Rootdown Tidal Wave歌词

11/07 22:45
I don't want to get caught in an undertow But it seems like that's where it's starting to go We tried to take it slow tried to take it slow But then we lost but then we lost control My heart says yes but my mind says no I'm fallin apart and I don't e

Rootdown Weekend歌词

07/30 13:17
so here we go again hangin out with all our friends livin for the weekend wishing that'll never end so here we go again hangin out with all our friends livin for the weekend wishing that'll never end I say my clock is robbin me* Bop bop it's mockin m

Rootdown Storm Warning歌词

07/28 05:34
There's a storm warnin storm warnin ahead Yea there's a storm warnin do you still want in? Was it just a dream when I looked up to the sky Life ain't what it seems right in front of my eyes And it caught me by surprise when I finally realized This wo

Rootdown Golden歌词

07/03 16:47
verse 1 you got me hopin hopin for so much so much more you got me hopin and now I'm open for more i need some time to think things over i need some time yea just me i need some time to let this storm blow over I feel it all comin down on me rap 1 cu

Rootdown You're Mine歌词

04/25 12:12
verse 1 baby don't ya worry I got so much on my mind i can't be in such a hurry I can't work that 9 to 5 try to punish me girl but I did not do the crime I'm not that guy look in my eyes I wouldn't cross that line chorus You're mine you're mine it al

Rootdown Good Day歌词

04/18 20:42
verse 1 rising up with the sun I can feel your love in my heart in my soul I know you're in control and chorus today will be a good day yea today will be a good day yea verse 2 even though I don't know what will come my way tomorrow I will trust in y

Rootdown H.B.歌词

02/22 16:53
Yo yo i came on the spot to rock the block And like hanson hit ya with the mmm mmm bop Gotta give it all i got even if it's not a lot Cuz the smallest seed can still reach the top So drop it down low watch it grow high How will you know if you never

Rootdown Karl Malone In A Cowboy Hat歌词

01/26 02:54
I woke up in the morning feelin good So i took a little stroll in the neighborhood Look up at the sky and know it's gonna be great And mr. miagi's teachin me to landscape So stomp your feet and clap your hands If you wanna dance then here's your chan

Rootdown All I Wanna Do歌词

01/25 00:20
The sun is sweet, the shade is soft and your kiss is mine I wanna kick it like we did in the summertime, ya, when you were mine I got a feelin it will work out I think you know what I'm wantin, I'm wantin someone not nothin Because theres nothin that

Rootdown Growing Up歌词

01/23 15:34
Can you fight this feeling that somethings not right It's hard to fight these demons when their living inside And you can try to hide away But someday it's gonna show And you can try and run away But somebody's gonna know There's some things that wen