Ritual de lo Habitual

Jane's Addiction Stop!歌词

09/23 13:31
Save the complaints For a party conversation. The world is loaded, It's lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop... No one... No one! No way! Gonna stop, Now; go! Farm people, Book wavers, soul savers, Love preachers! Lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop.

Jane's Addiction Three Days歌词

08/04 21:50
Three days was the morning. My focus three days old. My head, it landed To the sounds of cricket bows... I am proud man anyway... Covered now by three days... Three ways was the morning. Three lovers, in three ways. We knew when she landed, Three day

Jane's Addiction Ain't No Right歌词

05/07 00:25
I am skin and bones, I am pointy nose; But it motherfuckin' makes me try. Makes me try, and I'll tell you why... There ain't no right! Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right. Ain't no wrong now, ain't no right. Only pleasure and pain. Motherfuckin' bad w