The Black Keys

The Black Keys Nova Baby歌词

12/14 23:28
You walk around in other towns I've seen you out, just hangin' 'round It's what you chose and I suppose You'll need me one day, need me one day You throw away every other dream Taking nova baby to the dollar machine That party dress is such a mess Yo

The Black Keys Hurt Like Mine歌词

12/04 02:38
How you hurt me, oh how you cause me pain Well hurt like mine you could never never understand Never understand I remember the tears were in my eyes River town is burning, the clouds they roll on by, roll on by She said I’m alright if you’re hang

The Black Keys Too Afraid to Love You歌词

11/25 14:39
My gears they grind More each day And I feel like They're gonna grind away And the city blocks They drive me wild They're never ending Mile after mile I just don't know what to do I'm too afraid to love you It's heaven on earth In her embrace Her gen

The Black Keys Have Love Will Travel歌词

11/21 00:59
If you need lovin', oh baby I travel. I travel from maine down to mexico To find that girl that loves me so No matter where I'll be I'll find that girl and she satisfy me Have love, will travel. X2 If you need lovin, oh baby I travel If you need lovi

The Black Keys Next Girl (Live)歌词

11/08 21:19
Well, the look of the cake, it ain't, it ain't always the taste My ex girl, she had such a beautiful face I wanted love, but not for myself But for the girl, so she could, so she could love herself Oh my next girl will be nothing like my ex girl I ma

The Black Keys Hard Row歌词

10/15 15:12
If you wanna go and leave your man Go on, I'll understand But then the night gets dark, all is still Pray for me, I know you will Hard row to hoe all by yourself You hit the city, it swallow you whole Y'got no friends darlin', t'satisfy your soul And

The Black Keys I'm Not the One歌词

10/07 04:25
 I've been tried And I've been tested I was born tired I never got arrested Harder than Marble Stone I'm better off Better off left alone Cause I'm not the one No, I'm not the one You wanted it all But I give you Give you none I'm not the one Well l

The Black Keys Next Girl歌词

08/31 07:27
Well, the look of the cake, it ain't It ain't always the taste My ex girl, she had such a Such a beautiful face I wanted love But not for myself But for the girl, so she could So she could love herself Oh, my next girl Will be nothing like my ex girl

The Black Keys Countdown歌词

08/07 13:18
Well it's one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine, countdown Count down the times I tried to make you mine, cryin' eyes Count down the times I tried to, tried to make you mine Well my heart goes out to you in your time of need But you cause me p

The Black Keys Money Maker歌词

08/05 02:19
Oh, she wants milk and honey Oh, she wants filthy money But oh, that's not the way it goes I wanna buy some time but don't have a dime Hey my my she's a money maker Hey my my she's gonna take ya Way down down she's bound to break ya Hey may she's a m

The Black Keys I'll Be Your Man歌词

07/28 12:04
Need a new love - I'm ready Want my time - I'm wheelin' yeah Cus I'm the one who's gonna show when there's nobody I'll be your man - Yeah I'll be your man Times gets tough, oh they get tougher Hold on to me - I got you darling Cus I'm the one who's g

The Black Keys Weight Of Love歌词

07/21 10:07
I used to think Darling, you never did nothing But you were always up to something, Always at a run in yeah I gotta think Those days are coming to get you, Nobody wanna protect you, They only wanna forget you. [Chorus:] You'll be on my mind Don't giv

The Black Keys Girl Is on My Mind歌词

07/13 18:04
girl is on my mind... try ignore, try to unwind, but she is on my mind eyes are in my eyes... where I've been, how time flies, when she is in my eyes see her standing there... she's gentle now, and takes great care see her standing there hold me clos

The Black Keys Gotta Get Away歌词

07/08 15:29
[Verse 1] I got paid when I was on the road In a heartbeat, Mama said Mama said You got a one track mind, but you ain't gonna get all the time She wasn't lyin' [Chorus] I went from San Berdoo to Kalamazoo Just to get away from you I searched far and

The Black Keys Sinister Kid歌词

06/30 20:13
Sinister Kid lyrics Songwriters: Patrick Carney;Daniel Auerbach Well, the crooks are out And the streets are gray You know I wouldn't have it Any other way, yeah Your mother's words They're, they're ringing still But your mother Don't pay our bills,

The Black Keys Dead and Gone歌词

04/12 14:39
Nah nah, nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah Nah nah, nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah [Whoa oh oh] Alone Why'd you wait him so long? After every single word is said I'm feeling dead and gone Along Don't you drag me along If you do, you know I'll follow you U

The Black Keys Stop Stop歌词

02/25 08:44
You're wound up like a weapon You've got an evil streak They told me to stay away But I was much too weak Yea you gotta stop, stop can't you hear me call And singing gotta stop, stop it girl Yea you gotta stop, stop can't you see me fall And singing

The Black Keys 10 Lovers歌词

01/20 00:59
When I hear them use your name I get all choked up inside It's not only from the shame It's like 10 different lovers died Except you're still just a mile away But there's nothing left to say Don't leave us not in love again Cause we might break inste

The Black Keys Run Right Back歌词

01/14 19:39
Before she hits the ground She's gonna want to explode Better step aside Better run and hide She holds it all under hood That pretty hair of hers oh Screaming out In an electric shout She's the worst thing I've been addicted to I still run right back

The Black Keys Your Touch歌词

01/03 16:50
hey and i want and you got so much crazy for your touch your touch your touch your touch and i'll be good like i should waiting and such misery i need your touch your touch your touch your touch a little naughty naw i got a saw to naw please rush i n