The Corrs

The Corrs Long Night歌词

12/25 07:32
It doesn't really matter now you're gone You never were around that much to speak of Didn't think that I could live without you, baby It couldn't be that hard to live alone But now I'm all, all alone again Thinking you will never say that you'll be h

The Corrs Old Town歌词

11/27 23:06
The girl's a fool, she broke the rules, she hurt him hard This time he will break down She's lost his trust and so she must know all is lost The system has broke down Romance has broke down This boy is cracking up This boy has broken down This boy is

The Corrs Hideaway歌词

11/15 11:00
It's time to change, throw out the books and start again Break all the rules, fall on your face, don't be ashamed You can't waste more time, 'cause you've been gone for far too long Trapped in his arms, safe without harm Follow your heart, don't be a

The Corrs All in a Day歌词

11/10 07:26
The Corrs - All In A Day Artist: The Corrs Album: Unknown Title: All In A Day All in a day She saw the face in the mirror lie To her dismay she saw the child that was in her die And she cried overnight 'Cos what she sees she doesn't like I'm twisting

The Corrs Little Wing歌词

10/26 18:28
Now she's walking through the clouds With a circus mind That's running wild Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and fairytales All she ever thinks about is riding with the wind When I'm sad she comes to me With a thousand smiles She gives to me, fre

The Corrs Summer Wine歌词

09/26 19:35
summer wine 歌手:the corrs 专辑:live in dublin Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring.... My summer wine is really made from all these things I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to and sang a song that I had sang just for a few Sh

The Corrs Give Me a Reason歌词

09/20 19:23
CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS Artist: The Corrs Album: Unknown Title: Give Me A Reson Give me a reason It's not romantic here in blue Swimming, swimming in blue You left me lonely and confused Question, questioning you So soon goodbye you stole m

The Corrs Even If歌词

09/14 05:04
For what it's worth I think there's nobody like you You've got grace got a heart beating and despite you're fun As I grew up I was terrified of darkness Now you'e around I've no reason to be frightened 'Cause even if the sun came tumbling down you li

The Corrs Haste to the Wedding歌词

08/28 16:41
Instrumental 专辑:Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection 歌手:The Corrs 歌曲:Haste to the Wedding

The Corrs Black Is the Colour歌词

08/06 13:04
black is the colour of my true loves hair his lips are like some roses fair he has the sweetest smile and the gentlest hands and i love the ground whereon he stands i love my love and well he knows i love the ground whereon he goes i wish that day wo

The Corrs Queen of Hollywood歌词

08/01 08:32
She drove a long way through the night From an urban neighborhood She left her mother in a fight For a dream misunderstood And her friends they talk on corners They could never comprehend But there was always something different In the way she held a

The Corrs Summer Sunshine歌词

07/31 18:27
Everyone's changing, I stay the same I'm... a solo cello outside a chor-us I've got a secret It's time for me to tell that you've been keeping me warm Just sweet beginnings and bitter en-dings In coffee city, we borrowed hea-ven Don't give it back, I

The Corrs Silver Strand歌词

07/17 04:42
[Instrumental] 专辑:Borrowed Heaven 歌手:The Corrs 歌曲:Silver Strand

The Corrs Radio歌词

07/15 02:21
Radio It's late at night And I'm feeling down There're couples standing in the streets sharing summer kisses and silly sounds So I step inside Pour a glass of wine With a full glass and an empty heart I search for something to occupy my mind 'Cause y

The Corrs Heart Like A Wheel歌词

07/14 21:53
Heart like a Wheel The Corrs 编辑:飘着~ Some say the heart is just like a wheel When you bend it you can't mend it And my love for you is like a sinking ship And my heart is on that ship out on mid-ocean They say that death is a tragedy Comes once then i

The Corrs Spancill Hill歌词

06/24 04:54
[ti:spancill hill] [ar:the corrs] the corrs - spancill hill last night as i lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by, my mind being bent on rambling, to ireland i did fly, i stepped on board a vision and followed with a will till next i came to anchor a

The Corrs What Can I Do [Tin Tin Out Remix]歌词

04/19 13:42
I haven't slept at all in days It's been so long since we've talked And I have been here many times I just don't know what I'm doing wrong What can I do to make you love me What can I do to make you care What can I say to make you feel this What can

The Corrs Erin Shore歌词

03/15 05:15
[00:33.24]Now she's walking through the clouds [00:40.66]With a circus mind [00:44.13]That's running wild [00:48.78]Butterflies and zebras [00:50.97]And moonbeams and fairytales [00:55.79]All she ever thinks about is riding with the wind [01:06.16]Wh

The Corrs At Your Side歌词

03/05 03:41
The Corrs - At Your Side CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS Artist: The Corrs Album: Unknown Title: At Your Side When the daylight's gone And you're on your own And you need a friend Just to be around I'll comfort you I will take your hand And I'll pu

The Corrs Toss the Feathers歌词

02/05 08:58
Corrs Forgiven Not Forgotten Toss The Feathers Instrumental 专辑:Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection 歌手:The Corrs 歌曲:Toss the Feathers