One Love

Justin Garner One Love歌词

12/21 14:03
promise i`ll never leave you alone baby, i would never let you go call me your guardian angel, i will never leave your soul i want you to know that, you will always be for me cause no one can be with, you are to me and it ain`t that i`m dreaming baby

Nas One Love歌词

11/18 15:56
[Verse One] What's up kid? I know shit is rough doing your bid When the cops came you should've slid to my crib Fuck it black, no time for looking back it's done Plus congratulations you know you got a son I heard he looks like you, why don't your la

Trisha Yearwood One Love歌词

09/28 01:31
[ti:One Love] [ar:Massive Attack] [al:Blue Lines] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Massive Attack - One Love [00:16.82](marshall, vowles, del naja, williams) [00:18.82] [Horace Andy] [00:20.82]It's you I love and not another [00:27.60]And I know our love will

SAY One Love歌词

07/12 02:19
One Love feat.MACCHO 作詞:SAY・MACCHO 作曲:SAY・DJ PMX 歌:SAY We need the love love love love love 抱きしめてるよ You can cry My love love love love love 黙ってみてるなんて辛い Love love love love love 何かしたいの for your life One love love,it's one love ずっと君の側にいたい 痛み後ろに隠して 笑う君の

Various Artists Night & Day (Carnival Mix)歌词

06/30 11:21
[ti:Night & Day] [ar:V.A] [al:2014FIFA世界杯官方音乐合辑<ONE LOVE, ONE RHYTHM>豪华版] [offset:0] [00:00.83]Night & Day - Baha Men [00:03.43]Woah-Yeah-. [00:09.08] [00:15.12]Gonna live life like there's no tomorrow [00:19.21]And party, just gonna let it

SAY どこにいても歌词

06/28 23:51
歌:SAY 作詞:SAY 作曲:SAY・icedown どこにいても 何してても 忘れようとすればするだけ 淋しくて 苦しいほど 会いたいんだよ あなたじゃなきゃ だめなんだ Oh babe... Always... ねぇ どうしているの やっぱりおこってるの...? 今までのけんかとは違うって ホントは気付いてるよ いくつもひどい言葉で あなたを傷つけた 今さらもう遅いって 分かってるけど でもどこにいても 何してても 忘れようとすればするだけ 淋しくて 苦しいほど 会いたいんだよ あなたじゃ

Whodini One Love歌词

06/22 13:43
The L(echo 3x) The O(echo 3x) And the V (echo â€Å"the Vâ€ 3x) The E(echo 3x) Love (echo 3x) Love (echo 3x) Love (echo 3x) Verse 1: [Ecstasy] Well there's love and life, both have four letters But there's two, different things all together Cu

Orange Caramel One Love歌词

06/01 10:56
nuga bwado meotjyeo ni juwien beolsseo yeojadeuri neomchyeo neol jikigo sipeo chingudeurege neol malhae neomu jalhaejuji mallae nan jeongmal jal hago sipeosseo naega geullo baeun sarang neoreul apeuge haennabwa my baby jom deo jalhaebolkkeyo oh baby

歌ってみた one love歌词

05/17 04:52
雨に濡れた身体と 重ね合わせ揺れる影も 忘れようとするたび とめどなく溢れる 愛に言葉は不要と 僕に教えてくれたこととか 強がって見せるこの僕を 包んでしまうことも 夢の中でキミを抱いた 愛だけは嘘をつけないと 独り占めしたいキモチガ 僕の中を駆け巡ってく 揺るがない愛がほしくて ワガママだと知っていても 君と僕との間に 未来は映らなくても 嘘でもいい ただ一瞬でも oh music... 少し髪が伸びたね 誰かとキミが話す所 見て なぜか例えようもない 嫉妬心に気づく もしも魔法が使えたら 強

GLAY Christmas Ring 歌词

05/16 11:54
Christmas Ring 作� TAKURO 作曲 TAKURO �曲 GLAY & MASAHIDE SAKUMA 12月は人がせわしなく とても嫌い ネオンライトが �膜にはりついて 吐息が�こえるぐらいに そばに寄ってみて ここにいて X'masには欲しがってたリングを�って あなたが生まれてくれた事感�する 「幸せになる」が口癖になるほど�った日は 逢えなくて ��なりの�の表�は 暗い海洋にさまよう船 月影のよう 今年も雪の�い年の� 手を�いだら夜が明けるね 去年と同じ�持ちでい

GLAY 電気イルカ奇妙ナ嗜好 歌词

05/09 23:32
written & compose by HISASHI arranged by GLAY & MASAHIDE SAKUMA Sunday, We got to drive to the beach. Dived into the sea, all day. The rain cloud spread finally to the sky!! The sky began to cry, too bad- やがて七色の�段から 降り注いだこのメロディ I'm singin' in the

Various Artists La La La (Brasil 2014)歌词

04/30 22:27
Essa bola vai rolar Tudo é tapete verde Quando a bola chega la Coracao fica na rede, na rede, na rede Olá [x2] La la la la [x10] I dare you (Lego, Lego, Lego, Lego) Feel how the planet's Become one Beats like a drum To the same rhythm Hear the whistl

Various Artists Lepo Lepo歌词

03/30 03:33
Ah, eu já não sei o que fazer Duro, pé-rapado e com o salário atrasado Ah, eu não tenho mais pra onde correr Já fui despejado, o banco levou o meu carro Agora vou conversar com ela Será que ela vai me querer? Agora vou saber a verdade Se é dinheiro,

Various Artists Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix)歌词

03/28 07:27
Fighter - 中岛美嘉 Now I know that the truth sometimes hides in the dark Burning bright like a flame Couldn't see who you are Standing on solid ground Light a flame, it's gonna take you higher Passion strong, a savage warrior Can't escape, I feel the hea

Yabby You Antichrist歌词

02/26 15:26
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:One Love, One Heart 歌手:Yabby You 歌曲:Antichrist

New Edition Come Home With Me歌词

02/12 12:29
come home with me - new edition i'm standing here all alone this nights about to end i'm looking for somebody to wild out with me sexually come with me baby girl its been long close the door shed your clothes for me nice and slow will you dance for m

David Guetta Gettin&#039; Over You歌词

02/02 07:43
All the things I know right now If I only knew back then There's no gettin' over (no getting over) There's no gettin' There's just no getting over you. Wish I could spin my world into reverse just to have you back again There's no getting over There'

Noel Gourdin One Love歌词

01/31 20:34
Ever since you've been gone Got me wondering baby Why it's taken me so long To make you my baby Now I know we said we weren't gonna rush I was the first to say it But I've been thinking about your touch My mind keeps replaying it [Chorus:] And everyt

The Stone Roses One Love歌词

01/08 21:34
Any time you want me Any time at all Any time you need me All you gotta do is call Any time you want me Any time at all Any time you need me All you gotta do is call I'm no dog I'm a dolphin I just don't live in the sea You feel my flow and you flood

David Guetta I Gotta Feeling (FMIF Remix Edit)歌词

01/05 20:23
[ti:I Gotta Feeling ] [ar:David Guetta] [al:One Love (Deluxe Version)] [offset:0] [00:01.57]David Guetta - I Gotta Feeling (FMIF Remix) [00:06.89]gotta a I feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night [00:14.35]That tonight's gonna be a good night [0