Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius Floating Spit歌词

11/16 13:29
Peel off the color Of the night A second skin A floating spit is hovering The other side is opening now I don't think I can hold it 专辑:Put Your Back N 2 It 歌手:Perfume Genius 歌曲:Floating Spit

Perfume Genius No Good歌词

11/13 12:55
There's no genuine There's no safe place For the heart to hang When the body's no good Am I meant to fray the end? On the outside looking in All used up Never used enough To me love was Always infinite Stolen moment At a time A feeling only out For a

Perfume Genius Dark Parts歌词

11/03 19:42
The hands of God were bigger than grandpa's eyes But still he broke the elastic on your waist But he'll never break you, baby But he'll never break you, baby Oh oh oh oh oh oh... The hands of God were bigger than grandpa's eyes But he's long gone The

Perfume Genius Write to Your Brother歌词

10/28 22:00
mary, you should write to your brother every night until he recovers and in the letter press a fresh flower and bless it with a higher power tell him mom treats you like a lover that you have to hide all the mouthwash from her and seal it with three

Perfume Genius I Decline歌词

10/12 15:58
I can see for miles The same old line No thanks I decline Angel just above the grid Open, smiling, reach out That's alright I decline 专辑:Too Bright 歌手:Perfume Genius 歌曲:I Decline

Perfume Genius Mr. Peterson歌词

10/08 14:46
My work came back from class With notes attached Of a place and time Or how my body kept him up at night He let me smoke weed in his truck If I could convince him I loved him enough Enough, enough, enough, enough He made me a tape of Joy Division He

Perfume Genius Take Me Home歌词

09/29 09:44
Take me home, tend me Babe, you lay me down easy For I have grown weary on my own Ohhhh, all alone, I wither and I burst I run my mouth like a fool I'll be so quiet for you Look like a child for you Be like a shadow of a shadow of a shadow for you Ta

Perfume Genius All Waters歌词

09/26 06:25
when all waters still and flowers cover the earth when no tree's shivering and the dust settles in the desert when i can take your hand on any crowded street and hold you close to me with no hesitating 专辑:Put Your Back N 2 It 歌手:Perfume Genius 歌曲:All

Perfume Genius My Body歌词

09/24 01:26
I go hungry Pick at the shell Paw the bottom Of the well I wear my body I go bottom Struggle for air Like a woman Like a prayer I wear my body I wear my body Like a rotted peach You can have it if You can handle the stink I'm as open as a gutted pig

Perfume Genius Don't Let Them In歌词

09/01 16:36
Don't let them in I am too tired To hold myself carefully And wink when they circle The fact that I'm trapped In this body Don't let them in I have my own dreams About that couple In an alternate ribbon of time My dances were sacred And my lisp was e

Perfume Genius Dirge歌词

07/25 09:58
Dirge - Perfume Genius Boys that held him dear Do your weeping now All you loved of him lies here Do your weeping now Brought to the earth The arrogant brow And the withering tongue Do your weeping now Sing whatever songs are sung Wind whatever wreat

Perfume Genius Grid歌词

07/17 00:47
I know you worry Baby, sometimes - maybe baby. You were right I can see See for miles The same old line There is no angel Above the grid Maybe baby This is it A diamond Swallowed and shit Then swallowed again At least we know where it's been Read mor

Perfume Genius Look Out, Look Out歌词

06/15 13:48
Mary, Mary Bell with an upper-case M All the neighbors know what your mother sells But you carved out a name You carved out a name for yourself Look out, look out There are murders about Guinea pig hair and a twisted mouth Through a hole to the railw

Perfume Genius Too Bright歌词

05/25 21:13
No try I'll stay All in drum Laid a pawn The highlight I'm fine, I'll stay All in drum Laid a pawn Each night Too bright 专辑:Too Bright 歌手:Perfume Genius 歌曲:Too Bright

Perfume Genius Hood歌词

04/05 23:20
You would never call me baby If you knew me truly Oh, but I waited so long for your love I am scared baby that I can't keep it up for long Oh, I wish I grew up the second I first held you in my arms Underneath this hood you kiss, I tick like a bomb Y

Perfume Genius 17歌词

03/22 18:10
17 - Perfume Genius Take everything away This gnarled, weird face This ripe, swollen shape I want blank, I want frozen lake I want it space Tuck the whole thing In the body of a violin String it up on a fence Cover it with semen, I am done I am done

Perfume Genius Queen歌词

03/18 02:39
Don't you know your queen? Yet even flower bloom at my feet Don't you know your queen? Cracked, peeling Riddled with disease Don't you know me CHORUS: No family is safe When I sashay Don't you know your queen? Gleaning, wrapped in golden leaves Don't

Perfume Genius Sister Song歌词

02/19 16:49
Drive on, drive on My special one Don't you stop 'til you know you're gone Your sister and me have a set of keys Don't you worry your head 'bout a thing Drive on, drive on My special one Don't you stop 'til you know you're gone Drive on, drive on My

Perfume Genius Perry歌词

02/19 11:51
Perry, Twenty days spent together Marks healing on your hands Remember, remember that Perry, Twenty days add together He took advantage Remember, when you used to laugh Perry, Keep a pay cheque in your hands We may never See you again Perry, Whatever

Perfume Genius Normal Song歌词

01/08 21:13
Hold my hand I am afraid Please pray for me When I am away Comfort the girl Help her understand No memory No matter how sad No violence No matter how bad Can darken the heart Or tear it apart Take my hand When you are scared And I will pray If you go