Nothing to Lose

Carpathian Love Song歌词

12/14 05:21
Wipe those tears from your f*****g face This isn't another song filled with lies told to my face I wish I never loved you What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger And I will never die from a broken heart When everything is all said and done You'

Emblem3 3000Miles歌词

11/22 12:16
First winters snowfall Throwing backyard snowballs Warming up by the fireplace Marshmallows catch fire on an open flame All my friends get together Wishing I was there but i'm never Living in the sunshine, oh But dreaming of a place called home I wan

Billy Talent Nothing to Lose歌词

11/07 14:41
Need more friends with wings All the angels I know Put concrete in my veins I'd always walk home alone So I became lifeless Just like my telephone There's nothing to lose When no one knows your name There's nothing to gain But the days don't seem to

Michael Learns To Rock I'm Gonna Be Around歌词

10/29 20:31
It's been so long since we took the time, It's been so long since we took the time, To share words from deep inside us. We are in our own world spinning our wheels. But you know how I feel. Well since the first time I took your hand, My love for you

2Pac Nothing To Lose歌词

10/23 11:59
The only way to change me is maybe blow my brains out Stuck in the middle of the game to get the pain out Pray to my God everyday but he don't listen The poverty bothers me but mama's working wonders in the kitchen,Listen, I can hear her crying in th

Jeremy Fisher Nothing To Lose歌词

09/12 05:21
life is just a speck in the sky a teaspoon of honey, a blink of an eye it's short, it's small, it's tiny, it's easily lost time is the secret we never can tell burns like a brush fire, rings like a bell the night and day are dancing around in a waltz

Michael Learns To Rock Nothing To Lose歌词

09/05 23:05
There are times when you make me laugh There are moments when you drive me mad There are seconds when I see the light Though many times you made me cry There's something you don't understand I want to be your man Nothing to lose Your love to win Hopi

Carpathian Six Months歌词

09/02 18:13
Six months from now I'll regret those thing I never did I never told you how much I cared But you weren't the breath of fresh air that I had hope for Now you mean nothing to me What friendship means to you, I'll never fucking know The distance betwee

Daniel Schuhmacher Lalala歌词

08/15 16:10
lalala - daniel schuhmacher Your words are flying way to high Then disappear into the sky Like meteoroids and speeding light You caught my eye Even at first I, I didn't care about you I've seen it before Still I wanna see more La la la love is like a

Various Artists Nothing To Lose歌词

05/05 22:15
MLTR-< Nothing To Lose> 专辑<Nothing To Lose> There are times when you make me laugh there are moments when you drive me mad there are seconds when I see the light though many times you made me cry There's something you don't understand I want t

Daniel Schuhmacher Honestly (Single Version)歌词

04/13 01:36
Honestly (Single Version) - Daniel Schuhmacher Honestly Where do you go When there's nothing like when it begun Where do you go When U know That you are just too young How do you know Who's gonna tell you what is right or wrong It's the hardest way t

Reba McEntire Nothing To Lose歌词

04/10 22:23
[ti:Nothing To Lose] [ar:Reba McEntire] [al:Keep On Loving You] [00:00.00]Reba McEntire - Nothing To Lose [00:10.00] [00:14.86]Well, i'm sitting on the bus [00:17.11]Rolling down through Georgia [00:19.00]don't know where i'm going [00:20.56]And I do

Carpathian Drop It Like It&#039;s歌词

04/01 02:42
I can't escape the tension in this place it's never changed Where's the unity when new faces aren't welcome in this family Putting down those who are full of heart Because they weren't there at the start Well now I'm calling you out you fucking fake

Isabelle Antena Nothing to Lose歌词

03/19 19:21
Nothing to lose if we are wise we're not expecting rainbow colored skies not right away nothing to lose it might be fun no talk of spending life's time in the sun although we may both you and I have seen what time can do we only have ourselves if we

Carpathian Nothing to Lose歌词

03/04 23:16
These are the days we won't forget Everything that we've been through and yet to fall Through it all I'll fucking stand by you Remembering how our sides ached, faces wet with tears It felt so good let's do it all again The weight of the world can't t

Carpathian End of the 1980&#039;s歌词

02/16 02:33
"How many people in this world are like me?" From a distance we look much the same Wondering if cold is the absence of something because I've felt this forever After a while you learn that everything stops We're ageing and we all die alone The c

Full Of Harmony nothing to lose歌词

01/31 09:45
やまない雨が 砂に埋もれたこの気持ち 浮かび上がらせる 偽ることない 他の誰でもない 君を守るため 生まれて来たんだ I got nothing to lose... 両手に君への想い溢れるのなら (I will never let you go) 何もいらない (I will never let you go) I got nothing to lose 月灯りの青白さに 吠える様に心今決める 誰も知らないふたりの未来 嘆くために 生きてるんじゃない I got nothing to lose

Carpathian Explosions歌词

01/27 21:39
"Write me" she said A week that felt like years Distance makes the heart grow fonder And I can' see much clearer from here A thousand eyes stare back at me But none hold suck beauty and captivate like yours I wish words could express this feelin