Sea Sew

Lisa Hannigan Lille歌词

12/14 16:14
He went to sea for the day 那一天他去到了海边 He wanted to know what to say 不知以后该怎么回答 When he's asked what he'd done 当问起他做错了什么 in the past to someone 在那记忆犹新的过去 that he loves endlessly 对那无尽深爱的某人 Now she's gone, so is he 以至于如今分道扬镳 I went to war every morning 每天

Lisa Hannigan Sea Song歌词

12/05 21:36
there's one man, he's like the wishful thinking in my life, i see so and he's like the wine on the weekend... and though he is like the sea and it's right he be so if i hold tight he'll wash over me... there's one girl I like she's a smile on a monda

Lisa Hannigan Teeth歌词

09/22 21:52
Lisa Hannigan - Teeth lrc:卜超 Waking up today it was cold out there's something I should say but I can't get my head around the bends in your brain and your elaborate pain makes me tired as an old balloon I hold my breath like a penance paid too soon

Lisa Hannigan Courting Blues歌词

09/21 00:33
Green are your eyes In the morning, when you rise Don't you be afraid to lie By me, my love Your father will not know Love can be broken Though no words are spoken Don't you be afraid to lie By me, my love Your father will not know Love, don't cry I`

Lisa Hannigan Pistachio歌词

08/18 15:09
Sit down and fire away. I know it's tricky when you're feeling low. When you feel like your flavour has gone the way of a pre-shelled pistachio. I know you're weighed down and fed up with your heavy boots laced with melancholy notions all your own. I

Lisa Hannigan Splishy Splashy歌词

06/20 23:35
Lisa Hannigan - Splishy Splashy lrc:卜超 Surface slowly at your own speed waiting for some sky. We're all laughing, we're all faking just to see you smile. She waits her turn she waits her time, And all her love it sings it shines Have your coffee, spl

Lisa Hannigan Venn Diagram歌词

06/03 13:37
Lisa Hannigan - Venn Diagram lrc:卜超 I have lost you to sleep again. sleeping as we do on opposite sides of a venn diagram I read the time in shadows on the wall the shards of light through the slats on your window ah ha ha ha! I ease myself from unde

Lisa Hannigan I Don't Know歌词

04/16 07:26
Lisa Hannigan - I Don't Know lrc:卜超 I don't know what you smoke or what countries you've been to if you speak any other languages other than your own but I'd like to meet you I don't know if you drive if you love the ground beneath you I don't know i

Lisa Hannigan An Ocean and a Rock歌词

02/08 04:12
Lisa Hannigan - An Ocean and a Rock ★ 卜超 what you at my gentle spoken friend i lack a frame to put you in when you're an ocean and a rock away i feel you in the pocket of my overcoat my fingers wrap around your words they take the shape of games we p