Splendor in the Grass

Pink Martini Ninna Nanna (Reprise)歌词

12/02 10:44
Ninna Nanna哄你入睡-Mariangela Ninna nanna ninnaò questo amore a chi lo do我唱催眠曲,这个爱我该给谁 Lo do a te finché vivrò solo te io amerò只要我活着,我就把它给你,我只爱着你 Ninna nanna ninnaò questo amore a chi lo do我唱催眠曲,这个爱我该给谁 Lo do a te finché vivrò e a nessun altro lo darò 只

Pink Martini Sunday Table歌词

10/20 17:54
Sunday Table - Pink Martini She is walking quickly Like there's some place she must be In her eyes, there's no one There is no one she needs He sits with his paper At a Sunday table Just another morning She steps into his gaze He looks at her She loo

Pink Martini Over The Valley歌词

08/30 06:59
Over The Valley - Pink Martini Over the valley I saw a silver cloud With a pink lining I said it right out loud There's no denying You are my one and only love And we'll see over the valley The moon rise above Over the valley This house among the tre

Pink Martini But Now I'm Back歌词

08/02 07:56
My dear Maria I'm here to see ya Won't you please, please open the door I brought ya flowers Been waitin' hours Can't stand it anymore So here's what happened While you were nappin' I just went out for a snack I was feelin' famished And then I vanish

Pink Martini Sing歌词

05/05 09:38
Sing Sing a song Sing out loud Sing out strong Sing of good things, not bad Sing of happy, not sad Sing Sing a song Make it simple To last your whole life long Don't worry that it's not good enough For anyone else to hear Just sing Sing a song Canta

Pink Martini Splendor In The Grass歌词

05/01 05:47
Splendor in The Grass - Pink Martini I can see you're thinking baby I've been thinking too about the way we used to be and how to star a new Maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer maybe I've got it wrong but i'm going where the grass is green if you like to co

Pink Martini Bitty Boppy Betty歌词

04/04 20:52
Bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty booboo, On weekends she's your honey, then comes Monday, and that'll be sir to you. Bitty boppy Betty, better known as Billy, he's the up and coming local DA A fearless crime fighter, political

Pink Martini Piensa En Mi歌词

04/01 08:09
 Si tienes un hondo penar, piensa en mi Si tienes ganas de llorar, piensa en mi Ya ves que venero tu imagen divina Tu parvula boca, que siendo tan nina Me enseno a pecar Piensa en mi cuando sufras, Cuando llores, tambien piensa en mi, Quando quièras

Pink Martini Ninna Nanna歌词

03/17 01:26
Ninna nanna marinare 'Ngopp a varca, miezo o mare Lo te parl e nun respunn Te si perze miez o suonn Te vurria magna' de vas Ma ho paura e te sceta' Cosi' guarde da luntane Co'stu core innammurat Quann aggia' spetta D'averti questa sera Co' sta luna c

Pink Martini And Then You're Gone歌词

01/18 16:16
My dear Lorenzo you take my hand And understand the tears that I have cried We light the candles and pour the wine And laugh as if you'll never leave my side You take me in your arms and tell me That I'll always be the only one And then you're gone Y

Pink Martini Où Est Ma Tête?歌词

01/06 14:19
J'ai perdu ma tête Dans la rue Saint Honoré J'ai cherché ça et là Je ne l'ai pas trouvée Dis-moi où est ma tête J'ai perdu mes bras Sur la Place de l'Opéra Je ne les ai pas trouvés J'ai cherché ça et là Dis-moi où sont mes bras Depuis que je t'ai per