New Kids on the Block

Block B 나만 이런거야?歌词

12/30 19:22
잠은 오는데 금방 깨 밥은 먹는데 소화는 안돼 요즘 난 이래 넌 어때 나만 이런거야 원래 그런거야 나 혼자 꼼짝 못하고 이래 너 정말 이럴꺼야 나만 이런거야 내 맘만 이런거야 나 혼자 꼼짝 못하고 이래 너 정말 그럴꺼야 나라고 별반 다를것 없었어 이 상황까지의 과정이 어떻던 허탈함이 먼저 머리챌 잡고 날 탓해 얼룩진 기억 눈물과 함께 닦아내 혼자있기가 머쓱해져 오늘을 살지만 내 속안은 예전 사진속 너가 유일한 말동무 냉장고 절반은 맥주캔에게 내

New Kids on the Block I'll Be Loving You (Forever)歌词

11/30 15:24
Yeah I'm not that kind of guy who can take a broken heart So don't ever leave I don't want to see us part The very thought of losing you means That everything Would go down under I'll be loving you forever Just as long as you want me to be I'll be lo

Block B U Hoo Hoo歌词

11/07 23:13
(유권) 가만있다가도 미소가 oh oh (just smile again) 보는것만으로 가슴이 oh oh (Im going crazy) (재효) OH 너와 길을걷는것 너와 맛있는걸 먹는것 말다툼하는것 모두 (비범) 너무 좋아 지금은 다가올 주말을 생각하면 (태일) (I love you~) 너의 예쁜 미소에 (I need you~) 난 웃음짓게돼 (ZICO) 네 생각에 자고 네생각에 깨 네 동생에게도 샘내게돼 (태일) 이런 내맘 알아줄래 이젠 내게

New Kids on the Block Step by Step歌词

10/10 23:28
Step by step Ooh baby Gonna get to you girl Step by step (AH!) Step by step Ooh baby Gonna get to you girl Step by step Ooh baby Really want you in my world (step) hey girl, in your eyes I see a picture of me all the time (step) And girl, when you sm

New Kids on the Block Survive You / Hidden Track歌词

09/28 00:42
"Survive You" [Intro:] Now that we've come to an end You say that you wanna be friends. [Verse:] Don't say a word, don't make a sound, Don't keep in touch, don't come around, Don't ask me how I'm doing now, Don't think of me, just fade me out. F

New Kids on the Block Click Click Click歌词

09/21 11:17
I am patiently awaiting on you to get dressed girl (yeah) I'm gonna sit here While you put your face on, Playing with your makeup (ohh) Damn you look so good it hurts me The design of your body is perfect (ohh ohh ohh ohh yeah) I don't deserve you gi

Block B 가서 전해歌词

08/29 06:49
Boys and Girls It's the B.B Don't fool yourself I got your back you must up! BLOCK is bang 무거운 눈커풀 떼 Move up 즐겨두돼 trouble make 얼음땡! [박경] 왜 자꾸 겁을내 이렇게 살다가긴 허무해 딱 한마디라도 뻥긋해 학생냥반 책 덮을래? [P.O] 모여 모여 여기로 모여 돌려 돌려 머리를 돌려 [박경] 뻔한 승부가 질리면 반칙해 쓴인생? 최대한 맛있게 [Z

New Kids on the Block Merry, Merry Christmas歌词

08/15 19:14
Peace to the world from the new kids on the block, we are here, We're spreading all our joy, spreading all our love and our cheers. Cheerful sleigh bells ring, choir children sing, It's peace and love and harmony we bring. Hail, merry christmas, merr

New Kids on the Block Keep on Smilin'歌词

08/06 11:59
Oh, baby, yeah, girl, you always make me feel so good inside What about you and me? We were supposed to play for keeps Home grown from the streets The jungle in our reach It ain't about bein' a hood When you touch me like you should I'll rule every d

New Kids on the Block We Own Tonight歌词

06/25 04:36
"We Own Tonight" (It's our night) Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh Wait - change nothing, This moment feels so perfect, Let's just make it something. I know that you deserve it Like a candle that's burning in the wind, We're burning fast. Let the world k

New Kids on the Block You Got It (The Right Stuff)歌词

06/17 03:20
The right stuff The right stuff First time was a great time Second time was a blast Third time I fell in love Now I hope it lasts I can see it in your walk Tell 'em when you talk See it in everything you do Even in your thoughts You got the right stu

New Kids on the Block Dirty Dancing歌词

06/02 11:53
New Kids On The Block - Dirty Dancing Wasn't into slow dancin', forget about romancing Cause I already got a lady Wasn't tryin' to be flirty, wasn't feeling dirty 'Til this shorty started runnin' on me With her itty-bitty waist and her pretty pretty

New Kids on the Block Happy Birthday歌词

05/17 22:03
Happy birthday to you, this is your day. On this day for you we're gonna love you in every way. This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you, to you, to you. Happy birthday to you, you're still young. Age is just a number, don't you stop having

New Kids on the Block 2 in the Morning歌词

05/04 06:29
I know you must have had a long day Cause at six o'clock I heard you say, There was something that was on your mind But you ain't told me and it's almost nine Now it's nine o'clock and I thought we could talk But you ain't givin' it, girl Will this e

Block B Wanna B歌词

04/20 02:26
Wow Wow Wow Bonuce Bonuce Bonuce Round Round Round Sound Sound Sound down down 수고 많았어 나 또한 억누르고 참았어 땀 냄새 진하게 베인 트레이닝복 대중교통과 작별을 고하고 왔어 자 원하는걸 말해 Rap dance performence 상상이상의 뭔가를 선사할테니까 믿어줘 우리는 필요치않아 리허설 불보다 뜨거운 등장으로 앞길은 어떤 어둠도 실력으로 밝히는 지금을 위해 준비한 Bloc

New Kids on the Block Stare at You歌词

04/13 14:49
New Kids On The Block - Stare At You I still get lost, caught in a daze, Tongue tied, just like the very first day... I saw you and I'm so amazed Cause the look that got me twisted still hasn't changed Your sexy eyes never lie, Baby, I lose myself (w

Block B 그대로 멈춰라!歌词

04/13 05:12
Block B - 그대로 멈춰라! 점점 커지는 Beat 빨라지는 drum 현란한 조명빛에 반짝이는 미러볼 시끄러운 무대위 춤추는 그녀 천천히 다가가면 어디론가 사라져 Hey Baby 내게로 가까이와 이미 내 눈은 너를 보네 Hey Baby 내게와 내손을잡아 이대로 널 기다리니까 더이상 견딜수 없어 내눈엔 너밖에 안보여 Girl Dance to night 더이상 주저 하지마 지금 이순간부터는 나도 내가 아니야 I like the way you m

New Kids on the Block Remix (I Like The)歌词

03/09 16:26
She was that girl in the corner Thick-rimmed glasses Everybody laughed Every time she passed us Ever the outcast Had no flavor But who got the last laugh Always came last No one ever kissed her Missing for days But nobody missed her She went from wal

New Kids on the Block Summertime歌词

02/13 06:15
(Jones Beach 1988. Come on!) Do you remember or should I rewind To that summer when you caught my eye I played it cool, the weather was hot You had the beauty and the beach on lock With your flip flops, half shirt, short shorts, mini skirt Walking on

New Kids on the Block Big Girl Now歌词

01/08 18:04
New Kids On The Block - Big Girl Now (Ft. Lady Gaga) I'm big boy, you're a big girl now I'm a big girl, you're a big boy now Back in the day, when you were young (It was fun) Little girl, didn't think you were the one (Now, here I come) Your sexy wal