Tamia Love Me in a Special Way歌词

12/29 08:39
"(Intro) Mmm yeah Tell me that you like it Oh yeah, yeah (Woo, let's see if you remember this one) Do I?! Oh, now I have to go there Oohh Mmm yeah Let me show you just how much I know this record You knew you had me With your sensuous charm You looke

Tamia Stranger in My House歌词

12/06 23:39
i dont understand you look just like the man in the picture by our bed the suspence is pounding and clouding up my head im checkin your clothes and you wear the same size shoe you sleep in his spot and youre driving his car but i dont know just who y

Tamia Never Gonna Let You Go歌词

12/02 06:11
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:15.86]I was as wrong as I could be to let you get away from me [00:23.02]I'll regret that move for as long as I'm living [00:28.04]But now that I've come to see the light [00:33.71]All I wanna do is make things right [00:37.62]S

Tamia This Time It's Love歌词

11/20 13:00
I built a wall out of this heart of mine Never letting no one in Didn't think I'd need a friend Until now, feeling this way won't do I'm ready to give all of me The question that I have of you Will he say the things he needs to say? Or touch me in a

Tamia Please Protect My Heart歌词

11/12 07:40
Baby you should know that, I've been afraid to try. I'm healing from some things and My tears are pale and dry. I said "I'm through with love" You made it all a lie. You turned my never ever Into one more time [Chorus:] If I happen to fall (I fe

Tamia Mr. Cool歌词

07/17 05:49
(Tamia) Here we are right now, my baby. Saw you standin' in the crowd, just waitin', For me to call you out, and take this, to another level... baby. I feel it comin' on, I'm anxious, It's really catchin' on, contagious. Our eyes are having conversat

Tamia Falling for You歌词

07/16 14:03
Could I be falling for you Is this a fantasy come true Is this a dream that I've waited for Am I the one that you adore Chorus: Whoa, whoa I think I'm falling for you Whoa, whoa, whoa What am I supposed to do 'Cause you make me feel Like I'm falling

Tamia Smile歌词

06/30 12:36
Sometimes I sit at home and wonder how it'd be If he had loved me Truly loved me yes I learned a while ago that kind of thing Never happens for me And so I go around And just pretend Love is not for me I play the circus clown around my friends Make t

Tamia Love I’m Yours歌词

06/16 11:56
[ti:Love I'm Yours] [ar:Tamia] [al:Beautiful Surprise] [ly:] [mu:] [ma:] [pu:] [by:ttpod] [total:328698] [offset:0] [00:00.658]Love I'm Yours - Tamia [00:02.717] [00:28.367]I'm hiding deep in my shadow [00:32.774]Hoping that love won't look for me h

Tamia Lose My Mind歌词

06/09 13:26
Is it morning already? Damn I was just getting used to have you by my side. (dont go) Im having trouble getting passed the part when I had to tell you good bye. I know you got a job to do and I understand that you gotta go But I dont ever get to slee

Tamia On My Way歌词

06/04 00:59
feat. Red Cafe Aaaa, hey baby, where are you going baby? Hey, want to give me a ride, got get to where I'm going real fast, Ain't got no time to waste, thing here, I'm not about to stay here, There are children on street, with no food to eat, I see t

Tamia Beautiful Surprise歌词

05/24 07:32
For the first time in my life I just might be tongue tied For me to wake up with you kissing me Saying you've been missing me What a Beautiful Surprise Cause I wasn't expecting too late tonight, no And I didn't hear you come inside But there's nothin

Tamia Almost歌词

05/17 19:33
[Verse 1] Can you tell me How can one miss what she's never had How could I reminisce when there is no past How could I have memories of being happy with you boy Could someone tell me how can this be How could my mind pull up incidents Recall dates a

Tamia Me歌词

05/17 04:10
Love was the former owner But quiet it renting our house It ceases my lips from speaking But forms a sarcastic smile Suspense now raised one of your eyebrows You asked me if there's someone else I replied yes hell yes You asked if it's another man I

Tamia Can't Get Enough歌词

05/12 15:41
Tamia Can't Get Enough I know you don't usually hear me talk like this but i got a little game that I wanna play Are you ready? When I think about You I Think About Giving Myself To You Cause You Know I Want You Baby and I Would Do Anything I Know Yo

Tamia Careless Whisper歌词

05/08 05:08
I feel so unsure As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor As the music dies, Something in your eyes, Calls to mind a silver screen And all it's sad good-bye I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm Though it's easy to pre

Tamia Show Me Love歌词

03/20 22:19
(Chorus) When I'm down You show me love When times get rough You show me love When I can't go on You show me love again Over and over again When I had no one to call my own So brokenhearted and all alone You were there to comfort me You're my everyth

Tamia Loving You Still歌词

03/20 09:47
Fell in love Had everything That I wanted What a life for me Now a thing don't mean a thing Since we've parted Meant the world to me And though my heart's still beating When will I breathe again? And when will someone wake me from This awful dream I'

Tamia You Put a Move on My Heart歌词

01/23 16:21
Baby I just want you to understand Just exactly how you make me feel Ooo, oo yeah I want to feel you next to me, oooo Time after time, when I'm feelin' low Something inside of me, lets me know It's alright, love's on my side When the world, seems a l

Tamia Love and I歌词

01/18 14:04
Love has not been That great of a friend to me, lately. Over and over, again and again Love has proved that she is my enemy, my enemy. Repeating thoughts Of the pain that it's caused. And the tears that I've cried is probably why... Love and I are br