Songs of Colored Love

Winterplay Songs Of Colored Love歌词

12/24 23:31
songs of colored love winterplay It was in Burma, June of 1960 so it was Dimmed light tavern, the smoke from teak wood making its way to us As you walked away, leaving trails of questions in my mind no answers found The music from sandaya, whispering

Winterplay Happy Bubble歌词

12/24 19:37
Happy Bubble - Winterplay Happy play day Running on the white sand Water passing through my sunbake toes Like a bubble Big wet bubble Wanna start a new trandem feel like this 1,2,3,4 , Bubble Bubble Sweet Love Sweet Dream, Bubble Bubble Love me, in a

Winterplay Hot Sauce歌词

10/22 00:29
Driving through my life insane Working like a dirty rag Hot sauce that's what I need Saving up to buy a house Understatement of the year Hot sauce splash it on me Giving , spending , tired of having nothing for me Big holes , in my life , now , that

Winterplay Cannot Forget歌词

09/06 04:13
못 잊어 못 잊어 못 잊을 사람이라면 언제까지 당신 곁에 나를 버리고 살 것을 못 잊어 못 잊어 못 잊을 슬픔이라면 사랑하는 당신 품에 돌아가서 안길 것을 낙엽진 가을의 눈물 눈에 덮인 긴 겨울밤 못 잊어 못 잊어 당신을 못 잊어 못 잊어 못 잊어 못 잊을 슬픔이라면 사랑하는 당신 품에 돌아가서 안길 것을 낙엽진 가을의 눈물 눈에 덮인 긴 겨울밤 못 잊어 못 잊어 당신을 못 잊어,, 专辑:Songs of Colored Love 歌手:Winter

Winterplay Quando, Quando, Quando歌词

05/20 13:53
Tell me when will you be mine 告诉我你什么时候会属于我 Tell me quando quando quando 告诉我什么时候.什么时候.什么时候 We can share a love divine 让我们之间有神圣的爱 Please don't make me wait again 请不要再让我等待 When will you say yes to me 你什么时候会对我说我愿意 Tell me quando quando quando 告诉我什么时候.什么时

Winterplay I Need To Be In Love歌词

05/16 08:14
The hardest thing I've ever done Is keep believing there's someone in this crazy world for me The way that people come and go thru temporary lives My chance could come and I might never know I used to say "No promises, let's keep it simple" But

Winterplay Melon Man歌词

03/07 06:09
melon man Melon man, Time isn't done ahead Melon man, Reach for your dreams today Don't wait for advice No need to be fooled Magic is unfair Turn around and take it Melon man Don't be so shamed, Don't laugh Melon man, Wise open take control Now is th

Winterplay Moon Over Bourbon Street歌词

02/12 07:01
There's a moon over Bourbon Street tonight I see faces as they pass beneath the pale lamplight I've no choice but to follow that call the bright lights, the people, and the moon and all I pray everyday to be strong for I know what I do must be wrong

Winterplay You're In My Heart歌词

01/16 22:04
I didn't know what day it was When you walked into the room I said hello unnoticed You said goodbye too soon Breezing through the clientele Spinning yarns that were so lyrical I really must confess right here The attraction was purely physical I took