Now That's What I Call Music! 29

Various Artists Dangerous歌词

10/30 16:10
Various Artists It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door Vocal:Underoath I've been up at this all night long I've been drowning in my sleep I've prayed for your safe place And its time for us to leave Time is running on empty and the gas i

Various Artists So What歌词

08/12 21:48
Nanananananana Nananananana Nanananananana Nananananana I guess I just lost my husband I don't know where he went So I'm gonna drink my money I'm not gonna pay his rent (Nope) I got a brand new attitude And I'm gonna wear it tonight I wanna get in tr

Various Artists Got Money歌词

07/31 13:44
[ti:Got Money (As Made Famous By Lil Wayne & T-Pain)] [ar:Various Artists] [al:Hip Hop Today] [offset:0] [00:00.55]Got Money - Lil Wayne & T-Pain [00:02.03](As Made Famous By Lil Wayne & T-Pain) [00:03.98]I need a Winn-Dixie [00:04.96]Grocery

Various Artists I Still Miss You歌词

07/25 04:50
I've changed the presets in my truck so those old songs don't sneak up they still find me and remind me yeah you come back that easy try restaurants I've never been to order new things off the menu that I never tried cause you didn't like two drinks

Various Artists Swing歌词

03/18 22:58
There's a little girl in our neighborhood Her name is Charlotte Johnson and she's really lookin' good I had to go and see her, so I called her on the phone I walked over to her house and this was going on Her brother was on the sofa, eatin' chocolate

Various Artists Put On歌词

01/15 23:46
[ti:Put On (As Made Famous By Young Jeezy & Kanye West)] [ar:Various Artists] [al:Hip Hop Today] [by:] [offset:0] [00:01.22]Put On - Young Jeezy & Kanye West [00:02.92](As Made Famous By Young Jeezy & Kanye West) [00:04.99] [00:07.17]I put on.