Renaissance Kings and Queens歌词

12/16 11:13
Kings and Queens are running wild, lonely for each other Princes gallant are no more staying under cover Jesters' jokes aren't even funny, poking fun at sorrow Lords and Ladies hoard their riches fearful for tomorrow Fantasies turning into truth Fant

Obsidian Shell The Last 24 Hours歌词

11/05 04:44
I could be happier It's probable but highly unlikely Those painful thoughs fumbling I always fear the worst Started life as a toddler But you won't live much longer Who knows what comes next Who should be the next sacrifice Why choose The rotten, the

Renaissance Mother Russia歌词

11/04 07:47
[02:09.18]Pays the price works the seasons through [02:15.32]Frozen days he thinks of you [02:21.74]Cold as ice but he burns for you [02:26.30]Mother russia cant you hear him too [02:43.77]Mothers son freedoms overdue [02:50.08]Lonely man he thinks o

Renaissance The Vultures Fly High歌词

10/30 01:26
[00:12.93]While in the streets of all our fears [00:16.20]They reign supreme as orders go [00:19.04]They are the last to have their say [00:23.26]And last to know it doesn't matter how you try [00:28.16]It doesn't matter what you say [00:30.84]They a

E-Town Concrete Baptism歌词

10/29 06:43
The day is mine The night is also mine Thou has set all the borders of this earth I've never been one to believe The preconceived limit that's set for me Spit in the face of the haters as I march closer to victory And my time is here, my time And my

the generous Renaissance歌词

10/02 03:39
「Renaissance」 作�∶yoko&森月キャス 作曲:大西克己 歌∶the generous 埃だらけの部屋を�び出し 街路�の道 �け�けてゆく 加速をつけて�より速く きらめく未来 たどり着きたい 逆�のStory 信じてGo My Way スピ�ド上げて どこまでも �中になるChanceに 胸のBeat�む 奇�を�うより 足�を刻もう 地平�の彼方 まだ�ぬ明日越えて もう迷わない 本当の自由 ��の�を逆に回して Cancelしたい あの日の私 雨のち晴れの人生模� �を�じ

Renaissance Moonlight Shadow歌词

09/29 22:20
The last that ever she saw him Carried away by a moonlight shadow He passed on worried and warning Carried away by a moonlight shadow Lost in a riddle that saturday night Far away on the other side He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight And

김종국 여인의 향기歌词

09/08 07:47
A 눈부신 휴일의 아침 이제는 다른걸 헤즐넛 향길까 날 깨운 니 전화에 피곤함 마저 날아가 조금만 더 일찍와 니 한마디에 날을 듯한 이 기분 들어 본적 없는 노래를 휘파람 내며 만들고 아이 처럼 들뜬 날 보면 너 조차 웃을거야 눈부신 햇살은 니 환한 미소를 밝혀줄 이유가 되지~ ye- C 널 만나길 잘했어 전에 몰랐었던 소중함을 자꾸 배워 정말 아름답잖아 널 만나게 한 이세상을 봐 내가 전부라는 너의 그 얘기에 좀더 나를 사랑하게 됐어 널 위해

William Ellwood Renaissance歌词

07/19 23:39
enjoy the music 专辑:Renaissance 歌手:William Ellwood 歌曲:Renaissance

Opera Babes Clair De Lune歌词

07/16 06:38
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Renaissance 歌手:Opera Babes 歌曲:Clair De Lune

Marcus Miller I'll Be There歌词

06/13 19:23
[** feat. Phonte:] [Phonte:] Sunshine or rain, I'll be there* For the good times or bad, I'll be there Sunshine or rain, I'll be there For the good times or bad, I'll be there [Verse 1: ~Mac Miller~] See I was 6 years old with a dream, when my mums t

Faun Das Tor歌词

05/24 19:22
Und wenn die Nacht am tiefsten ist, Dann werden wir uns ansehen Und lachen und lachen Und lachen dabei, Dann werden wir uns ansehen. Und dann wird sein eine Wiese Mit bunten Blumen. Ich werde dir eine Blume geben Und du mir eine. Und dann werden wir

Diabulus In Musica Renaissance歌词

05/11 01:36
Instrumental 专辑:Secrets 歌手:Diabulus In Musica 歌曲:Renaissance

김종국 Angel歌词

04/30 12:20
아무말도 하지마세요 아무대답 하지 말아요 그저 날 버렸다고 말해줘요 떠날 수 있게 미련따윈 생각할수 없도록 내 기억은 없다고 하세요 그 사람과 행복하기를 나 기도 할께요 내게 오는 게 힘들었을테죠 그 사람에게는 그대가 전부니 내게 돌아오라고 애원을 하지만 말없이 듣고만 있네요 알아요 그댄 나없이 잘 살아갈수 있을거란걸 두려워 마요 잠시라도 나 그댈 보고 싶을 뿐이죠 갖지 못한 나의 사랑을 부족했던 나의 믿음을 이제와 찾으려고 애쓰는게 미워보여요

E-Town Concrete In the Heart of Wolves歌词

04/27 20:33
There can be no mercy in the heart of wolves There can be no shelter in the eye of the storm Cast into the flames to burn and to die and burn Unscathed. I chose the road that's unpaved. Unfazed. I laid in the bed that I made. Through rain or shine or

PUSHIM Bubbly歌词

03/19 18:33
歌:PUSHIM 作詞:PUSHIM 作曲:Pushim・H.Tanaka・T.Watanabe・N.Noda あの頃流行りのイカしたメロディ 満たされない者へのセオリー 夢と現実を行ったり来たり 本当の自分をまだ知らない ※手をのばしてのばして もがいてた 15 years old 背伸びしてみせてた 18 years old ねぇ 誰が何か私を癒すの? そう 足りないのは LOVE※ △さんざんな目もいつかは 見返してみせるさ feel all right shine shine 目もくらむ

Renaissance Song of Scheherazade: Fanfare/The Betrayal/The Sultan/Love ...歌词

03/06 04:10
The Sultan Sultan king cruel majesty Ordered that his women die A single night this for all his wives Takes his pleasure then their lives And so for many days with the dawn The sultan had his way Wives were put to death His name on their dying breath

音召缶 Renaissance歌词

02/18 00:38
そして 全(すべ)ての花々(はなばな)よ 千々(ちぢ)に咲(さ)け 狂(くる)おしく 惜(お)しげもなく彩(いろ)と香(かお)りに満(み)ちた詩(うた) つかの間(ま)の時(とき)を激(はげ)しく染(そ)めていき 艶(あで)やかに-命(いのち)が融(と)けていく 季節(きせつ)を告(つ)げる囁(ささや)きを集(あつ)め 大地(だいち)に寄(よ)り添(そ)う喜(よろこ)びと戯(たわむ)れるカレイドスコープを 思(おも)いのままに回(まわ)す華(はな)の影(かげ) 不釣(ふつ)り合(あ)いな情景(じ

Faun Loibere Risen歌词

02/06 14:51
Loibere risen von den boimen Hin zu tal, des stan blot ir este. Blomen sich wissen daz se sint Vurtorben al, schoene was ir Gleste. Sus twinget de rife Maniger hande wurzel sal, Des bin ich gar sere betrьbet. Nu ich zu grife: sint der Winder ist so k

Renaissance Trip to the Fair歌词

01/31 04:12
I took a trip down to look at the fair. When I arrived I found nobody there. It seemed I was all alone, Must be that they've all gone home. [Chorus] A trip to the fair but nobody was there. A trip to the fair but nobody was there. Voices of yesterday