't hardly stand it You're troublin' me I can't hardly stand It just can't be Well, you don't know, a-babe I love you so You got me all tore up, all

The Cramps Love Me歌词

12/11 06:21
Aahh, uhh, let's go! Press your lips to mine And whisper I love you Gotta have chance that lasts We've got a lot to do Don't hesitate I can't wait Love me You set my soul on fire Every muscle in my body's burning with desire Baby kiss me do Make me k

The Cramps New Kind Of Kick歌词

12/07 21:57
Life is short filled of stuff Don't know what for I ain't had enough I learned all I know By the age of nine But I could better myself If I could only find Some new kind of kick Something I ain't had Some new kind of buzz I wanna go hog mad Lookin' a

The Cramps Fever歌词

11/10 02:34
No one knows how much I love you No one knows how much I care But when you put your arms around me I get a feeling that's hard to bear You give me fever, when you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever in the morning Fever all through the night S

The Cramps Drug Train歌词

11/05 13:04
Hey people, all aboard the drug train! The tracks are new and there is a new town! On the drug train, have a nice day I used to know all the sights til I got onboard the drug train I'm gonna chug it out to get onboard To put one foot up To put anothe

The Cramps Garbage Man歌词

10/21 04:41
you ain't no punk, you punk. you wanna talk about the real junk? if i ever slip, i'll be banned 'cause i'm your garbageman. well you can't dig me you can't dig nothin'. do you want the real thing, or are you just talkin'? do you understand? i'm your

The Cramps Rockin' Bones歌词

10/14 05:36
ROCKIN' BONES (Jack Rhodes - Don Carter - Dub Nalls) RONNIE DAWSON (Rockin' Records #1, 1959) Roll on, rock on, yeah now bop, yeah rock on Well, there's still a lot of rhythm in these rockin' bones I wanna leave a happy memory when I go I wanna leave

The Cramps Goo Goo Muck歌词

09/17 14:31
Oh when the sun goes down and the moon comes up I turn into a teenage goo goo muck Yeah I cruise through the city and I roam the street Looking for something that is nice to eat You better duck, when I show up, the goo goo muck. I'm the night headhun

The Cramps Lonesome Town [*]歌词

08/31 09:42
[Half Paul McCartney-cover] There's a place where lovers go To cry their troubles away And we call it Lonesome Town Where the broken hearts stay You can buy a dream or two To last you all through the years And the only price you pay Is heart full of

The Cramps Strange Love歌词

08/25 12:29
Strange love, cutest thing I ever seen Strange love, cutest thing I ever seen You remind me of somethin' that I have seen in a dream Can I take you out to dinner, some place where we can be alone Can I take you out to dinner, some place where we can

The Cramps Human Fly歌词

08/18 08:49
Well I'm a human fly I spelt F-L-Y I say buzz ,buzz, buzz, and it's just because.. I'm a human fly and I don't know why I got ninety six tears in my ninety six eyes. I got a garbage brain, it's drivin' me insane And I don't like your ride, so push th

The Cramps TV Set歌词

08/08 10:28
Oh baby I see you on my TV set Yeah baby I see you on my TV set I cut your head off and put it in my TV set I use your eyeballs for dials on my TV set I watch TV I watch TV Since I put you in my TV set Oh baby I hear you on my radio Yeah baby I hear

The Cramps Saddle Up a Buzz Buzz歌词

08/04 00:42
Fatima had a fetish for a wiggle in her scoot From her big tall heels on her big bad boots She said, a€½Saddle up a buzz buzz, saddle up a buzz buzz Saddle up a buzz buzz, saddle up a buzz buzza€ Tarzan drove a stingray in a fiberglass jungle Swung

The Cramps What's Inside a Girl?歌词

07/07 11:40
Whoa...there's some things baby I just can't swallow. Mama told me that girls are hollow. Uh-uh...What's inside a girl? Somethin's tellin' me there's a whole nuther world. Ya gotta pointy bra...ten inch waist. Long black stockings all over the place.

The Cramps Surfin' Bird歌词

07/07 04:55
Well, everybody's heard, about the bird Bird bird bird, the bird is the word Bird bird bird, the bird is the word Well, everybody's heard, about the bird Bird bird bird, the bird is the word Everybody's heard, about the bird Bird bird bird, the bird

The Cramps Thee Most Exhalted Potentate of Love歌词

07/02 05:30
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The Cramps Like a Bad Girl Should歌词

05/12 11:10
I love your ass For better or worse I love your nasty way you curse When you sit down It's wild how you sit Grind your heel in the ground ..The groovy way you spit Ooohh you look good Ooohh you smell good Ooohh you taste good Like a bad girl should W

The Cramps Can't Find My Mind歌词

03/22 03:42
I've got a black skin suit Alligator shoes Now I found success And I paid my dues Well everything is fine But I can't find my mind I've got a crystal ball And a divining rod Magnifying glass And a pack of dogs I looked up my sign But I can't find my

The Cramps Voodoo Idol歌词

01/17 08:36
Voodoo Voodoo Voodoo The night came down The sky turned black The jungle drum beat The natives back The Voodoo Idol stepped forward from the crowd Lightning split the sky and thunder shook the ground He had coal black hair And laser eyes His pale whi