Pixies I'm Amazed歌词

12/31 16:32
...girls and fucked 'em at school All I know is that There were rumours he was into field hockey players There were rumours - So he applied basically - He was gone the next day - And went off with the team - It's like - he was got - they'd just like

Pixies Allison歌词

12/23 07:54
from distant star to this here bar the me, the you where are we now? horray the blues of everyone allison keeps a smile around a while he took no fright and jettisoned we'll go tonight to hear him tell "oh well" allison allison and when the plan

Pixies Palace of the Brine歌词

12/16 02:25
In a place they say is dead In the lake that's like an ocean I count about a billion head All the time There's a motion Palace of the brine I saw the cloning Of the famous family I heard the droning In the shrine Of the sea-monkey Palace of the brine

Pixies Hey (Live)歌词

11/02 16:40
hey been trying to meet you hey must be a devil between us or whores in my head whores at my door whores in my bed but hey where have you been if you go i will surely die we're chained uh said the man to the lady uh said the lady to the man she adore

Pixies Magdalena 318歌词

10/10 04:46
I needed something to eat I took a walk down the street I came to 318 Saw my sweet Magdalene Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh Magdalena, sweet Magdalene I went down deep in her hive One year just turned into five Ni

Pixies Dig for Fire歌词

09/20 22:53
There is this old woman She lives down the road You can often find her Kneeling inside of her hole And i often ask her "are you looking for the mother lode?" Huh? No. No my child, this is not my desire And then she said I'm digging for fire [4x]

Pixies Levitate Me歌词

09/04 18:03
Give me help, give me hell You can levitate me Then take off them rings Off them hose, levitate me Higher place, levitate me Elevator lady, elevator lady Elevator lady, elevator lady Lady levitate me If all in all is true, if all in all is true If al

Pixies Dead歌词

08/18 10:29
you crazy baby bathsheba, i wancha you're suffocating you need a good shed i'm tired of living, shebe, so gimme dead we're apin' rapin' tapin' catharsis you get torn down and get erected my blood is working but my, my heart is dead hey whaddyah know?

Pixies Monkey Gone To Heaven (Live)歌词

07/09 19:36
There was a guy An under water guy who controlled the sea Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge From New York and New Jersey This monkey's gone to Heaven This monkey's gone to Heaven This monkey's gone to Heaven This monkey's gone to Heaven The

Pixies Wave Of Mutilation (Doolittle version)歌词

06/29 07:25
[ti:Wave Of Mutilation] [ar:Pixies] [al:Doolittle] [offset:0] [00:02.23]Artist:pixies [00:05.73]Songs Title:wave of mutilation [00:14.92] [00:25.03]Cease to resist, giving my goodbye [00:29.78] [00:32.53]Drive my car into the ocean [00:37.53] [00:39.

Pixies Crackity Jones歌词

06/23 00:44
José Jones Told me alone his story He got friends like Paco Picopiedra La muñeca he receives on his set Crack crack crackity Jones, ai ai Crack crack crackity Jones Crack crack crackity Jones, uh uh Crack crack crackity Jones Please forgive me, José

Pixies Is She Weird? (Live)歌词

05/20 15:24
I know you're rich in Good clothes and little things Your mind is fancy (and your car is bitchin') Is she weird Is she weird, is she white Is she promised to the night And her head has no room And her head has no room Your heart is ripshit Your mouth

Pixies What Goes Boom歌词

04/09 23:36
Fatty had it made like a blade in the sun Like a push in the bush when you got none Ping pong bingo, fills a la Ringo Analog bong but it ring wrong MAKE SOME ROOM WHAT GOES BOOM? I'm a fatty in my caddy with my 'ponic blunt Not a stunted runt looking

Pixies Break My Body歌词

03/06 05:50
I'm the hard looser You'll find me crashing through my mother's door I am the ugly lover You'll find us rolling on the dirty floor Break my body, hold my bones, hold my bones [3x] I'm a belly dancer I'll shake forever and I'll never care I'm a buildi

Pixies I Bleed歌词

02/07 10:09
as loud as hell a ringing bell behind my smile it shakes my teeth and all the while as vampires feed i bleed prithee, my dear, why are we here nobody knows we go to sleep as breathing flows my mind secedes i bleed there's a place in the buried west i

Pixies Isla de Encanta歌词

02/04 13:26
Hermanita ven conmigo (x2), Hay aviones cada hora, Isla del encanto, Me voy! (x3) Donde no hay sufrimiento (x2), Me vieron pasar por la calle, Isla del encanto, Me voy! (x3) Nuestro propio animal canta a la gente pa'gratis , Hey babe what are we doin

Pixies Caribou歌词

02/03 03:03
I live cement I hate this street Give dirt to me I bite lament This human form Where I was born I now repent Caribou [3x] Repent Re-pe-ent Give me white Ground to run And foregone Lets me knife Knife me lets I will get What I like Caribou [3x] Repent

Pixies Silver歌词

01/18 21:02
in this land of strangers there are dangers there are sorrows i can't see this lady it is shady i am leaving tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow even there's a reason it's silver it's gone in this land of strangers there are dangers there are sorrows sorrows

Pixies Wave of Mutilation (Live)歌词

01/13 04:44
Cease to resist, giving my goodbye Drive my car into the ocean You'll think I'm dead, but I sail away On a wave of mutilation Wave of mutilation Wave of mutilation Wave Wave I've kissed mermaids, rode the el nino Walked the sand with the crustaceans

Pixies Alec Eiffel歌词

01/07 13:18
Pioneer of aerodynamics (little eiffel, little eiffel) they thought he was real smart alec (little eiffel, little eiffel) he thought big they called it a phallic (little eiffel, little eiffel) they didn't know he was panoramic little eiffel stands in