Songs the Lord Taught Us

The Cramps Fever歌词

11/10 02:34
No one knows how much I love you No one knows how much I care But when you put your arms around me I get a feeling that's hard to bear You give me fever, when you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight Fever in the morning Fever all through the night S

The Cramps Garbage Man歌词

10/21 04:41
you ain't no punk, you punk. you wanna talk about the real junk? if i ever slip, i'll be banned 'cause i'm your garbageman. well you can't dig me you can't dig nothin'. do you want the real thing, or are you just talkin'? do you understand? i'm your

The Cramps TV Set歌词

08/08 10:28
Oh baby I see you on my TV set Yeah baby I see you on my TV set I cut your head off and put it in my TV set I use your eyeballs for dials on my TV set I watch TV I watch TV Since I put you in my TV set Oh baby I hear you on my radio Yeah baby I hear