Olympic Ayres

Olympic Ayres Magic歌词

09/26 22:33
[Magic 奇迹 [歌词] [Verse 1] There's something in the water There's something in the deep What happened to the summer? It's swimming round my feet There's something round the corner It's watching every move Who says you won't recover? What path you gonna

Olympic Ayres Magic (Arston Remix)歌词

09/22 08:56
[ti:Magic] [ar:Olympic Ayres] [al:Magic] [by:] [offset:0] [00:01.19]Magic - Olympic Ayres [00:17.60]There's something in the water [00:19.88] [00:21.69]There's something in the deep [00:23.56] [00:25.78]What happened to the summer [00:28.16] [00:29.9

Olympic Ayres The View歌词

05/23 04:25
When love is coming in, it's cut in half, Can we keep it going on and on I wanna' get it when I got it, when the tide is coming on Caught up in the middle of it all I gotta get it when I get it It's not lasting very long Cause I like the way she turn