The Automatic Process

Home Video I Can Make You Feel It歌词

09/20 10:18
She said she doesn’t like it here, left everything back home She was lost and bitter, broken and alone She said she drinks too much, to make the nights go by She was barely conscious, breathing through a straw She held my hand and kissed my lips Sh

Home Video Every Love That Ever Was歌词

04/02 12:49
i think of bad things i hope you'll never see broken wilderness and desperate men but everything i sing you know it's only fear 'cause if you call out i'm always here look up now across a darkened sky you'll see the ash of every love that ever was ha

Home Video Business Transaction歌词

03/07 08:06
If I told you how I feel If I told you, you would run away Everybody wants to be loved Just not by anybody who does You take what you need I'll take what I need Business transaction You're pretending to really be alive But the truth is you're scared