Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion Open Your Eyes歌词

12/10 21:12
Open Your Eyes Tell me what I could have said or done to hold you back? All the love I gave was not enough... forever I'll walk alone. My body froze as I saw you fall (falling down). One single step saw you give your heart to the Earth, down below. O

Stream of Passion In The End歌词

11/25 13:10
The war fell upon us when we least expected, our world's coming to an end. I look out the dorr and see the city burning, our memories wrapped in flames. But in the end it's just you and me, in the end it's just you I see. When the pain grows stronger

Stream of Passion Out in the Real World歌词

10/24 00:26
I've hidden wishes for so long, buried deep inside, keeping them secret from a world that'll never realize the way I dream Puedo ver esos ríos de luz escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía Out in the real world you are waiting to take my hand, I'll be

Stream of Passion When You Hurt Me The Most歌词

09/03 09:06
The air was cold the night I fled, your eyes were more than I could take; I ran so fast, I ran like hell, and still wasn't able to escape... The picture's still fixed in my head: the stage was all set at my request; you took the role, you played it w

Stream of Passion The Art Of Loss歌词

03/25 16:38
Take a long hard look Into my rear view mirror At the darkened path That left me broken and blind I'll never know where it went wrong So I won't try again I'll surrender to the simple thought Of losing everything She's the voice I hear When slipping

Stream of Passion Embrace the Storm歌词

03/23 12:04
A storm is raging around us, we feel its majesty. The clouds are moving forward unraveling my hidden thoughts. Embrace the storm. The storm is blinding our vision as it travels through the fields. Embrace the storm. Now I know we will never behold th

Stream of Passion Run Away歌词

03/21 06:44
You were a light, a stroke of hope amongst the dark; You were the chance for me to open up my heart. Yet I saw you fly away from me and I didn't know how to keep you back. So close, so near, my every thought was filled with you; Can't take the risk o

Stream of Passion Collide歌词

01/09 09:10
Oh my love, I think I've been led astray; led to walk down an empty street where all secrets can be heard. Like a rush of icy wind down my spine, piercing eyes will cut through all reason and dig into my mind. We can't stay, we're in danger; they'll