Andy Stochansky Paris歌词

12/23 18:35
paris - andy stochansky She is dreaming at work today That she's from Paris Walks with a bright bouquet And her fake accent co-workers laugh She forgives her customers All on their behalf They don't know What she could see The kids don't go To aisle

手嶌葵 Pennies From Heaven歌词

12/23 14:25
Pennies From Heaven Rose Murphy Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven Don't you know each cloud contains pennies from heaven? You'll find your fortune's fallin' all over the town Be sure that your umbrella is upside down Trade them for a

Jay-Jay Johanson Paris歌词

12/14 01:40
When I walk the streets of Paris I can´t stop wondering where is That bohemian girl who used to stop And say hello I miss you. I take rue Richelieu Start at Comedie Francaise Palais Royal on my right Straight up parallel Rue st Anne I know this well.


11/21 09:16
[ti:Paris] [ar:La Oreja De Van Gogh] [al:Grandes Exitos] [00:-01.00]La Oreja De Van Gogh - Paris [00:00.00] [00:03.04]Ven, acércate, ven y abrázame [00:16.81]Vuelve a sonreír, a recordar parís [00:27.00]A ser mi angustia [00:30.94]Déjame pasar u

手嶌葵 When You Taught Me How To Dance歌词

11/13 17:45
When you taught me how to dance Years ago, with misty eyes, Every step and silent glance, Every move, a sweet surprise. Someone must have taught you well, To beguile and to entrance, For that night you cast your spell, And you taught me how to dance.

Paris Back in the Day歌词

10/17 03:42
back in the day 1986 me and mad mike puttin' records in the mix doin' party after party highschools and jam back before the glock was king and brothas sport like men makin' demo after demo tryin' to come up quick it's funny how niggas treat you when

Enrico Macias Paris, Tu M'As Pris Dans Tes Bras歌词

10/03 10:45
J'allais le long des rues J'étais seul j'avais froid Toi Paris, tu m'as pris dans tes bras Je ne la reverrai pas La fille qui m'a souri Elle s'est seulement retournée et voilà Que dans la ville de pierre Où l'on se sent étranger Il y a toujours du bo

S.C.U.M Paris歌词

09/17 07:25
The first days of water I can't hold onto All the days Of my youth All the graces of love Are over now for you For you And I will never bear my skin for you And feel you once more In beauty's remorse No more hope only time and what's left Of the foun

Dido Paris歌词

07/26 04:40
Paris Dido Coming back from Paris on the train I really didn't care if the journey took all day Trying to turn the pages of my magazine While trying to keep ahold of your hand And ordering a coffee that I wouldn't ever drink Just to keep you and Pari

Patrick Wolf Paris歌词

06/10 01:09
It was seven in the morning when the spark began to give The bath was spilling over my self pity spilling with it So I I fled the country To start it all again And I found myself in Paris in that cemetery rain Dear Anna came to me and took me by the

Paris It's Real歌词

04/20 03:22
On the scene back again with the motherfucking grip '93 was the year P-Dog came with the shit Bouncin' out the belly of the beast It's still the same nigger that was hollering fo' peace But check it out it's the same ol' thing Cause now the year is '

Taxi Girl Paris歌词

04/19 13:04
Eh mec! , c'est Paris. Tu m'entends ? P-A-R-I-S, Paris. Respires le bon air, Mais fais gaffe quand même. Tous les jours des mômes meurent D'en avoir respiré un peu trop. Alors fais attention et Marches dans les rues, vas au hasard. A n'importe quel c

王威 Paris歌词

04/04 17:25
Paris is where the first time i fall in love Is the city in my dream Is where i grow Is where people lightly shine With the coffee bar in everwhere And chamseeysee in christmas I love you so much Are you sleeping Paris in where the first time i fall

ZAZ Paris sera toujours Paris歌词

04/03 18:25
Par précaution on a beau mettre Des croisillons à nos fenêtres Passer au bleu nos devantures Et jusqu'aux pneus de nos voitures Désentoiler tous nos musées Chambouler les Champs Élysées Emmailloter de terre battue Toutes les beautés de nos statues Vo

Radiohead Idioteque (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris)歌词

03/29 18:37
Who's in a bunker, who's in a bunker Women and children first Women and children first Women and children I'll laugh until my head comes off I swallow till I burst Until I burst Until I.. Who's in a bunker, who's in a bunker I've seen too much I have

Lupe Fiasco Paris, Tokyo (Explicit Album Version)歌词

03/14 09:05
I know, I know but I gotta get outta here You know, I gotta go pay these bills, I got a show to do You know, one time for your mind Let's go to sleep in Paris And wake up in Tokyo Have a dream in New Orleans Fall in love in Chicago, Mayne I love her

Paris Outta My Life歌词

03/13 22:24
Damn, here come another sad song Listen to the words cause again it's on Gettin' at my best black one more time Cause nowadays we droppin' like flies Seems like every other week Somebody I know gettin' caught up in the streets Used to be sad when I h

Caro Emerald Paris歌词

02/23 15:00
"Paris" [Verse:] I live deep in symmetry In my anonymity Je t'adore, ma vie tres difficile I'll take hours to perfect In this room of disconnect All I need are mannequins and me Fabric straight from arm to arm Rescuing my heart from harm All tha

Daniel Powter Free Loop (Live At La Cigale, Paris)歌词

02/13 12:51
I'm a little used to calling outside your name I won't see you tonight so I can keep from going insane And I don't know enough, I need some kind of lazy day I've been fabulous through to find my tattered name I'll be stewed tomorrow if I don't leave

Pegasus Bridge Paris歌词

01/19 16:46
I was sprawled out on my floor Kind of want to talk, but we're not talking anymore And I can't even remember your face Just a glimpse of a blonde and the roll of your tongue But I swear I don't remember your taste And you left me naked and distressed