Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow歌词

12/22 13:55
Where is Mona? She's long gone Where is Mary? She's taken her along But they haven't put their mittens on And there's fifteen feet of pure white snow? Where is Michael? Where is Mark? Where is Matthew? Now it's getting dark... Where is John? They're

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Mermaids歌词

12/19 18:14
She was a catch, We were a match I was the match that would fire up her snatch There was a catch I was no match I was fired from her crutch Now I sit around and watch The mermaids sun themselves out on the rocks They are beyond our touch I watch and

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds The Kindness of Strangers歌词

11/12 21:25
They found Mary Bellows cuffed tot he bed With a rag in her mouth and a bullet in her head O poor Mary Bellows She'd grown up hungry, she'd grown up poor So she left her home in Arkansas O poor Mary Bellows She wanted to see the deep blue see She dro

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Breathless歌词

11/07 17:51
It's up in the morning and on the downs Little white clouds like gambolling lambs And I am breathless over you And the red breasted robin beats his wings His throat it trembles when he sings For he is helpless before you The happy hooded bluebells bo

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds From Her to Eternity歌词

10/13 17:23
Album:Live Seeds Title:From Her To Eternity Ah wanna tell ya 'bout a girl You know, she lives in room 29 Why... Why... that's the one right up top a mine Ah start to cry, Ah start to cry O Ah hear her walkin' Walkin' barefoot cross the floor-boards A

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds I Had a Dream, Joe歌词

09/29 00:38
I Had A Dream, Joe I had a dream I had a dream I had a dream, joe I had a dream, joe You were standing in the middle of an open road I had a dream, joe Your hands were raised up to the sky And your mouth was covered in foam I had a dream, joe A shado

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds All Tomorrow's Parties歌词

09/11 08:56
And what costume shall the poor girl wear To all tomorrow's parties A hand-me-down dress from who knows where To all tomorrow's parties And where will she go and what shall she do When midnight comes around She'll turn once more to Sunday's gown And

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Your Funeral, My Trial歌词

07/23 23:46
I am a crooked man And I've walked a crooked mile Night, the shameless widow Doffed her weeds, in a pile The stars all winked at me They shamed a child Your funeral, my trial A thousand Marys lured me To feathered beds and fields of clover Bird with

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Up Jumped The Devil歌词

06/28 18:55
O My O My What a wretched life I was born on the day That my poor mother died I was cut from her belly With a stanley knife My daddy did a jig With the drunk midwife Who's that younder all in flames Dragging behind him a sack of chains Who's that you

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds What A Wonderful World歌词

06/27 06:59
I see trees of green, red roses too I watch them bloom for me and you And I think to myself: What a Wonderful World I see skies of blue, clouds of white The bright blessed day and the dark sacred night And I think to myself: What a Wonderful World Th

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Straight to You歌词

06/15 15:17
All the towers of ivory are crumbling And the swallows have sharpened their beaks This is the time of our great undoing This is the time that I'll come running Straight to you For I am captured Straight to you For I am captured One more time The ligh

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Stagger Lee歌词

06/05 06:43
It was back in '32 when times were hard He had a colt .45 and a deck of cards Stagger lee 1932年,世事艰难 他带着把柯尔特45径手枪和沓纸牌 斯泰克·李 He wore rat-drawn shoes and an old stetson hat Had a '28 ford, had payments on that Stagger lee 他穿着双湿透的鞋子,戴着顶老旧的斯泰森毡帽 开着辆插满了罚单

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Jubilee Street歌词

05/28 22:00
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street Lyrics On Jubilee street there was a girl named Bee She had a history, but no past When they shut her down the Russians moved in Now I am to scared to even walk on past She used to say: All those good people

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Moonland歌词

05/27 00:45
 When I came up from out of the meat locker The city was gone The sky's full of lights The snow provides a silent cover In Moonland Under the stars Under the snow And I followed this car And I followed that car Through the sand Through the snow I tu

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds We Came Along This Road歌词

05/01 13:01
We Came Along This Road I left by the back door With my wife`s lover`s smoking gun I don`t know what I was hoping for I hit the road at a run I was your lover I was your man There never was no other I was your friend Till we came along this road Till

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Shoot Me Down歌词

04/14 08:54
Most sentimental nights I'm in your sights Shoot me down There ain't no enemy here You keep me very near And shoot me down Shoot me down Your hands, they flutter up Armed and dangerous My buttercup Shoot me down In flames Stand back, baby Stand back

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Wonderful Life歌词

03/04 04:27
Come in, babe Across these purple fields The sun has sunk behind you Across these purple fields That idiot-boy in the corner Is speaking deviated truths Come on, admit it, babe It's a wonderful life If you can find it If you can find it If you can fi

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds The Weeping Song歌词

02/23 04:04
Go son, go down to the water And see the women weeping there Then go up into the mountains The men, they are weeping too Father, why are all the women weeping? They are weeping for their men Then why are all the men there weeping? They are weeping ba

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Stranger Than Kindness歌词

02/17 14:26
Stranger than kindness Bottled light from hotels Spilling everything Wet hand from the volcano Sobers your skin Stranger than kindness You caress yourself And grind my soft cold bones below Your map of desire Burned in your flesh Even a fool can come

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Babe, I'm on Fire歌词

01/10 22:43
Father says it, mother says it Sister says it, brother says it Uncle says it, Auntie says it Everyone at the party says Babe, I�'m on fire Babe, I�'m on fire The horse says it, the pig says it The judge in his wig says it The fox and the rabbit And t