Overkill Feeding Frenzy歌词

12/16 15:38
Instrumental 专辑:The Killing Kind 歌手:Overkill 歌曲:Feeding Frenzy

Overkill Time to Kill歌词

12/07 15:02
violent indecision, surge of mass religion let me out of prison I'm just killing time every time I turn around I start to hear familiar sound counting down as time stands still yes I think it's time to kill time to kill all the mental anguish speaks

Overkill Wrecking Crew歌词

11/17 22:50
Ain't no job too big or small, Just one sweep of the wreckin' ball. Put 'em up, we'll knock 'em down, Or knock 'em up, then leave town. Demolition of the mind. Desolation, left behind. Light the fuse, dynamite. Light the sky! in the night!!! We will

Overkill Hammerhead歌词

11/11 13:35
Feeling the pain as it rips through my brain Twisting whats left of my mind. Tearing the same, this blood burning flame Decaying all it can find. Banging your head, stuck in the dread, Leaving the posers behind. Powers you see, the power you need Ner

Overkill Drunken Wisdom歌词

10/11 01:00
Stop cryin', ain't feeling sorry for you Why don't you fade away? Got no time, no time for what I gotta do And get a message through Kiss my ass, your bitchin's a bore Don't wanna hear no more So stop cryin', ain't feelin' nothing for you Don't like

Overkill Bring Me The Night歌词

10/10 07:49
I never cared too much, acquired mental health I let my reputation speak just for itself I never liked the rules that came 'long with the game Take me back where the whisper knows my name Ready to fly; and I'm ready to die Scare the angel, fly away L

Overkill Save Yourself歌词

08/28 16:56
Twisting and turning the incessant burning of night Never quite learning the truth, wrong versus right Wings that are broken, words never spoken in flight The future now open, then flashes to hide out of sight Don't you look so fucking sad, I'll beat

Overkill Mad Gone World歌词

08/24 23:34
Cutting through confusion, Takes you far away. Confusing an illusion, With thoughts that go astray. In a world gone mad and thriving in the boundaries of your brain, Imprisoned in a world created soley for the purpose of a crunch. What ya see and wha

Overkill Ironbound歌词

08/21 01:48
One by one, doing the crime Never thought twice, never did time Never turn back, never go home Never get used to being alone One by one, into the sea Too many eyes are staring at me Two by two, watch as they go Who are you and what do you know I got

Overkill Bastard Nation歌词

08/02 14:05
Twisted torn and ripped, The balance goes away. Mine is but an active immagination. Tear the boundary down! Know more line. Take a look inside the bastard that you find. Yelling screamed and ripped, Just to have a say. Yours is but an over exaggerati

Overkill Necroshine歌词

06/01 19:17
You can take me out of my hell You can't take the hell on out of me Watch me here as I get But be careful what you see I cut across the waste , some live and some enshrined I look into the light of the necroshine Don't you worry ' bout me You know I'

Overkill Drop The Hammer Down歌词

05/24 16:45
Hold your feet to the fire Hold your face to the ground Hold on tight, you're a target baby Drop the hammer down I'm a long life, loving hate I'm a bomb that makes no sound Could you please, would you loosen these I'm about to fucking drown Lowdown a

Overkill Deny the Cross歌词

05/21 19:39
I'll steal your life and cut out your heart Rip the core of your world apart Then I'll take your sight Leave you blind Laughing hard as you lose your mind Smash in your skull! Kick out your brains! What remains! Life! The living danger Death! In sin!

Overkill Blood and Iron歌词

05/19 14:07
Out for blood, take no prisoners Out for the kill, and looking for donors. As terror strikes, give your life We drink your blood, a human sacrifice. Ahh! Stick in the knife Uhh... For blood and iron Iron! Blood and iron Thirst for more, our chosen pa

Overkill Where It Hurts歌词

05/09 23:11
Suckin' on a screw down, Lie lappin' break down, Kissin' up the boy while the church burns down. Makin' up to God, Makin' up your bed, Lyin' up the God, playin' dead. I see the fizzle where the bombs fell on the beach. Tell me why the truth is what's

Overkill Black Daze歌词

03/28 01:04
Name the father, son "amp; the fixer And to the warmth we all feel inside Strap it on and pour the elixir To the days we count as alive Concrete Jesus in a hell of a fix He makes his living on a heavy-handed mix More Black daze, white haze Shoot me d

Overkill Infectious歌词

02/17 08:09
I'm a wartime killer, I'm a man. I'm a peacetime killer! Doin' the best I can. Bless yourself with a fiery hand, Spit on the place you stand. Don't make amends for what you do, Or move on your demands. Immagination running wild! We're all an only chi

Overkill There's No Tomorrow歌词

02/07 12:35
The hands of the wicked They lie and they wait for you Servents remember The torture you put us through Living in fear Thoughts that never knew. Your day has come and Time has cought up with you!!! There's no tomorrow There's no tomorrow for all of y

Overkill Wish You Were Dead歌词

02/05 09:06
He got retribution He got loaded guns Uses silver bullets in the chamber And shoots them just for fun He got the solution Got long lasting pride He got silver lining in his pocket And a bag full of alibis Hey baby, shine the light on me As I shoot ac

Overkill Nothing to Die For歌词

01/13 23:57
Old enough to know better Too young to core Bent on self destruction Goin' nowhere If I had a reason I could make it work for me If I had an answer It wouldn't be so hard to see I'm feelin' just the same I'm feelin' just no pain I'm not goin' down th