Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Skeletons歌词

10/29 18:47
[ti:Skeleton] [ar:Sparks The Rescue] [al:Eyes To The Sun] [00:02.00]Sparks The Rescue - Skeleton [00:04.00] [00:10.53]The things that you gave me, the bracelets I wore [00:13.96]Left a scar on my wrist, and my arms are still sore [00:16.85]From rippi

Stevie Wonder Sugar歌词

10/26 23:58
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:00.00]SYSTEM OF A DOWN [00:00.50]SUGAR [00:01.48]The kombucha mushroom people, [00:04.83]Sitting around all day, [00:08.77]Who can believe you, [00:10.81]Who can believe you, [00:12.40]Let your mother pray, (sugar) [00:24.96]...

Stevie Wonder Master Blaster (Jammin')歌词

10/23 03:38
[ti:Master Blaster] [ar:土屋アンナ×菅野よう子] [al:UNCHAINED GIRL] [00:00.00]Master Blaster [00:02.06]作詞:ティム?ジェンセン [00:04.72]作曲:菅野よう子 [00:07.51]編曲:菅野よう子 [00:10.39]歌:土屋アンナ×菅野よう子 [00:13.27] [00:27.01]battle cry [00:28.35]this hunger [00:29.80]got heaven under fi

Stevie Wonder As If You Read My Mind歌词

10/18 07:16
Close your eyes 'til the morning Close your eyes 'til the early dew Get inside what you've been missing Are the very first words that I heard coming from you Take a chance on the secret That you hide for beneath your dreams Use your wildest imaginati

Stevie Wonder A Place in the Sun歌词

09/19 03:13
Stevie Wonder - A place in the sun陽光普照的大地 Like a long lonely stream 像一條漫長而寂寞的溪流 I keep running towards a dream 我一直追尋著一個夢想 Moving on, moving on 不斷的前進........ Like a branch on a tree 像樹上的枝椏 I keep reaching to be free 我不停的尋找自由 Moving on, moving on 不斷的前進

Stevie Wonder Boogie on Reggae Woman歌词

07/31 04:43
I like to see you boogie Right across the floor I like to do it to you Till you holla for more I like to reggae But you dance too fast for me I'd like to make love to you So you can make me scream So boogie on reggae woman What is wrong with me? Boog

Stevie Wonder Do I Do歌词

07/28 07:58
[ti:Do I Do] [ar:JAY'ED] [al:Everybody] [00:01.88]「Do I Do」 [00:04.88]作詞∶STEVIE WONDER [00:07.88]作曲∶STEVIE WONDER [00:10.88]歌∶JAY'ED [00:15.88] [00:17.88]When I see you on the street [00:22.74]My whole body gets weak [00:27.08]When you're standing in

Stevie Wonder Cold Chill歌词

07/21 17:45
Feelin young and full of fun Hangin out with my crew Hot to trot and about to pop Tryin to find some girl to get into There she was fine as can be Hair braided down to her knees She took me home, she turned me out But before sunrise she said I must l

Stevie Wonder Summer Soft歌词

07/21 14:20
Summer soft... Wakes you up with a kiss to start the morning off In the midst of herself playing Santa Claus She brings gifts through her breeze Morning rain... Gently plays her rythms on your window pane Giving you no clue of when she plans to chang

Stevie Wonder Another Star歌词

07/09 17:10
La la la la la la lala la La la la la la la lala la La la la la la la lala la La la la la la la lala la For you there might be another star But through my eyes the light of you it's all I see For you there might be another song But all my heart can h

Stevie Wonder La La La La La [On Drums]歌词

07/07 00:25
Seems the wisdom of man hasn't got much wiser Than the very beginning of our time Agree or war has been our way of compromising Let live and love has become our biggest lie Seems to me that fools are even more foolish Thinking of themselves and nobod

Stevie Wonder Tuesday Heartbreak歌词

06/12 00:57
Tuesday heartbreak seem to be unfair, Cause you say that you found another man, Tuesday break heart, guess you just don't care, Cause you found you another man. I want to be with you when you're all alone, I want to be with you when you feel you got

Stevie Wonder Pastime Paradise歌词

06/06 08:39
Stevie Wonder Pastime paradise Edit by j7_summer They抳e been spending most their lives Living in a pastime paradise They've been spending most their lives Living in a pastime paradise They've been wasting most their time Glorifying days long gone beh

Stevie Wonder I Was Made to Love Her歌词

05/08 09:02
I was born in Lil' Rock, Had a childhood sweetheart, We were always hand in hand. I was high-top shoes and shirt tails, Suzy was in pig tails, I know I loved her even then. You know my papa disapproved it, My mama boohooed it, But I told them time an

Stevie Wonder If It's Magic歌词

04/28 09:03
If it's magic Then why can't it be everlasting Like the sun that always shines Like the poets in this rhyme Like the galaxies in time If it's pleasing Then why can't it be never leaving Like the day that never fails Like on seashores there are shells

Stevie Wonder Sensuous Whisper歌词

03/27 09:48
I've seen you, I saw you, I see you without little notice, if any at all Of you knowing me watchin you You walking, you talking, you smiling You styling in everything your body wears And that's not just a point of view They're painting, they're ranti

Stevie Wonder Fingertips, Part 2歌词

02/28 15:16
[ti:Fingertips Part 2] [ar:Stevie Wonder] [al:The Motown Story, Vol. 1: The ] [offset:0] [00:00.79]Everybody say yeah [00:04.90]Say yeah [00:05.96] [00:08.39]Say yeah [00:09.21] [00:10.27]Yeah Yeah [00:12.64] [00:27.95]Just a little bit of sou-ou-ou-

Stevie Wonder So What the Fuss歌词

02/27 09:16
If I'm caught at a dance party Without my dancin' shoes And everybody dances on my bare feet Shame on me If I'm mindin' my business Just doin the right thing And you try to front me off in the street Shame on you If a family's waiting for that Specia

Stevie Wonder Maybe Your Baby歌词

02/04 21:32
Do you know how I feel? Can you feel it? I'm talking to you... I'm feelin down, with some kind of lovin' Cause my baby done left me here Heart is blazin' like a five alarm fire And I don't even give a care I feel like the world has turned on me My dr

Stevie Wonder Gotta Have You歌词

02/01 18:36
Never been too much for watching Cause there's too many things to view And when eyes begin to wander They more than likely never get through But beyond my own temptation I'm enticed by what I see And I won't feel satisfaction Until she's where I want